Flipsnack, a Joomag alternative

joomag alternative

FlipSnack, the Joomag alternative, is a fantastic free website to transform your content (PDF documents, PDF magazine, Images, etc.) to interactive digital html5 publications. But contrary to Flipsnack vs Joomag vs FlipHtml5 and many more, Yumpu offers loads of features to play with – for free. Start today and try this free alternative digital publishing platform. Click here to visit Yumpu!

If you want to know more about FlipSnack, we already have a post FlipSnack review – an astonishing digital publishing tool for you.

joomag alternative (flipsnack logo)Let’s dive into FlipSnack’s publishing world and see how FlipSnack works.

Registration on FlipSnack, a Joomag alternative

Flipsnack registration is as easy as working with it.

  1. Go to the “New User” page
  2. Enter your email, password and captcha
  3. Your free account is ready

You also have the option to login with your social media account from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo account.

Sign in

Your very own URL

Once signed in, you can create your own URL on the domain of FlipSnack for free in order to publish your content and refer easily to your audience.

Or you can skip it for now and  publish your free online magazines later anytime.

name and URL

Begin with Publishing your Magazines

You can start publishing by creating your online magazines using one or many of the PDF documents, image files or using FlipSnack’s online editor to create the customized flip books as you like.

Using Upload file(s) option:

There is an “Upload” link on the top menu, to upload the files from your computer.

On this page, you can upload one or more files at a time.

Once uploaded you can select the checkbox to merge them as one magazine as well.

Press “Next” to move to the customization step.

upload pdf

Using Online Editor option:

  1. Select “Create” from the top menu.
  2. Choose layout (Portrait or Landscape).
  3. Select any of the Templates (select cover page & other pages template style)
  4. After selecting the magazine pages → the online editor is opened (here you have a very vast range of options to make your digital page flip flipbooks as elegant, stylish and interactive, as you like).
  5. Now you can start editing you publication (you can add a video, edit the layout, the text, images, links, media, shapes, widgets, share facebook, share twitter and much much more within this digital publishing software).

Brand your Magazine

  1. Give your page turning flip book title and enter its description, select one or more categories/tags your content lies in.
  2. Save it for future editing or directly publish it (You can see its preview as well.).
  3. Next step (optional) is to select a template designs provided by FlipSnack, to make it more attractive for your consumers.

Pool of your digital Publications

You can see the whole list of your publications or magazines be selecting the “My Collections” from the top menu and select any of your publication to edit, update and publish again.

By selecting any digital magazine, its preview is shown and also the options to download your magazine (if you have paid membership), it’s unique URL to embed (with watermarks if using the free version) or share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus or via email; appears on the screen.

That’s it – yes it’s a great software alternative.

This is how FlipSnack, a well known digital publishing website and a great free Joomag alternative. There are also many other Joomag alternatives like Calameo, FlipHTML5, Anlyflip, Yumpu or Issuu.

We also have articles about some flipsnack alternatives like the Big 3 publishing platform sites like Issuu, Joomag reviews, Joomag competitors, How does Issuu work and WordPress Issuu plugin to share publications? for your further reading.

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  1. My first online catalogue was produced with flipsnack. I liked that you could easily register via facebook.

  2. I’m on a budget – that’s why I choose yumpu. Yumpu has a lot of cost free features! I can only recommend it guys.

    • fineartdoc

      December 26, 2016 at 12:13 pm

      I totally agree with you steven. Yumpu offers a lot of features in their free plan. For many of those features you have to pay if you use other online publishing tools.

  3. Thanks for the tipps everyone! I will give it a try with yumpu. Sounds legit.

  4. It’s great that you are able to choose your own template design! Love it!

  5. So hard to decide which tool to choose :-O!! they all sound great!!! Flipsnack has some cool features but I tend to use Yumpu as I heard some good reviews about it. I let you know how it went!

    • fineartdoc

      December 30, 2016 at 11:41 am

      I would love to hear your about your experiences and I am sure other readers will be happy to hear about those too! Good luck and happy working!

  6. I used flipsnack but I now I’m ready to check out another online publishing tool. Yumpu sounds pretty good though.

    • fineartdoc

      January 2, 2017 at 11:37 am

      Martim, I worked with many online publishing tools like flipsnack, yumpu and joomag. All of those have their pros and cons. You can easily test them all for free and decide who’s your favorite to work with. Personally speaking, I like to work with Yumpu – but that’s only my personal opinion 😉

  7. Does anyone know if you can create your own url with other publishing tools like joomag or even yumpu?

  8. I thought it was pretty rad to create your own url!

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