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So you are interested in using a proper digital publishing platform? You haven’t found a software that converts your PDF into an exciting digital magazine easily? You are looking for a platform that offers loads of features for free without major restrictions? Well, if this is the case you have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you why Yumpu is the right choice for you.

I’m going to cover an in-depth analysis of three publishing platforms. Especially about Joomag and Joomag competitors like Yumpu and Issuu, so that we see how does Issuu work and how Joomag works. I guess that you have a general idea of a few of the leading applications and sites like Issuu and Yumpu and other Joomag competitors with all their services. I’m going to give you a quick comparison, primarily a Joomag vs Issuu vs Yumpu rundown. In the end, my expert opinion should facilitate your decision on which software to use and why.

6 Comparisons

On the face of it, all of the three sites are similar in the sense that they provide you platforms to upload your pdf files and convert them to online magazines, brochures, catalogues etc.

Sharing & Embedding Electronic Papers

All of the three, Issuu, Joomag and Yumpu provide easy options to share or embed your flipping documents on all the leading social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goolge+, etc. Yumpu also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website.

Publication Size Limits

On the one hand, Issuu lets you publish as many publications as you want. However, there’s a limit on the size of each page (max 1 MB) and no. of pages (max 500) of each publication. On the other hand, Yumpu and Joomag allow you to create as many catalogues, brochures, etc. as you possibly want with absolutely no restriction on the number of pages.

Plans & Pricing

Regarding pricing, Yumpu offers five different plans: free, adfree, webkiosk, appkiosk and prokiosk. Although the free option is totally costless, you can use lots of features including multimedia content. Additionally, the free version of this software lets you embed your magazines into your website or share it via social media. Contrary to other platforms, you are not restricted at all. The adFree plan costs only €8/month and, as the name indicates, no advertisements or foreign magazines are displayed in your magazine. The most popular option is the AppKiosk plan for €178/month. With this plan, you have the possibility to present your magazines to your readers in your own app. Mobile devices are becoming more and more important and hence, your clients or friends are able to read all your publications anywhere and at any time.

On the contrary, Issuu and Joomag offer only four options. Both start with the free plan. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your digital magazine. It also allows inserting images, sound and video in your digital content. The Plus Plan from Issuu costs $26/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics. A similar offering from Joomag is the Silver package, it cost $15.95/ month and includes things as no ads, branding and selling subscriptions. Joomag’s silver plan is $10.05 cheaper than Issuu’s  Plus Plan. Issuu does not even provide branding in this package. The Premium Plan from Issuu costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics. Joomag’s Gold package costs $39.95/month and the offer includes native iOS and Android support, HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on their mobile without any app, and Multi-User Accounts. The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s top offering and will set you back by $279/month for added features that include no limits on publishing, a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma. Joomag’s top end offering is the Platinum Plan; it costs it costs $95.95/month and adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features. Overall if you compare Issuu vs Joomag, the latter offers better prices than the Joomag alternative.

Interactive Content

Arguably the best feature of Yumpu is that it allows you to create interactive content for free. You can engage your readers with multimedia content such as audio or video files.

Editing Tools

Joomag and Yumpu provide a rich and comprehensive editor for  your digital content. Issuu provides a collaborative tool and editor called  Magma. However, Magma is included only in the Optimum Plan and it’s quite difficult to handle.

Selling your Publications on Joomag or with Joomag Competitors – Issuu and Yumpu

As a Yumpu PROKiosk customer you have the possibility to sell your digital papers in your individual App.

Currently, Issuu does not support selling your publications directly or even through in-app purchases from their app on iOS or Android. One possibility is that your publication is a preview and the last page contains a link to your website where they reader can go and purchase the book/magazine. In Joomag your publications are available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store, rather than directly as an app on the store (more details can be found in the review) . This is somewhat limiting, as magazines/books available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to in-app purchase option provided by Joomag. However, this offering really beats Joomag competitors Issuu’s offering by far.


In my opinion, the Issuu vs Joomag vs Yumpu debate, brought out a clear winner and that’s Of course, all sites have their own pros and cons. However, I for my part have found a way to create digital publications online that is effective, extremely easy and best of all is that it’s absolutely free!


  1. Do joomag and issuu also offer interactive content? Or is it only yumpu?

  2. Wow – I just had a look at some yumpu magazine examples. It looks so professional and easy to handle for the customer. My vote clearly goes to yumpu!

  3. What does it mean „ Yumpu also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website“?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at 12:51 pm

      Hi Marina. The plugin allows your magazine is directly readable on Facebook.
      Have a look how it goes:
      1) Go to the magazine you want to embed and click on “Embed”
      2) Choose the Facebook Embed
      3) Apply the settings you want to the Embed
      4) Click “Save”, copy the created link into Facebook and share the post

  4. I just saw that yumpu is offering 5 different plans. Which plan is the best? What can you recommend?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Jonathan, that depends on what you plan to publish. The free plan and the adfree plan actually offer you everything you need. If you have a company and you wanna take it to the next level then you should consider one of the following plans: webkiosk, appkiosk or the prokiosk. As already mentioned, the appkiosk plan is the most popular one among companies.

  5. What can I do with the WEBKiosk?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      The WEBKiosk is most suitable for business clients with many magazines to publish.
      Your online kiosk for the World Wide Web with a central location where your magazines are clearly arranged in shelves and categorized for your readers.
      The advantage is that the interested reader has a good overview, find what he is looking for and get invited to linger and browse through the supply. The WEBKiosk bundles all magazines, news and links to your social media channels in one single spot. Hope I could help you.

  6. That’s a great comparison of platform choices. Thanks for the clear listing.

  7. I switched from joomag to yumpu. Both great products but after using yumpu for a couple of online brochures I decided to stay with my latest discovery – yumpu!

  8. Hello Fabien. How did you like Joomag? What was the reason for the switch?

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