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How I published digital flipbooks, grew my business, and earned money! A while ago, I decided I wanted to self-publish a digital magazine for my readers of my website. Surprisingly, it was tough to find free, easy-to-use software to publish digital flipbooks online. Everything I tried left me disappointed. That is until I found the free and easy publishing software

Content Update: Comparison Calameo vs Yumpu vs Joomag

A few of my readers asked me to compare Calameo vs Yumpu and Calameo vs Joomag. So here it is!

Since I was looking for a software to self-publish my online magazine I tried out a lot of different publishing software that left me disappointed.


It is not easy to find the right publishing software, but here is what I learned and found out.

How I got started

As previously mentioned, I run a travel- and event-based website about my state that covers fun family activities, vacation locations, food-related events, and more.

I share anything that gets people out of the house and having fun.

For my readers I wanted to make a digital magazine, to make my content more attractive and to gain more readers.

When I stumbled across Yumpu I couldn’t have been happier…


…because this software made it quiet easy for me to finally create the digital magazine I wanted to.

It is the only free software online that provides everything you need to publish a digital magazine online.

It’s incredibly easy to use and has features that made my magazine publishing process successful.

My experience

When I finally found Yumpu, the online digital magazine software that’s right for me, I was relieved.

It’s easy to use, fast, and free.

pdf-documentAll I needed to do was upload a PDF, and I was ready to start publishing digital magazines and expanding my website’s readership.

Looking at alternatives, sites like Calameo vs Joomag, it seems standard to simply use a PDF when creating a digital magazine.

This makes it easy and straightforward for all users.

However, I chose not to rely on those two sets of software because I prefer the variety of features and plentiful support of the Yumpu software I’m using now.


I did a lot of research before settling on software for publishing online digital magazines.

Regarding the features of Calameo vs Joomag, I found them to have simple tools to set up a magazine.

However, I ultimately settled on the one software I now rely on every day.

With a robust set of tools and incredible support, this software is the best available online.

yumpu logoI found to be the best after comparing all kinds of online software, from Issuu to Hashdoc, Calameo vs Issuu, Slideshare y Calameo, Scribd vs Calameo to Calameo vs Joomag.

There’s no question that it’s the easiest to use and the most user-friendly.

Above all, it’s free.

I’ve used it consistently for my projects and, even after trying out other software, I keep coming back to this one.

What I like about this software are its features and tools.

From the file-embedding capabilities to the ability to insert hyperlinks, I can truly take advantage of the digital medium.

You certainly can’t-do these things in print magazines.

social-iconsAdditionally, I heavily rely on integrating my magazines fully with social media like Facebook, Twitter & Co.

It’s easier than ever to share my files across the internet, gain new readers, and ultimately run a successful business.

It’s not surprising that countless users rely on this software, even after looking at other options such as Calameo vs Joomag.

Another thing I really like about this software is the amount of support I receive whenever I bump into a technical issue.

Although it’s rare that I have a problem, I’ve never used software with a more responsive help center – team to help me with technical issues.

I don’t have to worry about anything.

All I have to focus on is creating good content with easy-to-use design tools, and the rest is taken care of.


Everything you need to get started is available with the free plan with Yumpu.

I could create an entire magazine, embed audio and video files, and even use automatic search engine optimization without cost.

However, as I grew a larger readership and became more successful, I realized how helpful digital magazines are to my online website and business.

I decided to invest in paid features, which let me do all kinds of things.

I can set publication dates, use Google Analytics, password protect magazines and so much more.

Even when I compare other online digital magazine software like Calameo vs Joomag, it’s clear that nobody provides value like the service I’m using now.

Google Analytics? Yes, please.

Once I decided to invest in paid features, I was able to use Google Analytics to craft a more engaging magazine.

With the cheapest monthly plan, I began using this feature, and I realized just what it offers me and my business.

google-analyticsNot only can I obtain a more accurate picture of where my readers are coming from but also I can look at page-view time, measure clickthroughs, and ultimately modify my magazine to suit my readers as much as possible.

With this feature, I have been able to ensure everything I publish appeals to all individuals in my audience.

From my readers who prefer family-friendly activities and daytrips to those who want culinary destinations and luxurious weekends, my magazine covers it all.

Google Analytics also helps me to make mistakes only once. If I write about a topic that just isn’t interesting to my readers, I’ll know.

Whether it’s the design, the content, or the writing style, I can make changes and tailor everything to suit my readers.

Yumpu vs Calameo vs Joomag

Why didn’t I pick different software?

With all the digital magazine software available, I did a lot of research before settling.

In fact, I looked at the features, pricing plans, and communities of every service I could find.

Calameo-logoWhen comparing Calameo vs Joomag and many other Joomag alternatives/online software providers, I’ve found some similarities in the basic services and tools provided.

Digital flipbooks typically start with a PDF and users can add features from there.

However, almost all of the software I used either wasn’t easy to use or only provided minimal tools with the free version.

Talk about annoying!

Why is so special:

This software has proven to serve my needs, the best alternative to Calameo out of everything I’ve tried.

It provides me with an easy way to publish digital magazines and reach as wide an audience as possible.

With support for all devices, automatic search engine optimization, and the capability to embed it on my website and within social media, it has everything I need!

I can even use my branding with my digital flipbook.

Unlike Calameo vs Joomag, it’s incredibly easy to get started with this user-friendly software.

There is no better flip book software available online for free!

How you can use digital magazines to boost profit and value:

Create more content

Ultimately, the best way to keep users interested and engaged in your website or business is by creating top-notch content.

contentBy creating more deliverables, I can encourage readers to return to my blog.

Using a digital publication as a reward for signing up to an email subscription is also a great idea.

Digital magazines are still an emerging medium.

Users will be interested and appreciative that they can enjoy your content on their tablet or smartphone, which keeps both you and your readers happy.

Inspiration for design

With all the digital magazine publishing software available online, there is plenty of inspiration available.

calameo vs joomag (magazine)Although I always use when creating my magazine, I look at all kinds of websites for design ideas and cover inspiration and also on other Yumpu magazines.

Calameo vs Joomag and plenty of other online software packages typically have a gallery displaying the public content of users.

These magazines come in all flavors, from polished and sleek to indie and fun.

I can ultimately synthesize ideas from across the board and make magazine with the look of a professional publication that still suggests my own unique branding.

Overall, you won’t be shy of ideas if you look at the galleries of the top digital magazine publishing software available online.

All in all, I’ve had great success using this software for publishing digital magazines.

I’ve grown a larger readership as my publications spread using the social media integration and search engine optimization.

By embedding my digital magazines on my website/blog, I can show off just what I have to offer in addition to my travel and event blog.

My business has grown tremendously since I’ve been able to easily provide quality content to readers across the world.

No matter if users rely on tablets and mobile devices or desktop computers, my content is accessible by all.

Whenever I bump into a technical problem, the IT support team is there to help me solve issues.

Talk about unmatched service!

This is the best, easiest-to-use software for creating digital publications that will surely bring more readers to your website and more profit to your business.