12 Top Issuu Alternatives for You!


Today is the perfect time to get into online publishing and, for all of you out there who are unsure of where to start, I hope this blog will help you decided what are the best alternatives to Issuu to use. These are my 12 Issuu alternatives to get you heading in the right direction. Click here to visit my Winner Yumpu.com now!

1. Yumpu Magazine – Yumpu Review

2. Issuu

3. Flipsnack

4. Joomag Review

5. Calameo – alternative to Joomag

6. Zyyne

7. Flippingbook

8. Scribd

9. Fliphtml5

10. Anyflip

11. Axmag

12. Uniflip

The online ePublishing market place is growing every day.

One site, called Issuu, had the market lead for a very long time, but now some of their competitors have caught up and some have even overtaken them!

The hard part for you will not be making your pdf flipping page flipbooks, but will be working out which one of the websites similar to Issuu is the best Issuu like service for you to use.

Are there more websites like Issuu?

On the Internet you can find a ton of services like Issuu. To make it easier, I have done the hard work for you and used them all.

Here is my list of the top 12 Issuu alternatives, to help you decide which one of the Issuu like pdf viewer you should use.

1. Yumpu is a Site Like Issuu but Free (Issuu vs Yumpu)

It’s wonderful to find a service provider who can do it all for you and who you can trust. Yumpu.com is the most similar sites like issuu.com – the ultimate Issuu alternative in my opinion.

The complete package.

When you look at Issuu vs Yumpu, Yumpu offers different features like flexibility to you as a publisher, they support you as a business and they educate you in the possibilities of desktop and mobile publishing in a way you can understand.

Furthermore you can share your publication on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Co. and it works on iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad,…

Yes it’s great !

They are so versatile that you can publish on over 400 different devices owning you and your magazines and catalogues to over 9 million people, globally.

yumpu logoWith an easy to use pricing structure and a 30 day free trial Yumpu.com are not only the best in class, offering SEO tools, interactivity, apps, Web Kiosks and more, they are also a site you can trust and grow with confidently.

2. Issuu

fineartdoc issuu alternativeThis article may be about Issuu alternatives/ Issuu like sites, but some of you might not know who they are. Let me tell you.

The Jumpu alternative Issuu is one of the longest running digital publishers out there.

The reason for their success is down to popularity and a great product.

They have an extensive web kiosk, showcasing pdf publications from around the world from publishers who have used them, and gained from them, for nearly a decade.

Issuu does exactly what you’d want it to do, but I think is its always a good idea to see what else is coming up the ranks, don’t you?

3. Flipsnack, a Free Issuu Alternative

flipsnack reviewThey are one of the Issuu like websites, a friendly and open company with a bouncy and delightful support ethic.

They are there to help you and they will work with you to build and share your pdf page flipbooks of content.

The one thing they might not help you with is app’s or quantity of content as the free package is limited to 5 pdf page flipping flipbooks and you are also limited to 500 pdf pages per publication, even when you pay more than $24 a month.

The Issuu vs Flipsnack features they offer are comparable, but the limited options makes flipsnack a little less friendly than how they appear.

4. Joomag: Issuu Similar Website

fineartdoc joomag reviewOther sites like Issuu, like Joomag have a client list any company in any sector would envy and a collection of packages that would get every digital publisher excited. They have a super website that clearly guides you through the options you have available to you and they offer different features which makes it a great alternative issuu.

The one downside is that you have to be signed up to the $39 a month package to be ad free and to personalise your brand. If anyone is serious about publishing, then this is the only option for you.

Their newsstand offers diverse and fascinating content and they draw in huge global audiences who will see your publications.

As an Issuu alternative, I think they are pretty smart!

5. Calameo

calameo alternativeOne of the platforms like Issuu is Camaleo. With the simple message of publish, customise and perform Calameo is punchy, strong  and a great publisher.

When comparing Issuu vs Calameo, with the well-designed, contemporary website and a brand that is confident and honest it’s easy to see why Calameo are so popular.

The pricing structure is easy to understand, leaving you with no nasty surprise bills each month.

They are dedicated to digital publishing and can support you with optimisation, analytical data, and interactivity and secure cloud hosting.

They only down side are the audience numbers you will generate could be lower than with the market leader.

6. Zyyne

zyyneAfter you battle through the display adverting Zyyne really does seem like a smart place to begin your digital publishing journey.

I would suggest this is a site for hobbyist to create a publication rather than larger companies or to education providers, as the site lacks the tools to get you fully mobile.

7. Flippingbook

flippingbookWhen looking at Flippingbook vs Issu you can see that Flippingbook is offering both desktop publish software from $599 and web based publishing from $59 a month. This makes it one of the more expense Issuu alternatives on the market.

Without lead capture features and apps however, I think you are better off investing in Yumpu or other app publishers.

8. Scribd

scribdWhen looking at Issuu vs Scribd, 90 million readers for Scribd is a lot, a huge amount in fact. Scribd is a user-facing site that is geared up for the readers 100%. Its mission is to change the way people read and to build a complete social network of readers.

This is perfect if you want to share what you have with huge numbers.

Want to get to know some more great Scribd and Issuu alternatives?

Than keep on reading, as I will mention my personal winner of all the pages like Issuu later in the article.

9. Fliphtml5

fliphtml5On first glance Fliphtml5 does not really look a good alternative. It seems dated and unsure of itself.

The navigation seems slow and the wooden shelves used to showcase the web kiosk make Fliphtml5 less appealing than say Yumpu.com or Issuu. That said, they do offer the complete.

10. Anyflip

anyflipThey can make your digital publications secure on a cloud, interactive with video and hyperlinks, they can make sure you can monetize your publications so they work for you.

But, the one thing about Anyflip is that they just don’t seem to attack the large audience numbers that are pivotal to publishing.

The website is a little clunky and the pricing structure shows that there are limitations on reader numbers, storage sizes and administrators.

11. Axmag

axmagAxmag are software providers that can give you the tools to create magazines of varying standards. They have the full 3D publication packages through to the basic page flip book ranges and the prices reflect the products you buy, with a basic rate of $380.00.

Not for the faint hearted Axmag is  for those who don’t need a market place for their publication but for those who need the kit to build publications for others to put in market places.

12. Uniflip

uniflipI know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but I work in publishing! Unflip seems to have been stuck in 2009 and therefore does not look like a great alternative issuu. They do create page flip flipbooks from PDF’s, you can also create responsive designs.

You just feel, when using them, that you might not be with the most advanced and productive Issuu alternative. Take a look and find out for yourself.


Of course there are also a ton of other magazine sites like Issuu free and paid.

On the Internet you can find some more information about Issuu vs Flipboard, Issuu.com vs Yudu, Uberflip, Magcloud, Zinio, Zmag, Flipboad, Slideshare, 3d Issue, Behance, Youblisher, Publitas, Next Issue or iPaper.

If you think you are a little late to join in the ‘Flipbook publishing party’ then think again, because it is only just getting started!

I can absolutely recommend my personal winner called Yumpu to anyone who is looking for a free and easy-to-handle digital publishing platform.


  1. Hey everyone. I heard about Issuu before – that’s the go to platform. I also see people using Yumpu a lot and write positive reviews. What about the joomag platform? Did anyone made experiences with that one?

  2. Anyone tried to publish an online paper on facebook? I would be happy for any help! Thank you!

    • fineartdoc

      December 22, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      Hey Madeleine! I think I can help you out. If you work with Yumpu you can easily emded your product on facebook. So instead of an embed code you get a link to share the optimized embed on Facebook. The magazine is directly readable on Facebook.
      And this is how it goes:
      1) Go to the magazine you want to embed and click on “Embed”
      2) Choose the Facebook Embed
      3) Apply the settings you want to the Embed
      4) Click “Save”, copy the created link into Facebook and share the post
      That’s it – hope it all works out for you!

  3. Of all those options I would say I prefer working with yumpu. My favorite feature: to be able to create as many magazines I want and as many magazine pages without paying extra fees.

  4. I wanna test the adfree plan of yumpu? Anyone tested it already? Thanks for the feedback guys!

    • fineartdoc

      December 22, 2016 at 12:07 pm

      Hey AlfREDos! I was working with the adfree plan already and I was really satisfied with the features it offered – a great deal for a monthly rate of only $10 or €8 (the first 30 trial days are free anyways). Here are some features the adree plan offers:
      – Google Analytics
      – No advertisments
      – Privacy settings

  5. How do they do it? Yumpu has a lot of feature they offer in their free plan. Is there a hook I should tak care of?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Hey Sabrina. No there is actually no hook.
      Your Yumpu free account is and will remain free of charge as long as you have it. The free accounts are financed by advertising measures. Sometimes they advertise similar magazines or show banner ads beside your magazines. All ads can be disabled with the adfree plan.

  6. I tested yumpu, joomag and flipsnack. I give gold to yumpu, silver to joomag and bronze to flipsnack.

  7. Thanks for the overview. Some friends are working with issuu but I wanna give it a try with yumpu. It sounds like the better option to me. Great tipp!

  8. I checked out all homepages. Yumpu was the most attractive one. I know you should never judge a book by its cover – but I made the right decision. I am super happy with the result. My e-magazine looks amazing!

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