Why Yumpu Is the Best Alternative Calameo Software

alternative calameo

While everyone has a story to tell, how you present it makes all the difference. Flipbook has been touted as one of the best ways of presenting material and I embarked on a search for the most suitable software. Since I had heard about it, my first stop was calameo publishing.

Before everything else, I want to make it clear that I was very new to publishing using flipbook software. Unfortunately, I had to go through a harrowing experience trying to understand how calameo programa works. In the end, I had to give up and look for another less complicated option.

To cut a long story short, looking for the software that fit my publishing needs was no easy task. Admittedly, there are so many of them in the market and some, such as issuu, are good enough. However, I did not want good, I wanted the best. This meant a powerful, easy to use and cost-free tool. It was, therefore, a great relief when I finally discovered

Why I Needed Flipbook Software

There are many advantages of using flipbook as a form of presentation. The greatest is the ability to consolidate your ideas in a user-friendly format. You are able to re-invent your files by putting them in a beautiful design. In addition, you can reach a wider audience through various platforms without having to pay for printing costs as well as add extra features including animations, background sounds, and characters.

Owing to the flipping motion, flipbooks are far more attractive to tablet and mobile readers than any other form of presentation. When reading a flipbook, you get the same experience as that of going through a printed book but without having to pay for the extra cost of printing. In addition, readers can access the book from any part of the world, thereby saving a lot in terms of shipping costs.

If you want your clients or friends to read your material, all you need is to create a flipbook and share its link or put it in email and send it to anyone. Regardless of how large the flipbook is, you just need one shareable link which you can post on any social media platform or website. Remember, one of the most important features of flipbooks is its beautiful and professional look.

How I Made My Choice

Like I have mentioned, there are many companies offering flipbook software. Most of them are just one company appearing under different brand names. For instance, calameo publishing which also appears as calameo programa and calameo alternative. This leads to confusion as you try to pick the best one among them for you. In addition, most of them can’t beat the efficiency of the software in several features.

Page Flipping

The most important feature of any flipbook software is its ability to offer a masterful page flipping effect. Unlike many other similar products, the software implements page flipping animation perfectly. In addition, it beats calameo alternative in shadow simulation and page flipping sound.

I was able to add several types of multimedia objects to my flipbook. There is also a link tool that enabled me to flip my work to a particular page, open an email address, and external links with URL addresses and play videos attached to the flipbook or obtained from Vimeo and YouTube. In addition, it is possible to view images on a slideshow in the browser window as well as customize the colour of the background, the size of the window and the font style.

Mobile Devices Support

Digital publishing work involves the use of Adobe Flash Player installed in browsers. Since it is not present in Android and iOS phones and tablets, HTML5 is used. This software is designed to support this standard to enable proper publication in mobile devices.

On the preview window, I could view how the appearance of the publication on a phone or a tablet in Android and iOS modes as well as on laptops and desktops in Flash and HTML5. In addition, I could add a customized image and my logo using the appearance settings. The Flash toolbar’s colour, transparency and texture could also be easily adjusted.

By applying the flipping effect, I could choose the publication’s mode of display on mobile devices. In HTML5, I could customize the preloader with an image and title it. Moreover, the HTML5 version allows one to change the colour of page links and include background music. To create the look of a real book, you just have to apply the hard cover. Unfortunately, some of these features were absent from alternative calameo.

Alternative Calameo – Extra Interactive Elements

I wanted my publication to look as professional and attractive as possible. Therefore, I needed the kind of software that had enough elements to enable interaction. While the features included in alternative calameo are not enough, I discovered that I could easily add links and videos to my digital publication in a user-friendly interface even without any particular skills when using

The video tools enabled me to embed video files in whichever format I chose including FLV, MP4 and F4V. Additionally, I could easily adjust the functionality and the appearance of the video player. By picking one of the player skins, I could pick the colour and look of the control buttons. It is also easy to turn the autoplay on and off when clicking a page open as well as set the location, transparency, direction and size of the video player.

With the use of the audio tools, I could play the recording of my voice and play music in MP3. Playback of single or multiple files is supported by the audio player. I realized that my readers can switch between audio files. Like in video, you can set the location, size, tilt angle as well as choose the skin of the player. In addition, I was able to configure the autostop and autoplay features when opening or closing the page.

Cloud Storage

I could easily upload my publication to the internet courtesy of the software’s cloud feature. With just a single click, my flipbook was made available on the internet through the interface on the software. Since it was also available on my control panel, I could easily update or remove it at will. In addition, you can download or rename as well as temporarily hide or set a password. The control panel also enables you to add to the digital bookcase, rename as well as remotely manage the publications through the web interface on the computer.

Efficient General Performance

Flipbook software should allow you to work fast and efficiently without unnecessary delays. When I tried programa calameo, it took too long to apply the settings and import the files. Consequently, you waste a lot of time that could have gone to the creativity involved in making the flipbook as well as the actual task of creating it. Thankfully, there were no such drawbacks with the product.

Search Engine Optimized

The goal of my flipbook was to ensure that as many people as possible viewed my content. Since it has been optimized for search engines including Google, the software was a great help when it came to attracting more audience. In addition, the Google Analytics feature enabled me to compile and analyze information on the views of my flipbook.


You can select the preset profiles of settings provided for conversion or manually adjust the settings by use of the custom values which include the size of pages, compression ratio, the conversion engine type, rasterization parameters and the level of DPI. In addition, you set a collection of the pages for importing, apply the automatic transfer of the links and the content table. Then you can choose the landscape page orientation and put in a customized watermark.

How to Create a Flipbook

To create a Flipbook, you first import a PDF. Then add media, create a contents table if necessary, and use the settings to include videos and audio tracks with just a click of a button. After you are satisfied with the results, you can now export the file. Finally, upload the results to the internet to be accessed by your readers. If you like, you can store it in a USB drive, CD or any other type of digital storage.

If you want to create a professional and attractive flipbook that readers will find hard to keep their eyes from, your only choice should be With so many features, the flipbook software offers you the chance to choose the appearance and the format in which your content will be displayed. In addition, the software ad-free and gives you pure conversion of PDF files to a flipbook.

The flipbook software is the fastest of its kind. It enables the creation of an e-paper in less than 2 minutes. In addition, you don’t need to be a technology expert to do. All you have to do is upload your PDF file to the software and it is instantly turned into a beautiful HTML5 flipbook.

You can also create an online catalog easily and quickly. Once you have it, you can put links to your business website. In addition, there are no irritating loading times and delays. Similar products such as programa calameo and issuu are therefore no match to this software.

Engage Customers with Flipbooks – Calameo Alternative

calameo alternative

Would you like to increase your sales and expand your base of potential customers? You can do that with a flipbook that users can interact with and read at their leisure from the device of their choosing. To be honest, flipbooks and digital publications in general weren’t even on my radar 18 months ago. I had been publishing my catalogues the old-fashioned way for years. Then, my current publisher offered me a no-cost period during which it would publish my materials as digital flipbooks as well.

The results were phenomenal! I was generating leads and sales at a higher rate, and I had long-time customers asking me if these magazines would be available from here on out. The answer had to be yes, and I guess that was my publisher’s plan all along. Unfortunately, the price of that service was too high and would just about mitigate any profits, so I began searching for an alternative. That proved to be frustrating. Even after trying big names like Issuu and Calameo publishing, I was at a loss. That was at least until I found, which is among the fastest trending Calameo alternatives.

Sales Increased 12 Percent in My First Quarter Self-Publishing

My experience with programa Calameo was disappointing. I create my catalogues as PDF files, which I send to the print publisher. The first problem I encountered with the Calameo publishing solution was that my PDF documents had to be edited in order to convert fully and appropriately. The edit requirements were severe enough that I actually failed to release a digital flipbook that first month on my own. I did get it out in month two, but I added about 30 hours of workload, which was no good.

At the start of the next quarter, I switched to Yumpu, an alternative to Calameo, based on the recommendation of a professional acquaintance. The difference was night and day. My PDF in the standard format I use was converted as is. It didn’t require editing, and even advanced aspects, such as inline links, transferred seamlessly. Another big difference was that my PDFs were converting to flipbooks in under two minutes and on demand. With programa Calameo, I was put in a queue. I’m not quite sure how long the conversion took, and what concerned me most was what would happen at crunch time. Could I miss a deadline because I wasn’t a paid a member and thus didn’t get prioritized?

Packed with Advanced Features That Don’t Cost Extra is a free service that includes all the essentials and more:

• Support for mobile and desktop devices
• Ability to integrate your own branding
• Optimization for major search engines like Google
• Full support for all major social networks
• Embed anywhere on the Web, including blogs and storefronts
• Embedding for video, audio and other multimedia
• Inline and outbound links to any Internet resources
• Unparalleled customer support available via live chat

That’s the free service in a nutshell. There are paid options, but those are only necessary if you need Google Analytics, advanced privacy settings and personalized mobile apps. To give you a better idea of why I love this service and think it’s worth your time, let’s take a closer look at six core features.

Unlimited Flipbooks

How good is that? I expected to create one catalogue a month, but if I get a new hot product mid-month, I have the option to publish and distribute an update. I could create a dozen new magazines each day if I wanted to. The page limit is 2,500 and the document size limit is 600 mb, but it’s not really a limit since if you need more, the service will simply split the catalogue into multiple volumes.

HTML5, Flash and JavaScript Support

These flipbooks don’t just support basic PDF features. Through JavaScript support, they can facilitate practically any PDF feature, and they also allow for most of the Adobe-specific stuff like Flash. I also really like the fact it supports outputting to HTML5. You don’t have to be a tech-head to appreciate that HTML5 lets you support Android and Apple iOS devices with just a single magazine.

Search Engine Optimization

This feature took me by surprise in a good way. I guess shame on me for never recognizing that I could generate leads through my catalogues via SEO. Not only can I, but this service helps me do it by automatically optimizing it for the way major search engines like Google scan such documents and also by exposing it to the search engine spiders. I’ve actually converted sales because someone searched for a particular product and found what they wanted in my current catalogue.

Brand Integration

This was a biggie for me and a reason why I passed on a lot of the other free services. I’m OK with ads. These free services have to make money somehow, but I’m not OK with these services taking over my branding. I have a brand I’ve built up for years, and my flipbooks need to look like they belong alongside my storefront, blog, Facebook presence and print catalogues.

Multimedia Integration

While not something that took me by surprise, it’s certainly a feature that I underestimated. In my print magazines, a text description and series of photographs are the only way to sell a product. Now, I get to provide HD videos that can provide a 360-degree view. For one product in particular, an air circulator, I’m able to integrate a sound file that lets potential buyers hear just how low the white noise is. It may seem like a small thing, but that sound file increased sales of that product by more than 30 percent.

Not Just Free. Fast, Feature-Rich and Easy to Use Too

  1. Register a free account.
  2. Log in and navigate to the homepage.
  3. Drag and drop a PDF to the cloud box.
  4. Or choose a local or Web file from the file manager.
  5. Click or touch the blue Start Upload button.

You’re done. That’s really all there is to it. Most files finish converting in well under two minutes, and there’s no queuing or other artificial delays. Better yet, your digital flipbook is ready to review and distribute as soon as the conversion process is complete. I have no doubt that this ease of use is the number one reason why this service is becoming the leading Calameo alternative so fast. At this point, you can email your magazine, embed it or give readers access to it via a digital newsstand.

My Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend enough, and it’s pretty easy to endorse a service that you can try and continue to use at no cost and without strings attached. I’ve focused a lot on the features and ease of use, but in closing, I want to leave you with my impression of the customer support, which is just another aspect that makes this a spectacular alternative to Calameo or Issuu. While still a non-paid member, I contacted support via live chat for assistance with embedding video. I expected a scripted conversation, but what I got was a rep who understood the technology and actually took the time to review the digital flipbook I’d created in order to make recommendations. That earned my loyalty.

Yumpu – Better Alternative to Calameo vs Joomag

calameo vs joomag

How I published digital flipbooks, grew my business, and earned money

I run a travel- and event-based website about my state that covers fun family activities, vacation locations, food-related events, and more. I basically share anything that gets people out of the house and having fun. A while ago, I decided I wanted to self-publish a digital magazine for my readers. Surprisingly, it was really hard to find free, easy-to-use software to publish digital flipbooks online. From Flippingbook to Yudu to Calameo vs Joomag, everything I tried left me disappointed. That is, until I found

This is the only free software online that provides everything you need to publish a digital magazine online. It’s incredibly easy to use and has features that made my magazine publishing process successful.

How I got started

My experience

When I finally found the online digital magazine software that’s right for me, I was relieved. It’s easy to use, fast, and free. All I needed to do was upload a PDF and I was ready to start publishing digital magazines and expanding my website’s readership. Looking at alternatives like Calameo vs Joomag, it seems standard to simply use a PDF when creating a digital magazine. This makes it easy and straightforward for all users. However, I chose not to rely on those two sets of software because I prefer the variety of features and plentiful support of the software I’m using now.


I did a lot of research before settling on software for publishing online digital magazines. Regarding the features of Calameo vs Joomag, I found them to have simple tools to set up a magazine. However, I ultimately settled on the one software I now rely on every day. With a robust set of tools and incredible support, this software is the best available online.

I found to be the best after comparing all kinds of online software, from Issuu to Hashdoc to Calameo vs Joomag. There’s no question that it’s the easiest to use and the most user friendly. Above all, it’s free. I’ve used it consistently for my projects and, even after trying out other software, I keep coming back to this one.

What I like about this software is its features and tools. From the file-embedding capabilities to the ability to insert hyperlinks, I can truly take advantage of the digital medium. You certainly can’t do these things in print magazines. Additionally, I heavily rely on integrating my magazines fully with social media. It’s easier than ever to share my files across the internet, gain new readers, and ultimately run a successful business. It’s not surprising that countless users rely on this software, even after looking at other options such as Calameo vs Joomag.

Another thing I really like about this software is the amount of support I receive whenever I bump into a technical issue. Although it’s rare that I have a problem, I’ve never used software with a more responsive team to help me with technical issues. I really don’t have to worry about anything. All I have to focus on is creating good content with easy-to-use design tools, and the rest is taken care of.


Everything you need to get started is available with the free plan. I could create an entire magazine, embed audio and video files, and even use automatic search engine optimization without cost. However, as I grew a larger readership and became more successful, I realized how helpful digital magazines are to my online website and business. I decided to invest in paid features, which let me do all kinds of things. I can set publication dates, use Google Analytics, password protect magazines and so much more. Even when I compare other online digital magazine software like Calameo vs Joomag, it’s clear that nobody provides value like the service I’m using now.

Google Analytics? Yes please.

Once I decided to invest in paid features, I was able to use Google Analytics to craft a more engaging magazine. With the cheapest monthly plan, I began using this feature and I realized just what it offers me and my business. Not only can I obtain a more accurate picture of where my readers are coming from but also I can look at page-view time, measure clickthroughs, and ultimately modify my magazine to suit my readers as much as possible. With this feature, I have been able to ensure everything I publish appeals to all individuals in my audience. From my readers who prefer family-friendly activities and daytrips to those who want culinary destinations and luxurious weekends, my magazine covers it all. Google Analytics also helps me to make mistakes only once. If I write about a topic that just isn’t interesting to my readers, I’ll know. Whether it’s the design, the content, or the writing style, I can make changes and tailor everything to suit my readers.

Yumpu vs Calameo vs Joomag

Why didn’t I pick different software?

With all the digital magazine software available, I did a lot of research before settling. In fact, I looked at the features, pricing plans, and communities of every service I could find. When comparing Calameo vs Joomag and many other online software providers, I’ve found some similarities in the basic services and tools provided. Digital flipbooks typically start with a PDF and users are able to add features from there. However, almost all of the software I used either wasn’t easy to use or only provided minimal tools with the free version. Talk about annoying!
Why is so special

This software has proven to serve my needs the best out of everything I’ve tried. It provides me with an easy way to publish digital magazines and reach as wide an audience as possible. With support for all devices, automatic search engine optimization, and the capability to embed it on my website and within social media, it has everything I need. I can even use my own branding with my digital flipbook. Unlike Calameo vs Joomag, it’s incredibly easy to get started with this user-friendly software. There is no better flipbook software available online for free!
How you can use digital magazines to boost profit and value

Create more content

Ultimately, the best way to keep users interested and engaged in your website or business is by creating top-notch content. By creating more deliverables, I can encourage readers to return to my website. Using a digital publication as a reward for signing up to an email subscription is also a great idea. Digital magazines are still an emerging medium. Users will be interested and appreciative that they can enjoy your content on their tablet or smartphone, which keeps both you and your readers happy.

Inspiration for design

With all the digital magazine publishing software available online, there is plenty of inspiration available. Although I always use when creating my magazine, I look at all kinds of websites for design ideas and cover inspiration. Calameo vs Joomag and plenty of other online software packages typically have a gallery displaying the public content of users. These magazines come in all flavors, from polished and sleek to indie and fun. I can ultimately synthesize ideas from across the board and create a magazine with the look of a professional publication that still suggests my own unique branding. Overall, you won’t be shy of ideas if you look at the galleries of the top digital magazine publishing software available online.

All in all, I’ve had great success using this software for publishing digital magazines. I’ve grown a larger readership as my publications spread using the social media integration and search engine optimization. By embedding my digital magazines in my website, I can show off just what I have to offer in addition to my travel and event blog. My business has grown tremendously since I’ve been able to easily provide quality content to readers across the world. No matter if users rely on tablets and mobile devices or desktop computers, my content is accessible by all. Whenever I bump into a technical problem, the IT support team is there to help me solve issues. Talk about unmatched service! This is the best, easiest-to-use software for creating digital publications that will surely bring more readers to your website and more profit to your business.

FlipSnack, a Joomag alternative

joomag alternative

FlipSnack, the alternative Joomag competes with, is a fantastic free website to transform your content (PDF documents, PDF magazine, Images, etc.) to interactive digital publications. But contrary to Flipsnack vs Joomag and many more, Yumpu offers loads of features to play with – for free. Start today and try this free alternative publishing platform. Click here to visit Yumpu!

If you want to know more about FlipSnack, we already have a post FlipSnack review – an astonishing Digital Publishing tool for you.

Let’s dive into FlipSnack’s publishing world and see how FlipSnack works.

Registration on FlipSnack, a Joomag alternative

Flipsnack registration is as easy as working with it. Just go to the “New User” page, enter your email, password and captcha and there you go. Your free account is ready. You also have the option to login with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo account.

Sign in

Your very own URL

Once signed in, you can create your own URL on the domain of FlipSnack for free in order to publish your content and refer easily to your audience. Or you can skip it for now and  publish your free online magazines later anytime.

name and URL

Begin with Publishing your Magazines

You can start publishing by creating your online magazines using one or many of the PDF documents, image files or using FlipSnack’s online editor to create the customized flipbooks as you like.

Using Upload file(s) option:

There is “Upload” link on the top menu, to upload the files from your computer. On this page, you can upload one or more files at a time. Once uploaded you can select the checkbox to merge them as one magazine as well. Press Next to move to the customization step.

upload pdf

Using Online Editor option:

From the top menu select “Create” to start FlipSnack’s online editor. Choose the layout (Portrait or Landscape).

Select any of the provided Templates: Select the cover page and other pages’ template style.

After selection of the magazine pages, the enriched online editor is opened, where you have a very vast range of options to make your digital flipbooks as elegant, stylish and interactive, as you like. You can add, edit the layout, the text, images, links, media, shapes, widgets, share facebook share twitter and much much more within this software.

Brand your Flipbook

Give your flipbook title and enter its description, select one or more categories/tags your content lies in. Save it for future editing or directly publish it. You can see its preview as well. Next step (optional) is to select a template designs provided by FlipSnack, to make it more attractive for your consumers.

Pool of your Publications

You can see the whole list of your publications or magazines be selecting the “My Collections” from the top menu and select any of flipbook to edit, update and publish again.

By selecting any online magazine, its preview is shown and also the options to download your magazine (if you have paid membership), it’s unique URL to embed (with watermarks if using the free version) or share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus or via email; appears on the screen.

That’s it – yes it’s a great software alternative; this is how FlipSnack, a well known digital publishing website and one of the great alternatives Joomag has to fight against, works. We also have articles about some flipsnack alternatives like the Big 3 publishing platform sites like Issuu, a Joomag reivew, Joomag competitors, How does Issuu work and WordPress Issuu plugin to share publications? for your further reading. If you liked any or all of our post(s), we would love to hear your feedback.

WordPress Issuu Plugin to Share Publications?

wordpress issuu

There are many other sites like Issuu, like for example Yumpu or Flipsnack, but with over 100 million users per month, Issuu is no doubt one of the leading online publishing platforms.

Getting started with using Issuu, users can upload and publish magazines, portfolios, newspapers, literature, DIY help guides, catalogs, a special design and much more for an enjoyable online reading experience. Issuu has significantly enhanced their platform in recent times.

They even have an own WordPress Issuu plugin for embedding your digital magazine into your website. Moreover, they provide a wide array of options for sharing your new online magazines to get read on social media. They support sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn. So you want to know how does Issuu work and how it allows you to “share” your new online content with your personal design; look no further as in this article we will provide you easy to follow steps to “share” your flipbooks with the public using the plugin or the aforementioned social-media sites.

Embed your digital publications using the WordPress Issuu plugin?

Do you want to share your online magazine with your audience on your own WordPress website/ blog you created using one of the WordPress themes available? With a WordPress plugin? If yes, you can simply go to the wordpress plugins tab in your Wordpress Dashboard and click “Add new”. Then, type “WordPress Issuu” into the search field and you are going to find the plugin immediately

However, as you can see, the name of the plugin is “Issuu Embed: The Official Plugin (Deprecated)“. This means that this plugin is outdated and that it might not work for your site anymore.

If not, you can simply click on the “share” button when viewing your Issuu publications on the Issuu website. Next, click “embed”. At the bottom, you can find an URL which you can simply copy and paste in order to embed this online magazine into your website. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and further to the respective (blog) page where you would like to place your digital magazine. Then, simply paste the URL where you want to embed your digital magazine.

Share publications on Facebook

Make sure to share your free magazine publications on your Facebook Timeline. Simply follow these steps to do so

  1. On Issuu, click on the Share and then click on the Facebook icon. A login popup will appear, enter your credentials to login to your account.
  2. Add your comments and click on Post. These comments will appear on your article to view.
  3. To browse your uploaded articles /publications directly on Facebook, click on the Play button that appears on the post.

You can also copy the direct link and “share” that on your post to view.

Publications on Twitter

To use  your free magazine on your Twitter account simply follow these steps

  1. On Issuu, click on the “Share” and then click on the Twitter icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your account.
  2. Add your tweet text and click on “Tweet” to “share” on your account to view it.

Publications on Pinterest

To “share” your free online articles on your Pinterest account for a reader simply follow these steps

  1. On Issuu, click on the “Share” and then click on the Pinterest icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Pinterest account.
  2. Select the board you want to pin your publication to and click on the “Pin it” button. Your publication has now been shared on your Pinterest account.

Publications on Google+ app

To use your new free magazine publication on your Google+ account for a reader simply follow these steps

  1. On Issuu, open the publication you want to use, click on the “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the Google+ icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the caption you want to set for this article and choose the Circles you want to “share” your publication with.
  3. Click on “Share”, and you’re done!

Publication on Tumblr app

To “share” your new Issuu page on your Tumblr account with a nice design for a reader simply follow these steps

  1. On Issuu, open the publication you want to “share”, click on “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the Tumblr icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the caption you want to set for this post, set the tags, change the style options and other settings as per your requirement.
  3. Click on Post, and off goes your publication!

Publication on LinkedIn app

Issuu recently made available a simple and direct sharing option to “share” your pdf flipbooks to LinkedIn.

To “share” your pdf Issuu digital magazine on your LinkedIn account simply follow these steps

  1. On Issuu, open the publication you want to “share”, click on the “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the LinkedIn icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the comments you want to set for this specific article, other settings as per your requirement.
  3. Click on “Share”, and your publication has been shared!

With Issuu, a Joomag alternative, you can even embed Issuu publication into your website, as previously explained. There is the plugin for embedding your electronic magazines / books onto a WordPress site.  As you have experienced above, sharing your pdf online magazines on to the leading social-media sites is very easy and convenient. Added to this, it will be a great reading experience for users.

I hope that I could help you to clear up any confusions with regards to the WordPress plugin and sharing your digital documents – happy sharing!

If you are looking for more information on how to make your digital documents public, here are some other articles: Joomag competitors, a Flipsnack review,  some Flipsnack alternatives, Flipsnack vs Issuu and a Joomag review.

Issuu vs. Joomag – Joomag Competitors

joomag competitors

So you are interested in using a proper digital publishing platform? You haven’t found a software that converts your PDF into an exciting digital magazine easily? You are looking for a platform that offers loads of features for free without major restrictions? Well, if this is the case you have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you why Yumpu is the right choice for you.

I’m going to cover an in-depth analysis of three publishing platforms. Especially about Joomag and Joomag competitors like Yumpu and Issuu, so that we see how does Issuu work and how Joomag works. I guess that you have a general idea of a few of the leading applications and sites like Issuu and Yumpu and other Joomag competitors with all their services. I’m going to give you a quick comparison, primarily a Joomag vs Issuu vs Yumpu rundown. In the end, my expert opinion should facilitate your decision on which software to use and why.

6 Comparisons

On the face of it, all of the three sites are similar in the sense that they provide you platforms to upload your pdf files and convert them to online magazines, brochures, catalogues etc.

Sharing & Embedding Electronic Papers

All of the three, Issuu, Joomag and Yumpu provide easy options to share or embed your flipping documents on all the leading social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goolge+, etc. Yumpu also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website.

Publication Size Limits

On the one hand, Issuu lets you publish as many publications as you want. However, there’s a limit on the size of each page (max 1 MB) and no. of pages (max 500) of each publication. On the other hand, Yumpu and Joomag allow you to create as many catalogues, brochures, etc. as you possibly want with absolutely no restriction on the number of pages.

Plans & Pricing

Regarding pricing, Yumpu offers five different plans: free, adfree, webkiosk, appkiosk and prokiosk. Although the free option is totally costless, you can use lots of features including multimedia content. Additionally, the free version of this software lets you embed your magazines into your website or share it via social media. Contrary to other platforms, you are not restricted at all. The adFree plan costs only €8/month and, as the name indicates, no advertisements or foreign magazines are displayed in your magazine. The most popular option is the AppKiosk plan for €178/month. With this plan, you have the possibility to present your magazines to your readers in your own app. Mobile devices are becoming more and more important and hence, your clients or friends are able to read all your publications anywhere and at any time.

On the contrary, Issuu and Joomag offer only four options. Both start with the free plan. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your digital magazine. It also allows inserting images, sound and video in your digital content. The Plus Plan from Issuu costs $26/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics. A similar offering from Joomag is the Silver package, it cost $15.95/ month and includes things as no ads, branding and selling subscriptions. Joomag’s silver plan is $10.05 cheaper than Issuu’s  Plus Plan. Issuu does not even provide branding in this package. The Premium Plan from Issuu costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics. Joomag’s Gold package costs $39.95/month and the offer includes native iOS and Android support, HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on their mobile without any app, and Multi-User Accounts. The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s top offering and will set you back by $279/month for added features that include no limits on publishing, a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma. Joomag’s top end offering is the Platinum Plan; it costs it costs $95.95/month and adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features. Overall if you compare Issuu vs Joomag, the latter offers better prices than the Joomag alternative.

Interactive Content

Arguably the best feature of Yumpu is that it allows you to create interactive content for free. You can engage your readers with multimedia content such as audio or video files.

Editing Tools

Joomag and Yumpu provide a rich and comprehensive editor for  your digital content. Issuu provides a collaborative tool and editor called  Magma. However, Magma is included only in the Optimum Plan and it’s quite difficult to handle.

Selling your Publications on Joomag or with Joomag Competitors – Issuu and Yumpu

As a Yumpu PROKiosk customer you have the possibility to sell your digital papers in your individual App.

Currently, Issuu does not support selling your publications directly or even through in-app purchases from their app on iOS or Android. One possibility is that your publication is a preview and the last page contains a link to your website where they reader can go and purchase the book/magazine. In Joomag your publications are available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store, rather than directly as an app on the store (more details can be found in the review) . This is somewhat limiting, as magazines/books available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to in-app purchase option provided by Joomag. However, this offering really beats Joomag competitors Issuu’s offering by far.


In my opinion, the Issuu vs Joomag vs Yumpu debate, brought out a clear winner and that’s Of course, all sites have their own pros and cons. However, I for my part have found a way to create digital publications online that is effective, extremely easy and best of all is that it’s absolutely free!

FlipSnack Review – Step by Step

flipsnack review

After publishing my FlipSnack review, a lot of people asked me about a free FlipSnack alternative, with better features. If you’re looking for a great cost-free alternative, I’d recommend

This FlipSnack review will provide you all the details you will need to know about FlipSnack. It is an ideal free tool for digital publishing, provided by SnackTools. It’s a service that enables you to turn your PDF documents into elegant flipbooks. One of the sites like Issuu where you can create online magazines, interactive catalogs, brochures, newsletters, presentations and host as well, to attract your customers with interactive experiences and making it easier for you to sell instantly from your own digital publication. FlipSnack publishing also provides rich support for media, music, videos, forms etc. 

FlipSnack Review

If you are wondering how FlipSnack works rather than how does Issu work, then get ready to be surprised as this FlipSnack write-up will explain that it has a very simple and easy to use step by step wizard-like interface, to upload a PDF document or an image, brand it, customise it and publish it, that’s it. Other than this upload option, FlipSnack also provides a very rich online editor to create customised flipbooks as per your needs.

  • Upload Content: You can add one or more PDF documents or images (JPG files) directly from the web or from your computer
  • Brand it: Create a title, add a description and select the categories for your content.
  • Customize the flipbook: For customization you can choose the cover type (Classic flip, Hardcover flip, Coil flip or Interactive flip), the colour scheme, highlight the links and set the size of the book.
  • Publish it: Just press a button and your PDF(s) will become a stylish, interactive flipbook.
  • Share: Once published, you can make your content public by sharing it through various channels. You can host it on their website, embed it on your own site/blog (using a WordPress plugin, for example), or share it on social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for free with a watermark. And with the paid membership, flipbooks can also be downloaded both as SWF files for HTML websites and Flash components for full-Flash websites or can be embedded without a watermark and you can enjoy many more options and features on this site.

Features – For Publishers

After having provided a FlipSnack review, let’s now list down few features for publishers:

  • Make an account, sign in and create unlimited publications
  • Secure and reliable hosting
  • All-time, detailed statistics
  • PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG – supported file formats
  • Live chat, email and phone support – 24/7 (live chat)
  • Embed widget, use the publication on your own site
  • Online shopping (PayPal widgets in magazines)
  • Social sites integration
  • SEO and Rich media editor
  • Password protection for publications
  • Customization – make your magazine/book unique

    • Change the background, colors, language, widget type, template and more
    • Customize cover pages
    • Control social and share features
    • Show thumbnail navigation
    • Enable flip sounds
    • Add links and buttons
    • Add texts, outlines and captions to the PDF

Features – For Readers

This FlipSnack write-up shows that the website also provides features for readers:

  • Tooltips in 27 languages
  • Classic or shelf widget
  • Multiple flipbooks in one widget
  • Custom sizes and full screen option for a great, free reading experience
  • Search option in flipbooks
  • Read as you want: single or two page layout option
  • Supports internal and external links in PDFs
  • Supports right to left orientation
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Compatible with wireless presenters

FlipSnack EDU

FlipSnack also has provided the passionate educators with a new web tool for education to use among students of all ages. A new reliable way to present the content, whether it’s the work of students done in the classroom, to share with parents or to prepare the material for the lessons or the collaboration between students for their various assignments and projects.

The purpose of education is to prepare students for the future challenges, especially in this technology-driven society, it is imperative for kids to understand the new technologies and use them in a positive and beneficial way. Moreover, using the colorful and graphical content of lectures, quizzes and exams in an interactive experience; particularly enriched with audios and videos; improves the motor skills and helps in enhancing memory and quickly recall abilities of the students.

Using an educational tool like FlipSnack EDU is a superb way to add some flair and motivation for the students in contrast to any traditional assignment, a short story, an easy, or even a simple paragraph for homework, for which they have to write something. FlipSnack EDU is a fully secure online environment for instructors and students to share flipbooks with complete privacy. Only the teacher has the admin rights to control the sharing settings.


FlipSnack has membership plans from Basic free version to Premium version ($16, $24 or $30 per month)

FlipSnack Alternatives

FlipSnack is an astonishing web tool for digital publishing but there are also numerous other online platforms which can be seen as FlipSnack alternatives or Joomag competitors. You can also have a look at them and choose as per your needs. A couple of them are Yumpu, Issuu and Joomag. You can find a Joomag write-up here.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this FlipSnack review, keep coming back and read more articles like this.

Issuu – How does Issuu work?

how does issuu work

Basically rather than sending your content to traditional publishers for publishing and printing out hard copies, you send your content to sites like Issuu, for example Flipsnack or Yumpu, to publish your Issuu magazine digitally in the realm of the internet. Try now!

Issuu is one of the leading online publishing platforms. But how does Issuu work and what is it all about? Well, it allows you to create online content including magazines, catalogues, books and the like by uploading PDF files. Issuu, a Joomag alternative, will take those PDF files and convert them into flash readable content. By posting online, you are able to reach a much wider audience, and with billions of people going online daily, there are endless opportunities of growth.

Issuu has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2006. Currently, it boasts more than 100 million unique visitors per month. It offers 4 different pricing plans. You can pay setup your billing to be either monthly or annually. For annual payments, they offer discounts as well.  You start off with the Basic Plan that is free of charge. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your media. The Plus Plan costs $26/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics. The Premium Plan costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics. The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s highest-priced offering and will set you back by $279/month for added features that include unlimited space, a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma. Magma includes integrated InDesign for designing your magazines.


The core features provided by Issuu include:

Unlimited Publishing: Using Issuu allow you to publish as many publications you want, there is no limit on the number of publications. However, there is a limit on the size and no. of pages of each publication.

Embedded Reader: With a few lines of code, you can embed your publication on any other site.

HTML5 Reader: With the HTML5 reader how does Issuu work is that your subscribers can view your publications directly in their browsers, they do not need to install any separate app for this.

Native Apps: along with HTML5 reader, Issuu have also launched native apps for iOS and Android.

Analytics: Gives you the power to view your users’ engagement with your publishing, identify areas for improvement, and come to know what content is currently popular with your readers.

Sharing: We all love you share on social platforms. You can do the same with your publications. You can easily share your page publications with leading social media sites, in a matter of few clicks. For more details about how to share your digital documents with the public – please check our article “WordPress Issuu plugin to share publications“.

Good things about Issuu and how does Issuu work

Issuu makes it very easy for you to share your content on all the leading social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. For further details on how to share your publications or whether to use the WordPress Plugin for embedding it into your site, have a look at our other articles.

Issuu provides and fast and easy way to upload PDF files and transform them to an online magazine.

The converted magazine feature fluid zoom-in and zoom-out and page turning animations.

Although the analytics and user engagement information provided are not free, they provide valuable insights into the readers reading patterns, which pages are being read the most, how much time readers are spending on a particular page and much more. This information is crucial for knowing what content your readers like, and what content not so much.

Drawbacks of Issuu

One of the aspects Issuu lags in, is customer support services.  We see many people complaining about slow or non-responsive support. I believe with the sheer amount of clients; it is becoming difficult for its support to coup up. Issuu needs to expand its  team proportionally to its overall growth.

Issuu does not allow you to use embed audio or video into your magazines, these features are provided by Issuu competitors like Yumpu or Joomag.

Issuu puts a limit of uploading a PDF of maximum 500MB. Also your publication can not be longer than 500 pages.  Some alternatives such as Joomag or other Joomag competitors provide unlimited pages.

I definitely suggest that you take a look at Issuu and other flipsnack alternatives to find out which software is most appropriate for you. You might not immediately find the best platform to use for your purposes but there are many other sites similar to Issuu. However, it is surely the most widely used platform and offers excellent features (for a monthly fee). All plans come with the 14 day free trial, so you can get a feel for all the features provided by Issuu without having to pay anything. If after using the platform you are comfortable with it, you can go ahead and buy the plan that fits your needs best.

I hope that I could help you with answering at least some of your questions about how does Issuu work. If you need any further help & support, feel free to get in contact.

12 Top Issuu Alternatives for You!


Today is the perfect time to get into online publishing and, for all of you out there who are unsure of where to start, I hope this blog will help you decided what is the best website to use. These are my 12 Issuu alternatives to get you heading in the right direction. Click here to visit my Winner today!

The online ePublishing market place is growing every day. One site, called Issuu, had the market lead for a very long time, but now some of their competitors have caught up and some have even overtaken them!

The hard part for you will not be making your flipbooks, but will be working out which one is best website for you to use. To make it easier, I have done the hard work for you and used them all.

Here is my list of the top 12 Issuu alternatives, to help you decide which one you should use.

1. Yumpu is the Best Issuu Alternative

It’s wonderful to find a service provider who can do it all for you and who you can trust. is the ultimate Issuu alternative in my opinion.

The complete package.

They offer flexibility to you as a publisher, they support you as a business and they educate you in the possibilities of desktop and mobile publishing in a way you can understand. They are so versatile that you can publish on over 400 different devices owning you and your magazines and catalogues to over 9 million people, globally.

yumpu logoWith an easy to use pricing structure and a 30 day free trial are not only the best in class, offering SEO tools, interactivity, apps, Web Kiosks and more, they are also a site you can trust and grow with confidently.

2. Issuu

fineartdoc issuu alternativeThis article maybe about Issuu alternatives, but some of you might know who they are. Let me tell you.

Issuu is one of the longest running digital publishers out there.

The reason for their success is down to popularity and a great product.

They have an extensive web kiosk, showcasing publications from around the world from publishers who have used them, and gained from them, for nearly a decade. Issuu does exactly what you’d want it to do, but I think is its always a good idea to see what else is coming up the ranks, don’t you?

3. Flipsnack

flipsnack reviewA friendly and open company with a bouncy and delightful support ethic.

They are there to help you and they will work with you to build and share your flipbooks of content.

They one thing they might not help you with is app’s or quantity of content as the free package is limited to 5 flipbooks and you are also limited to 500 pages per flipbook, even you pay more than $24 a month. The features they offer are comparable, but the limited options makes flipsnack a little less friendly than how they appear.

4. Joomag

fineartdoc joomag reviewJoomag have a client list any company in any sector would envy and a collection of packages that would get every digital publisher excited. They have a super website that clearly guides you through the options you have available to you.

The one downside is that you have to be signed up to the $39 a month package to be ad free and to personalise your brand. If anyone is serious about publishing, then is the only option for you.

There newsstand offers diverse and fascinating content and they draw in huge global audiences who will see your publications. As an Issuu alternative, I think they are pretty smart!

5. Calameo

calameo alternativeWith the simple message of publish, customise and perform Calameo are punchy and strong  alternatives.

With a well-designed, contemporary website and a brand that is confident and honest it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

The pricing structure is easy to understand, leaving you with no nasty surprise bills each month. They are dedicated to digital publishing and can support you with optimisation, analytical data, and interactivity and secure cloud hosting.

They only down side are the audience numbers you will generate could be lower than with the market leader.

6. Zyyne

zyyneAfter you battle through the display adverting Zyyne really does seem like a smart place to begin your digital publishing journey.

I would suggest this is a site for hobbyist rather than larger companies or to education providers, as the site lacks the tools to get you fully mobile.

7. Flippingbook

flippingbookOffering both desktop publish software from $599 and web based publishing from $59 a month Flippingbook is the more expense of the Issuu alternatives on the market.

Without lead capture features and apps however, I think you are better off investing in Yumpu or other app publishers.

8. Scribd

scribd90 million readers is a lot, a huge amount in fact. Scribd is a user-facing site that is geared up for the readers 100%. Its mission is to change the way people read and to build a complete social network of readers.

This is perfect if you want to share what you have with huge numbers.

9. Fliphtml5

fliphtml5On first glance Fliphtml5 does not really look a true  alternative. It seems dated and unsure of itself.

The navigation seems slow and the wooden shelves used to showcase the web kiosk make Fliphtml5 less appealing than say or Issuu. That said, they do offer the complete.

10. Anyflip

anyflipThey can make your digital publications secure on a cloud, interactive with video and hyperlinks, they can make sure you can monetize your publications so they work for you.

But, the one thing about Anyflip is that they just don’t seem to attack the large audience numbers that are pivotal to publishing. The website is a little clunky and the pricing structure shows that there are limitations on reader numbers, storage sizes and administrators.

11. Axmag

axmagAxmag are software providers that can give you the tools to create flipbooks of varying standards. They have the full 3D flipbook packages through to the basic flipbook ranges and the prices reflect the products you buy, with a basic rate of $380.00.

Not for the faint hearted Axmag is  for those who don’t need a market place for their publication but for those who need the kit to build flipbooks for others to put in market places.

12. Uniflip

uniflipI know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but I work I publishing! Unflip seems to have been stuck in 2009? They do create flipbooks from PDF’s, you can also create responsive designs.

You just feel, when using them, that you might not be with the most advanced and productive Issuu alternative. Take a look and find out for yourself.

If you think you are a little late to join in the ‘Flipbook publishing party’ then think again, because it is only just getting started!

I can absolutely recommend my personal winner called Yumpu to anyone who is looking for a free and easy-to-handle digital publishing platform.

If you think you are a little late to join in the ‘Flipbook publishing party’ then think again, because it is only just getting started!

Joomag Review – What is it all about?

joomag review

It took us several weeks to struggle through the multitudinous digital publishing sites out there in order to get an idea of which one to use best. Now that we tested most of them, we are going to tell you about two of our best finds – Joomag and our odds-on favorite Yumpu.

Joomag, one of the sites like Issuu, is an online service that allows you to create and publish digital content such as e-books, online magazines, brochures, help guides, corporate material and other digital content. Joomag is similar to other online publishing solutions such as Yumpu, Issuu, Flipsnack or MagCloud in the sense that it also allows you to upload PDF files and convert them into digital magazines.

During writing our Joomag review we noticed that the difference between Joomag and most Joomag competitors is that Joomag adds interactivity to the digital magazines, like its competitor Yumpu does. Both provide a rich set of free online features for designing, editing and publishing. You can add links to share your magazine, include audio, and even video to your publications.

Joomag offers several price plans including Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all their plans.  You can start off with the free to use version, to get familiar with the software and the services it provides, and evaluate it yourself without having to pay anything. In the free version, you can upload PDF files, create links, and insert images, sound, and even video inside your digital magazine. The Silver Plan costs  $15.95/month and includes No Ads, Branding, and selling subscriptions. The Gold Plan costs $39.95 /month and offers additional features including Native iOS and Android Support, Multi-User Accounts, and HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on mobiles without any app. The most expensive and comprehensive plan is the Platinum Plan, it costs $95.95/month and adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features.


After using and having experienced Joomag and conducting a Joomag review ourselves, we believe that Joomag offers the following benefits to you:

First and foremost, Joomag provides a comprehensive set of templates and layout for your digital magazine.

Arguably the best feature of Joomag is that it allows you to create interactive content for your website. You can engage your reader with interactive features such as video, audio, chats, picture galleries, and even subscription and feedback forms to share.

Joomag allows you to create as many catalogues, books, and magazines as you possibly want. Also, there is no restriction on the number of pages you can add to each book or magazine to share with your readers.


A major drawback is that in order to make your content available on iPad only, you will need to pay additional monthly fees and get the Gold or Platinum plan.

Another disadvantage is that your publications are only available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store, rather than directly as an app in the store. This is somewhat limiting, as magazines/books available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to the in-app purchase option provided by Joomag.

You will notice that searching for publications within the iPad app is quite challenging.

Joomag review – Conclusion

Considering the many online publishing platforms available out there, Joomag is a contender worth trying. However, in comparison with the Joomag alternative Yumpu, Joomag performs slightly worse. With Yumpu you have the possibility to embed your online publication anywhere (website, blog, web shop, social media, etc.). Additionally, the content is optimized for all the mobile devices and submitted to search engines automatically. As already mentioned, audio and video files as well as links can be integrated into your magazine to ensure interactivity. So try this user-friendly software directly online – for FREE!

Thanks for reading this Joomag review. Be sure to check out some of our other articles: Issuu vs. Joomag, Flipsnack review, Flipsnack alternatives, WordPress Issuu plugin and how does Issuu work.

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