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Joomag, one of the Big 3 sites like Issuu, is growing rapidly as a digital magazine publishing platform. However, as the digital publishing market is growing enormously, there are many alternatives Joomag has to strive against and the number of Joomag competitors, like for example Yumpu, is huge.

Nevertheless, it offers a good set of features and has a relatively affordable price plan.

With Joomag, you can easily create, edit and publish your digital content.

Joomag-logoYou can publish all sorts of digital content, be it magazines, catalogs, brochures, or guides.

It provides a rich set of online tools for designing, editing and publishing.

With Joomag you can add links, audio, and even video to your publications.

In this article we will do a brief introduction on how to best start publishing your first digital magazine and guide you on how to use such platforms to create, design, edit and publish your online pdf documents.

Create free publications with sites like Issuu

Joomag, one of the sites similar to Issuu

How to create a free digital pdf flipbook with Joomag?

Just follow these 10 steps:

  1.  Go to the website and create a free  account and login using your newly created credentials.
  2.  After the successful login, go to “Dashboard” and click on “My Magazines”, Click on the “Create Magazine” button
  3. You will be prompted to write the title of your pdf documents, and click on “Create” button.
  4. You will now be given option to “Create Blank” , “Create from Template”, and “I have a PDF file” , use it!”  For this article we will be selecting the “Create Blank” option.
  5. Next enter the number of pages you want in the magazine. You can select from four to 1,000 pages
  6. Select the spread type of your pdf documents , you have the option to select either Single Spread or Double Spread
  7. Enter the size of your pages and select your magazine orientation , either landscape or portrait
  8. Click on the “more options” button to go to the website info section. (In this section you are given the option to write various other details about your free magazine for your web site. )
    1. This information is useful meta data and helps in SEO
    2. You can write the volume of your free magazine, a brief description about the magazine, keywords associated with the magazine
    3. You can also select the secondary category for your free magazine
    4. You can even share and allow readers to print pages of your pdf documents using their printers
    5. If required you can even flag your magazine for adult content
  9. Click on “Next” to  go to the Viewer Section on the web site. Here you get the option to set the background of your magazine
    1. You can select from a  dozen or so  images provided for free, or upload your own background image in JPG or PNG format to the web site
  10. Once you have selected the background you are all set to create your first free online pdf magazines, click on “Create Issue And Finish your magazines”


How to change the logo of my magazine?:

  1. Select the magazine from My Magazines
  2. Then  select “Edit Settings” icon
  3. Then click on “Logo” (here you can upload your logo, however, the logo will appear only for premium users)


How to edit the content of my pages?:

  1. Click on the “Edit Content” icon (this will open Joomag’s online Editor which gives you wide variety of content creating and editing options)
  2. Click on the “Edit Page” button to edit a particular page
    1. The editor gives you the option to add Text, set font , font size, font  color,  bold or highlight text
    2. You can add photos, or sound
    3. You can upload your videos or add videos from youtube to share them within your publications / magazines
    4. You can create a photo gallery.
    5. The editor also allows you to add various types of shapes to design your page they way you want

None of the Joomag competitors provide such a comprehensive editor.

Publish / Share and Increase Social Engagement:

Once you are done with the editing of the magazine, click on the “Publish” button.

You can make your publication private, or password protected or keep it open and share your documents with people to view.

You can also share it to the Joomag Newsstand by clicking on the “Publish to Newsstand” button.

social-media-engagementThe alternative Issuu also provide similar share functionality on their website.

That’s it and the best is that it’s free!

Congratulations on your first successful publication.

If you have any questions or need help do look into our Joomag review.

Regarding Joomag’s official support, the website offers very simple and easy to understand help guides.

Now you are ready to share your digital publications, embed them into your website by using a WordPress plugin or distribute them trough social media channels like facebook, twitter etc.

If you are interested, you can also have a look at our popular article about the Publishing Evolution – Yumpu, FlipSnack &Co or read our articles dealing with how does Issuu work, a Flipsnack review and further Flipsnack alternatives.


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