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flipsnack review

After publishing my FlipSnack review, a lot of people asked me about a free FlipSnack alternative, with better features. If you’re looking for a great cost-free alternative, I’d recommend Yumpu.com.

This FlipSnack review will provide you all the details you will need to know about FlipSnack. It is an ideal free tool for digital publishing, provided by SnackTools. It’s a service that enables you to turn your PDF documents into elegant flipbooks. One of the sites like Issuu where you can create online magazines, interactive catalogs, brochures, newsletters, presentations and host as well, to attract your customers with interactive experiences and making it easier for you to sell instantly from your own digital publication. FlipSnack publishing also provides rich support for media, music, videos, forms etc. 

FlipSnack Review

If you are wondering how FlipSnack works rather than how does Issu work, then get ready to be surprised as this FlipSnack write-up will explain that it has a very simple and easy to use step by step wizard-like interface, to upload a PDF document or an image, brand it, customise it and publish it, that’s it. Other than this upload option, FlipSnack also provides a very rich online editor to create customised flipbooks as per your needs.

  • Upload Content: You can add one or more PDF documents or images (JPG files) directly from the web or from your computer
  • Brand it: Create a title, add a description and select the categories for your content.
  • Customize the flipbook: For customization you can choose the cover type (Classic flip, Hardcover flip, Coil flip or Interactive flip), the colour scheme, highlight the links and set the size of the book.
  • Publish it: Just press a button and your PDF(s) will become a stylish, interactive flipbook.
  • Share: Once published, you can make your content public by sharing it through various channels. You can host it on their website, embed it on your own site/blog (using a WordPress plugin, for example), or share it on social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for free with a watermark. And with the paid membership, flipbooks can also be downloaded both as SWF files for HTML websites and Flash components for full-Flash websites or can be embedded without a watermark and you can enjoy many more options and features on this site.

Features – For Publishers

After having provided a FlipSnack review, let’s now list down few features for publishers:

  • Make an account, sign in and create unlimited publications
  • Secure and reliable hosting
  • All-time, detailed statistics
  • PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG – supported file formats
  • Live chat, email and phone support – 24/7 (live chat)
  • Embed widget, use the publication on your own site
  • Online shopping (PayPal widgets in magazines)
  • Social sites integration
  • SEO and Rich media editor
  • Password protection for publications
  • Customization – make your magazine/book unique

    • Change the background, colors, language, widget type, template and more
    • Customize cover pages
    • Control social and share features
    • Show thumbnail navigation
    • Enable flip sounds
    • Add links and buttons
    • Add texts, outlines and captions to the PDF

Features – For Readers

This FlipSnack write-up shows that the website also provides features for readers:

  • Tooltips in 27 languages
  • Classic or shelf widget
  • Multiple flipbooks in one widget
  • Custom sizes and full screen option for a great, free reading experience
  • Search option in flipbooks
  • Read as you want: single or two page layout option
  • Supports internal and external links in PDFs
  • Supports right to left orientation
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Compatible with wireless presenters

FlipSnack EDU

FlipSnack also has provided the passionate educators with a new web tool for education to use among students of all ages. A new reliable way to present the content, whether it’s the work of students done in the classroom, to share with parents or to prepare the material for the lessons or the collaboration between students for their various assignments and projects.

The purpose of education is to prepare students for the future challenges, especially in this technology-driven society, it is imperative for kids to understand the new technologies and use them in a positive and beneficial way. Moreover, using the colorful and graphical content of lectures, quizzes and exams in an interactive experience; particularly enriched with audios and videos; improves the motor skills and helps in enhancing memory and quickly recall abilities of the students.

Using an educational tool like FlipSnack EDU is a superb way to add some flair and motivation for the students in contrast to any traditional assignment, a short story, an easy, or even a simple paragraph for homework, for which they have to write something. FlipSnack EDU is a fully secure online environment for instructors and students to share flipbooks with complete privacy. Only the teacher has the admin rights to control the sharing settings.


FlipSnack has membership plans from Basic free version to Premium version ($16, $24 or $30 per month)

FlipSnack Alternatives

FlipSnack is an astonishing web tool for digital publishing but there are also numerous other online platforms which can be seen as FlipSnack alternatives or Joomag competitors. You can also have a look at them and choose as per your needs. A couple of them are Yumpu, Issuu and Joomag. You can find a Joomag write-up here.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this FlipSnack review, keep coming back and read more articles like this.


  1. I agree! It’s a great overview to see what you get as a publisher and as a client.

  2. Simple is always good! I’ll give it a try!

  3. Great – you can actually customize your flipbook/magazine!

  4. Can I also customize my design with another publishing tool? Or is flipsnack the only one who provides that kind of feature?

  5. I like the listing of features for the readers! Can you do it for other publishing tools like joomag, yumpu etc. as well?

  6. Hello rita. I super satisfied with yumpu. I worked with issuu first but thought of changing to another provider – just out of curiosity. What I really liked – still like – about yumpu is that you can upload an unlimited amount of pages, you can embed audio or video into your magazines and whenever I had problems I just wrote to the customer support service of yumpu – super helpful and they always replied within 2 days.

    • fineartdoc

      December 29, 2016 at 11:13 pm

      Thank you for the feedback Carrrlaaa! It’s always nice to get some responses of users to the publishing tools.

  7. Is Yumpu really the best alternative? Is there anyone – besides the author of this article – who made his/her experience with yumpu?

  8. I have never heard about flipnsack edu! That sounds really exciting. Did anyone tested it yet?

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