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Would you like to increase your sales and expand your base of potential customers? You can do that with a digital magazine that users can interact with and read at their leisure from the device of their choosing like the free Calameo alternative Yumpu.


To be honest, page flipping flipbooks and digital publications, in general, weren’t even on my radar 18 months ago.

I had been publishing my catalogs the old-fashioned way for years. Then, my current publisher offered me a no-cost period during which it would publish my materials as digital page flip flipbooks as well.

The results were phenomenal!

I was generating leads and sales at a higher rate, and I had long-time customers asking me if these digital magazines would be available from here on out.

The answer had to be yes, and I guess that was my publisher’s plan all along.

Unfortunately, the price of that service was too high and would just about mitigate any profits, so I began searching for a Calameo alternative.

That proved to be frustrating.

Even after trying big names like Issuu and alternative Calaméo publishing platform, I was at a loss.

That was at least until I found, a publisher like Calameo, which is the fastest trending Calameo alternative.

Sales Increased 12 Percent in My First Quarter Self-Publishing

So here is my Calameo publishing review. My experience with the Calameo publications was disappointing.

First, let’s backtrack and answer the burning question…

…“What is Calameo?”

It’s a digital magazine publishing platform that allows you to self-publish your own content in an easy to read and professional format.

There are pros and cons to all self-publishing routes, but I began to feel the free account limit was more con than pro.

I was attracted to it because it offers a free account and that was indeed a good draw.

I create my catalogs as PDF files, which I send to the print publisher, so the fact that Calameo converts PDF even on the free plan had me hooked.

Well, I thought it was a simple matter to upload my pdf document and publish.

So, I decided to create a new account.

I clicked on “sign up” and created a free trial account.

The first problem I encountered with the Calameo publishing solution was that my PDF documents had to be edited in order to convert fully and appropriately.

I also had lots of upload problems.

So, there I am reading the upload guidelines.

I follow the how to upload instructions, but my file won’t upload.

I checked the specs, and I still can’t upload.

I’m getting frustrated.

The specifications are too constricting, and I’m just getting error after error.

Then there are the options to be filled in every time I try to upload my file again.

The edit requirements were severe enough that I actually failed to release a digital publication that first month on my own.

First, there is the max upload size which is quite frankly pitifully small even on the paid services.

One of the pro account features is the increased upload limit, but it’s still painfully small compared to Calameo alternatives.

Then there is the conversion queue which essentially increases the upload time, the fact that I had to scale my graphics down to a measly 150ppi…

I did get it out in month two, but I added about 30 hours of workload, which was no good.

When you work for yourself, you cost every penny of your time, and I could have spent those 30 hours on something far more profitable.

And then there were the flash player problems…

The digital magazine software that changed everything!

At the start of the next quarter, I switched to a Calameo alternative to publish my magazine, based on the recommendation of a professional acquaintance.

Best Calameo alternative

Best Calameo Alternative

The difference was night and day.

My PDF in the standard format I use was converted as is with the Calameo alternative.

Even the print-ready images.

It didn’t require editing, and even advanced aspects, such as inline links, transferred seamlessly.

Another big difference with the Calameo alternative was that my PDFs were converting to flipbooks in under two minutes and on demand.

With programa Calameo, I was put in a queue.

If there were lots of users, I had to wait.

With the Calameo alternative, I barely have time to grab a coffee before it’s done. (I still did though – you know me).

I’m not entirely sure how long the conversion took, and what concerned me most was what would happen at crunch time when using Calameo.

Could I miss a deadline because I wasn’t a paid a member and thus didn’t get prioritized?

And, How to Order Printed Copies of Publications with Calameo? (You can’t unless you’re paying for the platinum plan!)

Calameo Publishing Reviews

So here is a short review of Calameo that hopefully answers all your questions you might have about this online publishing platform and gives you all information needed.

Calameo Website

Calameo Website

Is Calameo free?

Well, the answer here is like, my original free trial, it’s only free up to a point.

So, yes and no.

There is a free login, but it is pretty limited and lacks quite a few features that are standard on alternative Calameo.

How is Calameo priced? Which plans exist?

Obviously, the pricing list is the definitive place to look for the differences among the various plans but put simply the more expensive your paid subscription, the better service you get.

There are three levels:

  • free,
  • premium and
  • pro

So, pro vs. free – which is best?

The free account is more flexible than the 14-day trial offered by some alternative Calameo, but the free upload is an incredibly basic plan – especially compared to some.

It has a small file size and limited access to publisher tools.

You can at least embed Calameo on Facebook, but if you want to embed a video, they have an embed example to show you what to do.

You can also embed responsive viewers into your own website or embed Calameo on WordPress.

The premium plan does give you some other options, but it is barely a business account – that upload size limit is still there, and you are ad-free.

It’s a premium example of a misnomer.

To get the best you need to go top whack and pay for the platinum pro features.

The pro plan lets you remove Calameo logo, embed and improves the upload specifications.

You get an add free reader, and it’s also the first price point that integrates with Google analytics.

Which is better than Issuu Calameo but really not digital publishing industry standard.

How can Calameo be free? Is Calameo free for readers?

It’s free because the free account is there to hook you into using them and start paying them.

It’s free for readers unless the publisher has set a subscription for their digital publication.

If you were wondering “How does Calameo make money?”…

…the answer is by encouraging publishers to give them money!

How do I sign up for a paid service/plan?

They are making it very easy to upgrade your account to a paid plan.

Simply log onto your free account and choose the option that you require.

They accept credit and debit cards (French customers can use bank transfers and administrative payment orders too).

How much will it cost to use this service?

Naturally, the cost depends on the features you want to enable.

There are websites promising you a promo code on the cost of the platinum pro memberships.

The cost to get an ad-free account is roughly the same as the alternatives. (As of November 2017 it was a monthly subscription of $17 for premium membership and $53 for the pro account ).

Problems with Calameo

If you need to cancel the subscription, it’s at least easy to do.

You just click on “downgrade, ” and once your subscription expires, it will cancel the account and revert back to the basic account – with the basic features.

If you’ve found uploading to has given you nothing but connection problems and upload problems you can throw in the towel and close Calameo account.

Just choose “delete account” on your profile page, and they will permanently remove account.

So, which functions do exist?

Calameo is mobile friendly, lets you have a table of contents, accepts various upload formats, including Microsoft Publisher and Word and has some choice of upload settings.

You can also keep some private publications.

If you pay you can sort your publications into folders, have more than one administrator and offer subscriptions.

The pro reader can be offered as a “white label” service removing any trace of their branding.

This, combined with their “subscribers” option, allows you to offer paid content through your own website.

You also have your own publisher page where all your publications are grouped together.

How to order printed copies of publications?

Going back to the point I made earlier it’s almost impossible unless you pay for the pro plan.

The basic, free, service doesn’t allow any sort of printing from the reader so you would need to make the raw pdf file available for download elsewhere on your website.

The premium account allows individual pages to be printed out.

Which is fine if you have single page articles but if you want to allow your readers to print the whole file you need to be paying for the platinum service to unlock the printer icon.

Once you’ve upgraded your account, you simply click on the pencil icon to edit the publication’s settings and choose “Allow this document to be printed” from the “Sharing” tab.

Calameo Alternative Packed with Advanced Features That Don’t Cost Extra

One of the best free Calameo alternatives is It is a free service that includes many of the Calameo pro features as free features:

• Support for mobile, tablet and desktop devices (Mac, Windows, Linux)
• Ability to integrate your own branding
• Optimization for major search engines like Google
• Full support for all major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+,…)
• Embed anywhere on the Web, including blogs, you own website and storefronts
• Embedding for video, audio, and other multimedia
• Inline and outbound links to any Internet resources
• Unparalleled customer support available via live chat

That’s the free service in a nutshell.

It gives you much of the Calameo Premium account free!

There are paid options for this Calameo alternative, but those are only necessary if you need Google Analytics, advanced privacy settings, and personalized mobile apps.

To give you a better idea of why I love this service and think it’s worth your time, let’s take a closer look at six core features.

Unlimited Page Flip Flipbooks

How good is this for a Calameo alternative?

“I expected to create one catalog a month, but if I get a new hot product mid-month, I have the option to publish and distribute an update.”

I could be creating a dozen new digital magazines with this Calameo alternative each day if I wanted to.

There is no page limit with this Calameo alternative, as this software allows you to create an unlimited amount of free digital magazines with unlimited pages per magazine.

HTML5, Flash and JavaScript Support

These beautiful interactive flipbooks don’t just support basic PDF features.

Through JavaScript support, they can facilitate practically any PDF feature, and they also allow for most of the Adobe-specific stuff like Flash.

I also really like the fact this Calameo alternative supports outputting to HTML5.

You don’t have to be a tech-head to appreciate that HTML5 lets you support Android and Apple iOS devices with just a single digital magazine.

Search Engine Optimization

This feature of the Calameo alternative took me by surprise in a good way.

I guess shame on me for never recognizing that I could generate leads through my catalogs via SEO.

Not only can I, but this Calameo alternative service helps me do it by automatically optimizing it for the way major search engines like Google scan such documents and also by exposing it to the search engine spiders.

I’ve actually converted sales because someone searched for a particular product and found what they wanted in my current catalog.

Naturally, the option to create an app is available too.

Brand Integration

This was a biggie for me and a reason why I passed on a lot of the other free services.

I’m OK with ads. These free services have to be making money somehow, but I’m not OK with these services taking over my branding.

I have a brand I’ve built up for years, and my page flipping book needs to look it belongs alongside my storefront, blog, Facebook presence, and print catalogs.

Multimedia Integration

While not something that took me by surprise, it’s certainly a Calameo alternative feature that I underestimated.

In my print magazines, a text description and series of photographs are the only way to sell a product.

Now, I get to provide HD videos with this Calameo alternative that can provide a 360-degree view.

For one product, in particular, an air circulator, I’m able to integrate a sound file with this Calameo alternative that lets potential buyers hear just how low the white noise is.

It may seem like a small thing, but that sound file increased sales of that product by more than 30 percent.

Not Just Free. Fast, Feature-Rich and Easy to Use Too – the Calameo Alternative

This software offers a free version as well as different paid plans.

You can choose between the AdFree, WebKiosk (both of which allow you to have a 30-day free trial version), AppKiosk and ProKiosk plan.

Nevertheless, the free version offers everything you need including a ton of awesome features!

If you still want to try out one of the other plans you can simply do that by using the free 30-day trial.

How to create a magazine with the Calameo alternative?

  1. Upload PDF to Converter.
    Go to the website; Easily drag and drop PDF documents to the cloud box or choose a local or Web file from the file manager; Click the blue Start Upload button.
    Upload PDF to the Flip Book Converter

    Upload PDF to the Flip Book Converter

  2. Register a free account or log in.
    You can also login using one of your social media accounts.
    Sign Up or Login

    Sign Up or Login

  3. View magazine and make changes.
    Go to the Document Manager to look at your created magazine by clicking on the title of your magazine. To make any changes, you click on “Edit Magazine” or “Edit Page”. This way you can customzie your flipbook.
    Use the Document Manager to View or Edit Your Magazine

    Use the Document Manager to View or Edit Your Magazine

  4. Add Multimedia to your magazine.
    Click on “Add page element to your Magazine”.
    Add Multimedia like Video, Audio or Links

    Add Multimedia like Video, Audio or Links

    This way you will get to the Hotspot Editor which allows adding Links, Audio or Videos.

    Hotspot Editor

    Hotspot Editor: Add Links, Audio, Images or Videos

  5. Share your created magazine!
    Go to the Document Manager and simply click on the arrow next to “Edit Pages” and select “View”. You will now get to the page you see in the picture below. Click on “Share” and select your preferred social network.
    Share Digital Magazine

    Share Your Digital Magazine

You’re done.

That’s really all there is to it.

Most files finish converting in well under two minutes, and there’s no queuing or other artificial delays.

Better yet, your digital magazine is ready to review, share and distribute as soon as the conversion process is complete.

I have no doubt that this ease of use is the number one reason why this free online magazine software is becoming the leading Calameo alternative so fast.

At this point, you can email your magazine, embed it on your web site, share it on social media or give readers access to it via a digital newsstand.

My Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend the Calameo alternative enough, and it’s pretty easy to endorse a Calameo alternative that you can try and continue to use at no cost and without strings attached.

You know that I like to comment on online publishing reviews to give you a bit of insight into digital publishing software so I feel I can offer this endorsement with quite a lot of weight, as it is a good alternative.

I’ve focused a lot on the features and ease of use, but in closing, I want to leave you with my impression of the customer support, which is just another aspect that makes this a spectacular free publishing alternative to Calameo or Issuu.

While still a non-paid member of this Calameo alternative, I contacted support via live chat for assistance with embedding video.

I expected a scripted conversation, but what I got was a rep who understood the technology and actually took the time to review the digital publications I’d created in order to make recommendations.

He even told me exactly how exactly to share my magazine using the embed code step-by-step. (But really it is not that difficult, simply insert the embed code, e.g., into your Facebook status and voila, you just shared your digital magazine).

That earned my loyalty!

Let me know what you think and if there are any other topics you would like me to cover like a Flipsnack review or rather Flipsnack alternatives or Issuu alternatives  such as PubHTML5, Anyflip,…

I already have other articles about other publishing platforms like Calameo vs Joomag and sites like Issuu, so go and check them out.

Yumpu – Better Alternative to Calameo vs Joomag

calameo vs joomag

How I published digital flipbooks, grew my business, and earned money! A while ago, I decided I wanted to self-publish a digital magazine for my readers of my website. Surprisingly, it was tough to find free, easy-to-use software to publish digital flip books online. Everything I tried left me disappointed. That is until I found the free and easy online publishing software

Content Update: Comparison Calameo vs Yumpu vs Joomag

A few of my readers asked me to compare Calameo vs Yumpu and Calameo vs Joomag. So here it is!

Since I was looking for a software to self-publish my online magazine I tried out a lot of different digital publishing software that left me disappointed.


It is not easy to find the right publishing software, but here is what I learned and found out.

How I got started

As previously mentioned, I run a travel- and event-based website about my state that covers fun family activities, vacation locations, food-related events, and more.

I share anything that gets people out of the house and having fun.

For my readers I wanted to make an online magazine, to make my content more attractive and to gain more readers.

When I stumbled across flipbooks I couldn’t have been happier…


…because this software made it quiet easy for me to finally create interactive digital magazines I wanted to all along.

There are plenty of sites promising free software online that provides everything you need to publish a digital magazine online.

Most are easy to use and have some of the features that made my magazine publishing process successful.

But almost none of them have everything I need as I’ll explain later.

My experience

When I finally found the Calameo alternative Yumpu, the online digital magazine software that’s right for me, I was relieved.

It’s easy to use, fast, and free.

All I needed to do was upload a PDF file, and let the converter convert documents to publications.


And I was ready to start publishing my interactive publications and online catalogs plus expanding my website’s readership.

Looking at alternatives, sites like Issuu or sites like Calameo vs Joomag, it seems standard to simply use a PDF when creating a digital flipbook.

This makes it easy and straightforward for all users.

Yumpu vs Calameo vs Joomag

Why didn’t I pick different software?

With all the digital magazine software available, I did a lot of research before settling.

In fact, I looked at the features, pricing plans, and communities of every service I could find.

When comparing Calameo vs Joomag and many other Joomag alternatives/online software providers, I’ve found some similarities in the basic services and tools provided.

Digital flipbooks typically start with a PDF and users can add features from there.

However, almost all of the software I used either wasn’t easy to use or only provided minimal tools with the free version.

Talk about annoying!

So now let’s dive deeper into the topic of Calameo.

Calameo Review

You can’t find a lot of  Calameo reviews on the world wide web, so here is one for you.

Website of Calameo

Website of Calameo

What is Calameo?

Calameo is an online publishing platform which allows you to create your own flip magazines.

Digital publishing platforms basically fall into two camps – those that offer news stand facilities and those that don’t.

Platforms like Calameo vs Joomag or other Joomag Competitors have news stand features which allow you to share your digital magazines easily.

So now you’re wondering:

What functions exist?

    • Upload your document (PDF) and add music and video to make it come alive.
    • Create your beautiful publications and share them on major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
    • Embed the reader in your blog.
    • Charge a subscription for your digital content.
    • Enable or disable downloads and printing to protect your content.
    • And you can get it tracked with Google analytics, so you get feedback on what your readers are reading.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But how Is Calameo priced?

This is the nub of the issue.

What these software providers can be reluctant to do is tell you what kind of plans exist for whom?

Calameo has three price plans which give you less agonizing over which to choose but isn’t as flexible as other sites.

The basic plan is free. Gratis.


The free account comes with an allowance for storage, a limit on the size of files, a limit to the number of flipbooks you can keep private and you can only have one login and one folder space.

The basic plan is clearly intended for bloggers and small business who are just starting out in the world of digital publishing and don’t need all the fancy subscription features of the paid-for plans.

The next level up is the premium plan with $17 per month.


This purchase doubles your storage space, removes the page limit on your flip book (but your file-size limit remains the same), lets you keep more publications private and allows up to five people to log in to the same account.

Crucially you also get to remove ads from the reader.

Other features include being able to schedule publication dates and allow printing and downloads.

This would suit a bigger company, a more established blogger or maybe one who wants to provide an online catalog or brochure.

The top level is the Platinum plan with $53 per month.


This purchase includes everything they offer.

Including white label access, so your company doesn’t need to show who they’re using to provide their digital magazine publishing services.

It also allows you to embed YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion clips into the document – the cheaper plans will open a new window to display them.

Now if you’re like me you can get a bit concerned about internet safety.

After all, it’s pretty easy for someone to grab a copy of your content and pass it off as their own.

So I wanted to know “is Calameo safe?” before adding my page flip magazine to this flipbook software

If you are using the basic plan, then downloads and printing are disabled.

Premium users can allow downloads to logged in users, and Pro users can allow anyone to download.

Embedding into blogs is done through an iFrame, so you have to make sure your blog supports iframes.

How to use Calameo?

It’s very easy to use.

Start by creating your HTML5 brochures the way you usually do by creating PDF pages.

Lay it out and edit it using the tools you’re familiar with then save it on your computer (and if you’re anything like me you might want to make a note of where you saved it).

Then simply log into the system or sign up, click publish and upload the document.

You can drag and drop if that’s easier.

This way you can convert PDF to an online magazine.

You get a box asking if you want to customize the file properties – editing title, description, sharing, display mode, the usual sort of stuff.

Click the green publish button, wait a few minutes or less and there it is – ready to view and ready to go.

Of course, if you need to add anything – videos, background music, links – there’s an editor.

This also lets you add a table of contents.

Anything more complicated and you’ll need to edit it on your computer and upload a new version.

Are there any sites like Calameo?

There are a ton of different software which are similar to Calameo:

  • Issuu
  • Hashdoc
  • Calameo
  • Slideshare
  • Scribd
  • Joomag
  • And many many more…

I did a lot of research before settling on software for publishing online digital magazines.

Regarding the features of Calameo vs Joomag, I found them to have simple tools to set up a magazine.  (If you are looking for a Joomag Review – go and check out one of my other articles).

However, I chose not to rely on those two sets of software because I prefer the variety of features and plentiful support of the software I’m using now.

The one software I now rely on every day.

With a robust set of tools and incredible support, this software is the best available online.

I found to be the best after comparing all kinds of online software, from Issuu to Hashdoc, Calameo vs Issuu, Slideshare y Calameo, Scribd vs Calameo to Calameo vs Joomag.

Website of Yumpu

Website of Yumpu

Why this publishing platform for digital publishing is so special:

This platform for digital magazines has proven to serve my needs, the best alternative to Calameo out of everything I’ve tried.

It provides me with an easy way to publish digital magazines with interactive content and reach as wide an audience as possible.

With support for all devices, automatic search engine optimization, and the capability to embed it on my website and within social media, it has everything I need!

I can even use my branding with my digital flipbook.

Unlike Calameo vs Joomag, it’s incredibly easy to get started with this user-friendly software.

There is hardly no better flip book software available online for free!


There’s no question that this Calameo alternative is the easiest to use and the most user-friendly.

Above all, it’s free.

I’ve used it consistently for my projects and, even after trying out other software like Calameo vs Joomag, I keep coming back to this one.

What I like about this software are its features and tools.

From the embedding capabilities to the ability to insert hyperlinks, I can truly take advantage of the digital medium.

You certainly can’t do these things in print magazines. Take a look at how to embed links with a digital magazine in the video below.

How to embed links and create a table of contents

Additionally, I heavily rely on integrating my magazines fully with social media like Facebook, Twitter & Co.

It’s easier than ever to share my files across the internet/ share them worldwide, gain new readers, and ultimately run a successful business.

It’s not surprising that countless users rely on this software, even after looking at other options such as Calameo vs Joomag.

Another thing I really like about this software is the amount of support I receive whenever I bump into a technical issue.

Although it’s rare that I have a problem, I’ve never used software with a more responsive help center – team to help me with technical issues.

I don’t have to worry about anything.

All I have to focus on is creating good content with easy-to-use design tools, and the rest is taken care of.

It is one possibilty after another!


Everything you need to get started is available with the free plan with Yumpu.

I could create digital interactive content, embed audio and video files, and even use automatic search engine optimization without cost.

However, as I grew a larger readership and became more successful, I realized how helpful online magazines are to my online website and business.

I decided to invest in paid features, which let me do all kinds of things.

I can set publication dates, use Google Analytics, password protect magazines and so much more.

Even when I compare other online digital magazine software like Calameo vs Joomag, it’s clear that nobody provides value like the service I’m using now.

Google Analytics? Yes, please.

Once I decided to invest in paid features, I was able to use Google Analytics to craft a more engaging magazine.

With the cheapest monthly plan, I began using this feature, and I realized just what it offers me and my business.

Not only can I obtain a more accurate picture of where my readers are coming from but also I can look at page-view time, measure clickthroughs, and ultimately modify my magazine to suit my readers as much as possible.

With this feature, I have been able to ensure everything I publish appeals to all individuals in my audience.

From my readers who prefer family-friendly activities and day trips to those who want culinary destinations and luxurious weekends, my magazine covers it all.

Google Analytics also helps me to make mistakes only once. If I write about a topic that just isn’t interesting to my readers, I’ll know.

Whether it’s the design, the content, or the writing style, I can make changes and tailor everything to suit my readers.

How you can use digital magazines to boost profit and value:

Create more content

Ultimately, the best way to keep users interested and engaged in your website or business is by creating top-notch content.

By creating more deliverables, I can encourage readers to return to my blog.

Using a digital publication as a reward for signing up for an email subscription is also a great idea.

Digital catalogs are still an emerging medium. Calameo vs Joomag and others are adding new features all the time.

Users will be interested and appreciative that they can enjoy your content on their tablet or smartphone (iPhone or Android), which keeps both you and your readers happy.

Inspiration for design

With all the digital magazine publishing software available online, there is plenty of inspiration available.

Although I always use when creating my magazine, I look at all kinds of websites for design ideas and cover inspiration and also on other digitally published magazines.

Calameo vs Joomag and plenty of other online software packages typically have a gallery displaying the public content of users.

These magazines come in all flavors, from polished and sleek to indie and fun.

I can ultimately synthesize ideas from across the board and make a magazine with the look of a professional publication that still suggests my own unique branding.

Overall, you won’t be shy of ideas if you look at the galleries of the top digital magazine publishing software such as Calameo vs Joomag available online.

All in all, I’ve had great success using this software for publishing digital magazines.

I’ve grown a larger readership as my publications spread using the social media integration and search engine optimization.

By embedding my digital magazines on my website/blog, I can show off just what I have to offer in addition to my travel and event blog.

My business has grown tremendously since I’ve been able to easily provide quality content to readers across the world.

No matter if users rely on tablets and mobile devices or desktop computers, my content is accessible by all.

Whenever I bump into a technical problem, the IT support team is there to help me solve issues.

Talk about unmatched service!

This is the best, easiest-to-use publishing platform for creating digital publications that will surely bring more readers to your website and more profit to your business.

Flipsnack, a Joomag alternative

joomag alternative

FlipSnack, the Joomag alternative, is a fantastic free website to transform your content (PDF documents, PDF magazine, Images, etc.) to interactive digital html5 publications. But contrary to Flipsnack vs Joomag vs FlipHtml5 and many more, Yumpu offers loads of features to play with – for free. Start today and try this free alternative digital publishing platform. Click here to visit Yumpu!

If you want to know more about FlipSnack, we already have a post FlipSnack review – an astonishing digital publishing tool for you.

joomag alternative (flipsnack logo)Let’s dive into FlipSnack’s publishing world and see how FlipSnack works.

Registration on FlipSnack, a Joomag alternative

Flipsnack registration is as easy as working with it.

  1. Go to the “New User” page
  2. Enter your email, password and captcha
  3. Your free account is ready

You also have the option to login with your social media account from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo account.

Sign in

Your very own URL

Once signed in, you can create your own URL on the domain of FlipSnack for free in order to publish your content and refer easily to your audience.

Or you can skip it for now and  publish your free online magazines later anytime.

name and URL

Begin with Publishing your Magazines

You can start publishing by creating your online magazines using one or many of the PDF documents, image files or using FlipSnack’s online editor to create the customized flip books as you like.

Using Upload file(s) option:

There is an “Upload” link on the top menu, to upload the files from your computer.

On this page, you can upload one or more files at a time.

Once uploaded you can select the checkbox to merge them as one magazine as well.

Press “Next” to move to the customization step.

upload pdf

Using Online Editor option:

  1. Select “Create” from the top menu.
  2. Choose layout (Portrait or Landscape).
  3. Select any of the Templates (select cover page & other pages template style)
  4. After selecting the magazine pages → the online editor is opened (here you have a very vast range of options to make your digital page flip flipbooks as elegant, stylish and interactive, as you like).
  5. Now you can start editing you publication (you can add a video, edit the layout, the text, images, links, media, shapes, widgets, share facebook, share twitter and much much more within this digital publishing software).

Brand your Magazine

  1. Give your page turning flip book title and enter its description, select one or more categories/tags your content lies in.
  2. Save it for future editing or directly publish it (You can see its preview as well.).
  3. Next step (optional) is to select a template designs provided by FlipSnack, to make it more attractive for your consumers.

Pool of your digital Publications

You can see the whole list of your publications or magazines be selecting the “My Collections” from the top menu and select any of your publication to edit, update and publish again.

By selecting any digital magazine, its preview is shown and also the options to download your magazine (if you have paid membership), it’s unique URL to embed (with watermarks if using the free version) or share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus or via email; appears on the screen.

That’s it – yes it’s a great software alternative.

This is how FlipSnack, a well known digital publishing website and a great free Joomag alternative. There are also many other Joomag alternatives like Calameo, FlipHTML5, Anlyflip, Yumpu or Issuu.

We also have articles aboutFlipsnack alternatives or Issuu alternative, a Joomag review, Joomag competitors, for your further reading.

If you liked any or all of our post(s), we would love to hear your feedback.

WordPress Issuu Plugin to Share Publications?

wordpress issuu

There are many other sites like the Issuu website, like for example Yumpu or Flipsnack, but with over 100 million users per month, Issuu is no doubt one of the leading online publishing platforms. It also has a WordPress Issuu Plugin to share magazines. 

Getting started, users can upload Issuu magazine and publish magazine, portfolio, newspaper, literature, DIY help guide, catalog, a special design and much more for an enjoyable online reading experience.

The company has significantly enhanced their platform in recent times.

They even have an own WordPress plugin for embedding your digital magazine into your website.

wordpress issuu (social-media)Moreover, they provide a wide array of options for sharing your new online magazines to get read on social media.

They support sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn.

So you want to know how does Issuu work and how it allows you to “share” your new online content with your personal design?

Look no further as in this article we will provide you easy to follow steps to “share” your flipbooks with the public using the plugin or the aforementioned social-media sites.

Embed your digital magazines using the WordPress Issuu plugin?

Do you want to share your online magazine with your audience on your own WordPress website/ blog you created using one of the WordPress themes available?

With a flipbook WordPress plugin?

If yes, then simply follow these steps:

  1.  Go to the wordpress plugins tab in your Wordpress Dashboard and click “Add new”
  2.   Type “WordPress Issuu” into the search field and you are going to find the plugin immediately
    1. if the name of the plugin is “ Issuu Embed: The Official Plugin (Deprecated)” → means that this plugin is outdated and that it might not work for your site anymore
    2.  if not, you can simply click on the “share” button when viewing your magazines on the website
  3.  Next, click “embed”
  4.  At the bottom, you can find an URL which you can simply copy and paste in order to embed this online magazine into your website
  5.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard and further to the respective (blog post) page where you would like to place your digital magazine
  6.  Simply paste the URL where you want to embed your digital magazine

It really is that easy to use a WordPress Issuu plugin.

Share publications on Facebook

Make sure to share your free magazine on your Facebook Timeline. Simply follow these steps to do so:

  1.  On the Issuu website, click on the Share and then click on the Facebook icon. A login popup will appear, enter your credentials to login to your account.
  2.  Add your comments and click on Post. These comments will appear on your article to view.
  3.  To browse your uploaded articles /magazines directly on Facebook, click on the Play button that appears on the status.

You can also copy the direct link and “share” that on your status to view.

Magazines on Twitter

To use  your free magazine on your Twitter account you just need to follow these steps:

  1. On Issuu, click on the “Share” and then click on the Twitter icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your account.
  2. Add your tweet text and click on “Tweet” to “share” on your account to view it.

Publications on Pinterest

To “share” your free online articles on your Pinterest account for a reader simply follow these steps:

  1. On Issuu, click on the “Share” and then click on the Pinterest icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Pinterest account.
  2. Select the board you want to pin your flipbook to and click on the “Pin it” button. Your flipbook has now been shared on your Pinterest account.

Publications on Google+ app

To use your new free magazine on your Google+ account for a reader simply follow these steps:

  1. On Issuu, open the magazine you want to use, click on the “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the Google+ icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the caption you want to set for this article and choose the Circles you want to “share” your magazine with.
  3. Click on “Share”, and you’re done!

Publication on Tumblr app

To “share” your new page on your Tumblr account with a nice design for a reader simply follow these steps:

  1. On Issuu, open the magazine you want to “share”, click on “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the Tumblr icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the caption you want to set for this post, set the tags, change the style options and other settings as per your requirement.
  3. Click on Post, and off goes your magazine!

Magazine on LinkedIn app

The software recently made available a simple and direct sharing option to “share” your pdf flipbooks to LinkedIn.

To “share” your pdf digital magazine on your LinkedIn account simply follow these steps:

  1. On Issuu, open the flipbook you want to “share”, click on the “Share”, click on “more” and then click on the LinkedIn icon. On the login popup, enter your credentials to login to your Google+ account.
  2. Write the comments you want to set for this specific article, other settings as per your requirement.
  3. Click on “Share”, and your flipbook has been shared!

With Issuu, a Joomag alternative, you can be embedding issuu document and a flipbook  into your website, as previously explained.

There is the plugin for embedding your electronic magazines / books into a WordPress site whe you use issuu.

As you have experienced above, sharing your pdf online magazines on to the leading social-media sites is very easy and convenient. You can simply do this by embedding the code of your publication.

Added to this, it will be a great reading experience for users.

I hope that I could help you to clear up any confusions with regards to the WordPress plugin and sharing your digital documents – happy sharing!

If you are looking for more information on how to make your digital documents public, here are some other articles: Joomag competitors, a Flipsnack review,  some Flipsnack alternatives, Flipsnack vs Issuu and a Joomag review.

Joomag Competitors – 12 Reasons You Should be Talking About Them

joomag competitors

So you’re interested in Joomag competitors? And using a proper digital publishing service? You haven’t found a company that offers a publishing software that converts your PDF into an exciting digital magazine easily? You’re looking for a platform that offers loads of new features for free without major restrictions? Well, if this is the case you have arrived at the right place for some tips. In this new blog article, I’m going to tell you why Yumpu, which is a site similar to Joomag, is the right choice for you when it comes to Joomag competitors.

I’m going to cover an in-depth analysis of 3 digital publishing tools, of which 2 are Joomag competitors….

… the Joomag competitors Yumpu and Issuu.

I guess that you have a general idea of a few of the leading applications and sites like Issuu, Yumpu and other Joomag competitors and Joomag alternatives with all their services.

I’m going to give you a quick comparison of the Joomag Competitors; primarily I will compare Joomag vs Issuu vs. Yumpu.

In the end, my expert opinion should facilitate your decision on which flipbook software to use and why. But first of all, I will give you a quick Joomag Review.

Joomag Review

To answer all your possible questions you might have for reviews like this one, I did some intense research.

In this short review, you will get all the information needed.

So let’s dive right in and follow along.

What is Joomag?

Joomag Inc. is a digital publishing company, launched back in 2009 by its founder Ruben Vardanyan.

Since they seem to have offices all over the world, you might wonder:

Where is Joomag located?

As part of the tech-boom of the early naughtiest Joomag Inc, like so many other software companies began its life in California, based in San Jose.

Now they have grown and have offices around the world, including Munich, Moscow, and Yerevan.

Joomag offers the simple, yet effective, service of converting PDF files into digital interactive content.

If some inspiration is needed, you can also find some magazine samples on their website.

Joomag Website

Joomag Website

This service is not unique, and Joomag has many brilliant competitors, one of the Joomag competitors, Yumpu, for example, is equal to, if not better than them in some respects.

With Joomag, like other online publishing platform and editing services, all you have to do is sign up or sign in, log in and begin the PDF upload process.

Of course, like everyone else using a new software or product, I asked my self: Is Joomag safe? And is Joomag reliable?

As someone relatively new to digital publishing, and wanting to improve my blog, I explored their services and products and found them to be safe, reliable and efficient.

In the months I have been using Joomag I have been able to offer new readers subscriptions to my magazines, blogs, and publications creating a significant increase in my reader numbers.

With the simple online editor and publishing tools, I went from a flat design in a PDF file, containing my brands’ logo and the article, to a fully interactive, shareable digital magazine.

You have the option, like with Joomag Competitors Yumpu, to allow readers to access your digital publications both online and offline and if they subscribe to your magazines, they can download the publications to enjoy them at their convenience.

But how to download Joomag?

Simple, just click on the magazine, presentation or publication you like and select download!

Joomag does not offer a wholly unique service, but they are making digital publishing accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience and expertise.

What features does Joomag have?

Joomag has a large goal, and that is to set the standard for digital publishing.

They want the whole world to leave behind the dull and boring content and share with their readers, new and exciting digital HTML magazines.

This may sound like a grand idea, but with the simplicity of digital publishing, it is possible.

Have you ever wondered: How does Joomag work or How to use Joomag?

The process of using Joomag, like with Joomag competitors Yumpu or Issuu, is very easy.

You create an account, upload a PDF file and then you have a fully interactive, engaging digital magazine.

Now again Step-by-Step:

  • Step 1: Sign up or Login to or simply click on “Get started for free.”
    Joomag sign up or login

    Joomag sign up or login

  • Step 2: Answer a couple of questions (such as Company size/ if you are an individual, what you will use Joomag for,…).
  • Step 3: After you are done answering those questions you will get to the following site which you see down below. Now you can finally start to create your flip magazine within minutes by uploading your PDFs.
    Upload PDF

    Upload PDF

It really could not be easier.

But not everyone wants to read online.

So how to print Joomag? Can you print Joomag?

It’s easy to allow your readers to print your digital publications.

  1. Select the magazine you wish and click the Edit Settings button of your issue.
  2. Check the Allow readers to print out pages of this issue using their printers box and click.


Joomag and its competitors I mentioned earlier have many features, including nice templates, image editing, and video embedding.

Once you have started creating digital magazines, you can then begin using them as part of your content strategy.

The company also offers an embed feature.

Are you curious on how to embed Joomag on WordPress?

All you need to do is:

  1. select the magazine you wish to embed,
  2. click embed,
  3. you then use the corresponding code and
  4. the rest is magic!

It works the same when you want to embed your magazine on a Joomla site by just using the Joomla shortcode.

There of course also is the option to include analytics tracking in the magazines so that you can review their traffic and impact.

You can also tailor the content of your magazine to include hyperlinks, images. And if you sign up for the full business package you can get priority support and help from their customer service team, which is always useful in time of digital-need! have also branched out and now have dedicated features for people working in education.

This allows you to create e-learning materials, papers and even help to build course work ideas and solutions.

You also have the possibility to complete one of the courses at the Joomag academy about digital publishing.

Compared to other alternatives Joomag offers a few different features.

What are the packages they offer and who are they for?

Joomag is a firm favorite with some recognizable global brands as clients like Levis, Walmart, Marriott and Mercedes Benz.

They have a reputation for being reliable and for offering the complete digital publishing service.

There are other digital publishing companies out there, like Yumpu, who I think are agiler in their packages. But Joomag does have an undeniably great collection of products.

Especially when it comes to the image editing functions, you can make incredible alterations in the PDF.

But, How to crop?

Easy, select the tools from the image editing sidebar, and then you can crop and rotate without any hassle or fuss.

They offer a free trail on the Business Plan. Also you can have a free account with them, but it is limited in what you can achieve with it.

With the Pro Plan, you can start using their services.

So, who uses Joomag?

The entry-level package is designed for single users (small-scale publishers, freelancers, and sales reps).

It has a cap of 500 subscribers, and you can include your very basic level branding and its features some of the editing tools.

Their next price tier goes up in price per month and is called the Business Plan.

Designed for the SME’s out there, this package has your priority help services, full branding available, a customised domain that allows you to brand an online kiosk, and you can have the full Pro editing functions (video, images, hyperlinks, ad-free, mobile responsive design).

After these two plans, the next level is a fully tailored service. It’s called the Enterprise Plan, which you can build to suit your requirements.

Services Joomag offer includes subscriber analytics, a dedicated account manager, extended API, multiple branding options, and the option to create a customised App.

As you can imagine, this level of digital publishing comes at a cost, but you can’t put a price on a superb digital experience.

How is Joomag priced?

Compared to Joomag Competitors, it’s a little complicated when you first visit the Joomag site to establish what the entry level is.

So I was wondering: is Joomag free?

After a little investigation, I discovered, that compared to Joomag Competitors, with this publishing platform there is no Free Plan.

Unlike one of the Joomag Competitors Yumpu, which offers a Free Plan and who has complete transparency and who lays out their full price plan clearly so you can know what you are buying.

Joomag’s only offers a 14-day free trial of the business plan.

So basically when you first sing up it seems that you are having a free plan, but in fact, your only have a trial version for 14 days (which by the way they don’t mention when you first sign up).

For $39 a month you get the Pro Plan.  Which is also named the ‘Silver Plan’.

With this, you can begin to get going!

They offer you one user account, and with this, you can create basically branded, embeddable, hyperlinked, interactive magazines.

It is the perfect plan, if like me; you are a one-person operation.

If you are a larger organization that requires a lot more functionality in your digital publications, then you can go for the ‘Gold Plan’, or the Business Plan.

With the pricing of $99 a month you get the option of having five users, a full customer service support team online to help you and all the features of the Pro Plan.

With the added benefit of an ad-free, tailored, website with a branded checkout and a vast range of editing tools.

Joomag gives you a chance to at least try before you buy.  By offering a 14-day free trail of the Business Plan (as mentioned previously).

The next price point, well, it’s up to you really as the plan is individually priced to match your needs.

You get the chance to have a free demonstration of the services before you invest, so you know what is right for you.

They offer the Enterprise Plan, also known as the Platinum Plan (I know, the multiple names do make it more complicated!).

You can have a fully tailored plan created for you. That can include subscriber analytics, as many subscribers options as you wish to have, multi-branded publication pages, and extended API.

The best and only way to know what is right for you is to explore Joomag, and its competitors like Yumpu or Issuu, and find the solution that is right for you.

Joomag vs Issuu vs Yumpu: 6 Comparisons of the Joomag Competitors

On the face of it, all of the three sites are similar in the sense that they provide you publishing platforms to upload your pdf files and convert them to flash digital magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc.and that they work on all devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Nevertheless, you can also find some big differences between them, and that is not only the price.

Sharing & Embedding Electronic Papers

All of the three, Issuu, Joomag and Yumpu provide easy options to share or embed your flipping documents on all the leading social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goolge+, Linkedin, etc.

How to share your Flip book on Social Media

On Joomags Youtube channel you can find a video tutorial on how to place a Facebook share plugin in your stunning digital magazine.

Yumpu also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website. With Joomag you can embed your magazine on WordPress too.

Publication Size Limits

On the one hand, one of the Joomag Competitors Issuu lets you create as many magazines as you want.

However, there’s a limit on the size of each page (max 1 MB) and no. of pages (max 500) for each digital publication.

On the other hand, Yumpu and Joomag allow you to create as many catalogs, brochures, etc. as you possibly want with absolutely no restriction on the number of pages.

Plans & Pricing

Regarding pricing, Yumpu offers five different plans.

Yumpu pricing:


Although the free option is costless, you can use lots of features including multimedia content.

Additionally, the free version of this Issuu alternative software lets you embed your magazines into your website or share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media channels.

Contrary to other platforms, you are not restricted at all.

The adFree plan costs only $10/month and, as the name indicates, no advertisements or foreign magazines are displayed in your magazine.

The most popular option is the AppKiosk plan for $219/month.

With this plan, you have the possibility to present your magazines to your potential readers in your own app.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more important, and hence, your clients or friends can read all your new publications anywhere and at any time.

On the contrary, one of the Joomag Competitors Issuu only offers four options and Joomag itself only has 3 options. So how does Issuu work?

Issuu starts with the free plan. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your digital magazine.

It also allows inserting images, sound, and video in your digital content.

Issuu pricing:


Joomag pricing:

Silver (Pro)Gold (Business)Platinum (Enterprise)
$39/ month$99/monthon request

Comparing the Issuu and Joomag pricing, you can see that the Starter Plan from Issuu costs $19/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics.

A similar offering from Joomag is the Silver Plan, it costs $39/ month and includes things like no ads, branding and selling subscriptions.

The Silver Plan is $20 more expansive than Issuu’s Starter Plan. But Issuu does not even provide branding in this package.

The Premium Plan from Issuu costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics.

The Joomag Gold Plan costs $99/month. This offer includes native iOS and Android support, HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on their mobile without any app, and Multi-User Accounts.

The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s top offering. It will set you back by $269/month for added features that include no limits on publishing and a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma.

Joomag’s top-end offering is the Platinum Plan; price is on request, and it adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features.

Overall if you compare Issuu vs. Joomag, the latter offers better prices than the Joomag alternative.

Interactive Content

Arguably the best feature of one of Joomag Competitors Yumpu is, that it allows you to create interactive content for free.

You can engage your readers when you add multimedia content such as audio or video files.

Tutorial video of Yumpu on how to add a video to your flipbook

Joomag too lets you add videos to your digital magazine.

Editing Tools

Joomag and Yumpu provide a rich and comprehensive editor for your digital content.

Issuu provides a collaborative tool and editor called Magma.

However, you can find Magma only in the Optimum Plan, and it’s quite difficult to handle.

Selling your Publications on Joomag or with Joomag Competitors – Issuu and Yumpu

As a Yumpu PROKiosk customer, you have the possibility to sell your digital papers in your individual App.

Currently, Joomag Competitors Issuu does not support selling your publications directly or even through in-app purchases from their app on iOS or Android.

One possibility is that your publication is a preview and the last page contains a link to your website where the reader can go and purchase the book/magazine.

In Joomag your publications are available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store.

Rather than directly as an app on the store (more details can be found in the review).

This is somewhat limiting. As magazines/books, available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store, get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to in-app purchase option provided by Joomag.

However, this offering beats Joomag competitors Issuu’s offering by far.

Joomag Competitors Conclusion

In my opinion, the Issuu vs Joomag vs Yumpu debate brought out a clear winner, and that’s…

drum roll, please…

…one of the Joomag competitors….


It is a flipbook software that is better than Joomag.

Of course, all sites have their pros and cons.

However, I for my part have found a way to create digital publications from pdf online that is effective, incredibly easy and best of all is that it’s free!

Let me know if you have interest in any further reviews/comparisons like for example Calameo vs Joomag vs Magcloud or any other Joomag competitors! Just leave a comment below or let me know about other topics of interest (like Joomag, Issuu, Yumpu,..)!

FlipSnack Review – 7 Shocking (But True) Things About Flipsnack

flipsnack review

After publishing my FlipSnack review, a lot of people asked me about a free FlipSnack alternative, with better features. If you’re looking for a great cost-free alternative to turn your pdf to magazine, I’d recommend

This FlipSnack review will provide you all the details you will need to know about FlipSnack.

It is an ideal free tool for digital publishing, provided by SnackTools.

“It’s a service that enables you to turn your PDF jpg files into elegant flip books.”

One of the sites like Issuu where you can create online magazines, interactive catalogs, brochures, newsletters, presentations and host as well, to attract your customers with interactive experiences and making it easier for you to sell instantly from your own digital publication.

FlipSnack publishing also provides rich support for media, music, videos, forms etc. 

FlipSnack Review

flipsnack reviewIf you are wondering how FlipSnack works rather than how does Issu work, then get ready to be surprised.

 Because this FlipSnack write-up will explain that it has a very simple and easy to use step by step wizard-like interface, to upload a PDF document or an image, brand it, customise it, publish it and share it on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and co.,  that’s it.

Other than this upload option, FlipSnack also provides a very rich online editor to create customised flip books as per your needs.

1. Upload Content: You can add one or more PDF files or images (JPG files) directly from the web or from your computer
2. Brand it: Create a title, add a description and select the categories for your content.
3. Customize the flip book: For customization you can choose the cover type (Classic flip, Hardcover flip, Coil flip or Interactive flip), the colour scheme, highlight the links and set the size of the book.
4. Publish it: Just press a button and your PDF(s) will become a stylish, interactive flip book.

5. Share: Once published, you can make your content public by sharing it through various channels.

You can host it on their website, embed it on your own site/blog (using a WordPress plugin  for example), or share it on social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for free with a watermark.

And with the paid membership, flip books can also be downloaded both as SWF files for HTML web page and Flash components for full-Flash websites.

In addition they can be embedded without a watermark and you can enjoy many more options and features on this site.

Features – For Publishers

features and benefitsAfter having provided a FlipSnack review, let’s now list down few features / surprising benefits using this tool for publishers:

  • Make a new account, sign in and create unlimited publications
  • Secure and reliable hosting
  • All-time, detailed statistics
  • PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG – supported file formats
  • Live chat, email and phone support – 24/7 (live chat)
  • Embed widget, use the publication on your own site
  • Online shopping (PayPal widgets in magazines)
  • Social sites integration (like Facebook and Twitter)
  • SEO and Rich media editor
  • Password protection for publications
  • Customization – make your magazine/book unique

    • Change the background, colors, language, widget type, template and more
    • Customize cover pages
    • Control social and share features
    • Show thumbnail navigation
    • Enable flip sounds
    • Add links and buttons
    • Add texts, outlines and captions to the PDF

Features – For Readers

This FlipSnack write-up shows that the website also provides more than 6 surprising benefits / features for readers:

  • Tooltips in 27 languages
  • Classic or shelf widget
  • Multiple flip books in one widget
  • Custom sizes and full screen option for a great, free reading experience
  • Search option in flip books
  • Read as you want: single or two page layout option
  • Supports internal and external links in PDFs
  • Supports right to left orientation
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Compatible with wireless presenters

FlipSnack EDU

FlipSnack also has provided the passionate educators with a new web tool for education to use among students of all ages.

online-flipbookA new reliable way to present the content, whether it’s the work of students done in the classroom, to share with parents or to prepare the material for the lessons or the collaboration between students for their various assignments and projects.

The purpose of education is to prepare students for the future challenges.

Especially in this technology-driven society, it is imperative for kids to understand the new technologies and use them in a positive and beneficial way.

Moreover, using the colorful and graphical content of lectures, quizzes and exams in an interactive experience; particularly enriched with audios and videos; improves the motor skills and helps in enhancing memory and quickly recall abilities of the students.

Using an educational tool like FlipSnack EDU is a superb new way to add some flair and motivation for the students.

In contrast to any traditional assignment, a short story, an easy, or even a simple paragraph for homework, for which they have to write something.

“FlipSnack EDU is a fully secure new online environment for instructors and students to share page flipping flipbooks with complete privacy.”

Only the teacher has the admin rights to control the sharing settings.

Flipsnack Pricing

The software platform has membership plans from Basic free version to an Elite version.

$0/month$32/month$39/monthupon request

FlipSnack Alternatives

FlipSnack is an astonishing web tool for digital publishing but there are also numerous other online platforms which can be seen as FlipSnack alternatives or Joomag competitors.

yumpu-logoYou can also have a look at them and choose as per your needs. A couple of them are Yumpu, Issuu, Publitas, Lucidpress and Joomag. You can find a Joomag write-up here.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this FlipSnack review, keep coming back and continue reading more articles like this.

Issuu – How does Issuu work?

how does issuu work

Basically rather than sending your content to traditional publisher for publishing and printing out hard copies, you can send your content to sites like Issuu, for example Flipsnack or Yumpu, to publish your Issuu publications digitally in the realm of the internet. Other benefits of publishing your own flipbook? With a software like you get a ton of great benefits for free!

Now lets start and dive right into a review of Issuu.

Issuu is one of the leading digital publishing platforms.

But how does Issuu work and what is it all about?

Well, it allows you to create online content including magazines, publications, catalogues, books and the like by uploading PDF files.

issuu-logoIssuu, a Joomag alternative, will take those PDF files and convert them into flash readable content publications.

By posting you magazines online, you are able to reach a much wider audience, and with billions of people going online daily, there are endless opportunities of growth.

Issuu has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2006. Currently, it boasts more than 100 million unique visitors per month.

A lot of people ask: Is issuu free for readers?

Yes, it is free for readers.  But it offers 4 different plans & pricing for publisher who want to publish magazines and thats how does issuu make money.

You can pay setup your billing to be either monthly or annually.

For annual payments, they offer discounts as well.  

You start off with the Basic Plan that is free of charge. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your media.

The Plus Plan costs $26/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics.
The Premium Plan costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics.
The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s highest-priced offering and will set you back by $279/month for added features that include unlimited space, a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma. Magma includes integrated InDesign for designing your publications/magazines.


The core features provided by Issuu include:

  • Unlimited Publishing: Using Issuu allows you to publish as many publications / magazines you want, there is no limit on the number of publications. However, there is a limit on the size and no. of pages of each publication.
  • Embedded Reader: With a few lines of code, you can embed your publication on any other website.
  • HTML5 Reader: With the HTML5 reader how does Issuu work is that your subscribers can view your publication directly in their browsers, they do not need to install any separate issuu app for this.
  • Native Apps: along with HTML5 reader, Issuu have also launched native apps for iOS and Android. But here a lot of users wonder how to use issuu app.
  • Analytics: Gives you the power to view your users’ engagement with your publishing, identify page views and areas for improvement, and come to know what content is currently popular with your readers.
  • Sharing: We all love to share on social platforms. You can do the same with your publication. You just have to make sure you are getting your publication ready, to easily share it with leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and co., in a matter of few clicks. You just have to log into your social media account. For more details about how to share your digital publications with the public – please check our article “WordPress Issuu plugin to share publications“.

The following two points go a little bit deeper into the issuu pros and cons.

Good things about Issuu and how does Issuu work

thumbs-upIssuu makes it very easy for you to share your magazines on all the leading social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

For further details on how to share your publications/magazines or whether to use the WordPress Plugin for embedding it into your website, have a look at our other articles.

Issuu provides an fast and easy way to upload PDF files and transform them to an digital page flip publication.

The converted magazine feature fluid zoom-in and zoom-out and page turning animations.

Although the analytics and user engagement information provided are not free, they provide valuable insights into the readers reading patterns.

Like which pages are being read the most, how much time readers are spending on a particular page and much more.

This information is crucial for knowing what content your readers like, and what content not so much.

Drawbacks of Issuu

thumbs-downOne of the aspects Issuu lags in, is the help center or in other words the customer help & support services.  

We see many people complaining about slow or non-responsive support.

I believe with the sheer amount of clients; it is becoming difficult for its support to coup up.

Issuu needs to expand its  team proportionally related to its overall growth.

Issuu does not allow you to use embed audio or video into your pulications, these features are provided by Issuu competitors like Yumpu or Joomag.

pdfIssuu puts a limit of uploading a PDF of maximum 500MB. Also your publication can not be longer than 500 pages.  

The issuu free alternative Joomag or other Joomag competitors allow you to upload unlimited pages.

I definitely suggest that you take a look at Issuu and other flipsnack alternatives to find out which software is most appropriate for you.

You might not immediately find the best publisher platform to use for your purposes but there are many other  related sites to Issuu.

However, it is surely the most widely used publisher platform and offers excellent features (for a monthly fee).

All plans come with the 14 day free trial, so you can get a feel for all the features provided by Issuu without having to pay anything.

If after using the platform you are comfortable with it, you can go ahead and buy one of the plans that fits your needs best.

I hope that I could help you with answering at least some of your questions about how does Issuu work.

If you need any further help & support, feel free to get in contact.

12 Top Issuu Alternatives for You!


Today is the perfect time to get into online publishing and, for all of you out there who are unsure of where to start, I hope this blog will help you decided what are the best alternatives to Issuu to use. These are my 12 Issuu alternatives to get you heading in the right direction. Click here to visit my Winner: the free Issuu alternative now!

1. Yumpu Magazine – Yumpu Review

2. Issuu

3. Flipsnack

4. Joomag Review

5. Calameo – alternative to Joomag

6. Zyyne

7. Flippingbook – alternative to Issuu

8. Scribd

9. Fliphtml5

10. Anyflip

11. Axmag

12. Uniflip

The online ePublishing market place is growing every day.

One site, called Issuu, had the market lead for a very long time, but now some of their competitors have caught up and some have even overtaken them!

For a long time I persevered with substandard publishing sites because I didn’t know about all the Issuu alternatives out there.

It was extremely frustrating at times – especially if I saw a digital magazine with a neat feature I couldn’t get to work in my own digital publications.

So let’s start with one of the most important questions:

What is Issuu?

In the physical world a regular paper magazine is sold on a newsstand.

A publisher like Issuu turns pdf into magazines for the digital world and allows you to sell them through a virtual newsstand.

The hard part for you will not be making your pdf flipping page flipbooks, but will be working out which one of the web sites similar to Issuu is the best Issuu like service for you to use.

There are so many Issuu alternatives to choose from – believe me when I say I feel like I’ve tried them all!

It was so refreshing to find such a good alternative that offers me the features I need for the price I can afford.

So you are probably wondering:

Are there more websites like Issuu?


On the Internet, you can find a ton of services like Issuu.

To make it easier, I have done the hard work for you and used all the alternatives to Issuu (including Issuu too).

Yes, you read that correctly.

I have personally tried all these services to compare the different Issuu alternatives against each other.

And I’ll be honest when I say that I was surprised and not a little disappointed by the performance of some of the big names in this list.

Digital publishing is coming of age, and it seems like some of these publishers are barely out of kindergarten.

Here is my list of the top 12 Issuu alternatives, to help you decide which one of the Issuu like pdf viewer you should use.

1. Yumpu is a Site Like Issuu but Free (Issuu vs Yumpu)

Issuu alternative Yumpu

Best Issuu alternative Yumpu

It’s wonderful to find a service provider who can do it all for you and who you can trust. is the most similar sites like – the ultimate Issuu alternative in my opinion.

When you look at Issuu vs Yumpu, the top Issuu alternative offers different features like the flexibility to you as a publisher, they support you as a business, and they educate you in the possibilities of desktop and mobile publishing in a way you can understand.

If there are still any questions (which I doubt) you can contact their support team via live chat  and get a response in the shortest amount of time.

Furthermore, you can share your publication on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Co. and it works on iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad,…

Yes, it’s great!

They are so versatile that you can publish on over 400 different devices owning bringing you and your digital magazines and catalogues to over 9 million people, globally.

Check out this video to learn more about this Issuu alternative.

The complete package

With an easy to use pricing structure (including a free plan) and a lifetime free publishing service, is not only the best in class, offering SEO tools, interactivity, apps, Web Kiosks and more, they are also a site you can trust and grow with confidently.

2. Issuu Review

Issuu Website

Issuu Website

This article may be about Issuu alternatives/ Issuu like sites, but some of you might not know who they are and how does Issuu work.

Let me tell you a little bit more about them in detail by going through a short Issuu review.

As previously mentioned they offer a publishing software that lets you create digital magazines.

But you might be wondering:

Issuu how to use?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Sign up or Sign in
  3. Choose the plan you like (you can decide between 4 different plans)
  4. Upload your PDF documents and create your digital flip magazine

Now, after you know how to use Issuu, you’re probably also wondering “which functions do exist?”

So I’ll tell you:

  • It lets you embed video and audio into a pdf flipbook magazine and share to most types of device.
  • You can offer your magazine for free or on paid-for subscriptions.
  • You can even collaborate with other editors if you need to.
  • Plus you can pay to have ads removed from your content – great if you want to sell your own advertising space!

Is Issuu free?

You can create flipbooks for free, but a lot of the more useful features are only available to paying members.

When choosing which of the many sites similar to Issuu to use consider the difference between Issuu free vs pro.

What is Issuu free?

The basic plan is free.

You can create HTML5 flipbook magazines and share them but you can‘t sell them and you are limited in how you can embed other media.

You‘re also limited in how big your files can be, and you can‘t offer printing or downloads to your readership.

It‘s a useful way to dip a toe into the water, but it offers a lot-lot less than some of the freemium Issuu alternatives.

The Jumpu alternative Issuu is one of the longest running digital publishers out there.

The reason for their success is down to popularity and a great product.

This brings in readers which in turn attracts more publishers and the more publications readers have to choose from the more they’ll stick around.

It’s a win-win situation for all concerned. Same as with the Issuu alternative Yumpu.

What is Issuu used for?

Pretty much everything.

It is used from big household names that you use everyday to indie publishers creating niche magazines for tiny readerships and everything in between.

They have an extensive web kiosk, showcasing pdf publications from around the world from publishers who have used them, and gained from them, for nearly a decade.

It’s not limited to flip books either.

Brochures, catalogs, leaflets and user manuals can all be found using the Issuu and Issuu alternative platforms.

If you can make a book, you can make a digital book.

Is Issuu legal?

As long as you’re not breaking any laws they certainly aren’t!

Issuu allow you to spread your content with the whole world in a convenient magazine-style format.

As long as you keep your content legal everyone’s happy.

Issuu does precisely what you’d want it to do, but I think is its always a good idea to see what else is coming up the ranks, don’t you?

Issuu how to create a magazine?

Same as with the Issuu alternative, it’s not too difficult:

  1.  Sign up to create a new account or sign in if you already have an account.
  2.  Choose the plan you want to use (basic, starter, premium or optimum).
  3.  Click on “Upload” and drag and drop your pdf -> your digital magazine is created.

It‘s certainly easy to create a magazine with Issuu, as you can see by the step-by-step guide.

Just log on and upload your pdf.

Their servers do all the rest – as long as you‘ve followed their guidelines!

Many of the neat automated features like link detection are only available on the paid plans.

You need to make sure you create web-ready content before uploading it too.

Plus you have a generous, but not huge, page limit of 500 pages squashed into 100Mb which doesn‘t go far if you want to include high quality images and complex fonts.

3. Flipsnack, a Free Issuu Alternative

Flipsnack Website

Flipsnack Website

They are one of the Issuu like websites, a friendly and open company with a bouncy and delightful support ethic.

They are there to help you, and they will work with you to build and spread your pdf page flipbooks of content.

The one thing they might not help you with is app’s or quantity of content as the free package is limited to 5 pdf page flipping flipbooks and you are also limited to 500 pdf pages per publication, even when you pay more than $24 a month.

A neat feature of this Issuu alternative is that they offer templates including one that claims to allow you to create free E-commerce integrated brochures but on closer examination that’s a paid-for feature.

The Issuu vs Flipsnack features they offer are comparable, but the limited free options and opaque advertising make flipsnack a little less friendly than how they appear.

4. Joomag: Issuu Similar Website

Joomag Website

Joomag Website

Other sites like Issuu, like Joomag have a client list any company in any sector would envy and a collection of packages that would get every digital publisher excited.

This Issuu alternative has a super website that clearly guides you through the options you have available to you, and they offer different features which makes it a great alternative issuu.

The one downside is that you have to be signed up to the $39 a month package to be ad-free and to personalise your brand.

If anyone is serious about publishing, then this is one of the options for you. (PS: you can also spread your created brochusres on your social media channels).

Their newsstand offers diverse and fascinating content and they draw in huge global audiences who will see your digital publications.

Being part of a large community is good for attracting new readers as well as retaining existing ones.

As an Issuu alternative, I think they are pretty smart!

And had I not found other better Joomag Competitors I might well have kept my publications on their virtual shelving.

5. Calameo

Calameo Website

Calameo Website

One of the platforms like Issuu is Camaleo.

With the simple message of publish, customise and perform Calameo is punchy, strong and a great publisher.

When comparing Issuu vs Calameo, with the well-designed, contemporary website and a brand that is confident and honest it’s easy to see why Calameo are so popular.

The pricing structure of this Issuu alternative is easy to understand, leaving you with no nasty surprise bills each month.

They are dedicated to digital publishing and can support you with optimisation, analytical data, and interactivity and secure cloud hosting.

They only down side are the audience numbers you will generate could be lower than with the market leader.

And as a French-based company they naturally attract more French-language publications which could mean you’re missing out on readers that are registered on other Issuu alternative sites.

Of course there are also other Calameo alternatives.

6. Zyyne

Zyyne Website

Zyyne Website

After you battle through the display advertising Zyyne really does seem like a smart place to begin your digital publishing journey.

I would suggest this is a site for hobbyist to create a publication rather than larger companies or to education providers, as the site lacks the tools to get you fully mobile. Therewith it is a weaker Issuu alternative.

Although they do have some nice features in the pipeline so this could be one to watch.

7. Flippingbook – alternative to Issuu

Flippingbook Website

Flippingbook Website

When looking at Flippingbook vs Issuu you can see that this Issuu alternative is offering both desktop publish software from $599 and web-based publishing from $59 a month.

This makes it one of the more expense Issuu alternatives on the market.

Without lead capture features and apps, however, I think you are better off investing in Yumpu, on of the other Issuu alternatives or other app publishers.

The one feature you may be interested in is their offline desktop software for creating self-hosted pdf flipbooks.

If you are really into publishing and can run your own server, this could be the solution to get you excited.

Personally, I get more excited about being able to cloud host my blog and get it on multiple devices so my readers can read it wherever they are.

8. Scribd

Scribd Website

Scribd Website

When looking at Issuu vs Scribd, 90 million readers for Scribd is a lot, a huge amount in fact.

Scribd is a user-facing site that is geared up for the readers 100%.

Its mission is to change the way people read and to build a complete social network of readers.

This is perfect if you want to share what you have with huge numbers.

This Issuu alternative makes its money by charging readers a subscription and also offer audio books for on-the-go listeners.

If you want to offer free content, you need to opt-out of this system.

Scribd is a sharing platform – think of it as a digital lending library – so it offers next to no editing facilities.

You simply upload a pdf, and that’s it.

Want to get to know some more great Scribd and Issuu alternatives?

Than keep on reading, as I will mention my personal winner of all the pages like Issuu later in the article.

9. Fliphtml5

Fliphtml5 Website

Flip Html5 Website

On first glance Fliphtml5 does not really look like a good digital publishing platform alternative. It seems dated and unsure of itself.

The navigation seems slow, and the wooden shelves used to showcase the web kiosk make the Issuu alternative Fliphtml5 less appealing than say or other Issuu alternatives.

That said, Flip Html5 does offer the complete, if you’re prepared to pay!

10. Anyflip

Anyflip Website

Anyflip Website

This Issuu alternative can make your digital publications secure on a cloud, interactive with video and hyperlinks, they can make sure you can monetize your publications so they work for you.

But, the one thing about Anyflip is that they just don’t seem to attack the large audience numbers that are pivotal to publishing.

Without readers, you might as well just be writing your thoughts on the back of an envelope.

The website is a little clunky and the pricing structure shows that there are limitations on reader numbers, storage sizes and administrators.

11. Axmag

Axmag Website

Axmag Website

The Issuu alternative Axmag are software providers that can give you the tools to create magazines of varying standards.

They have the full 3D publication packages through to the basic page flip book ranges and the prices reflect the products you buy, with a basic rate of $380.00.

Not for the faint-hearted Axmag is  for those who don’t need a market place for their publication but for those who need the kit to build publications for others to put in market places.

If you’ve been wondering about how to create a magazine, you may find that Axmag can help with one of their full-serve packages.

But without the virtual newsstand or kiosk features offered elsewhere you’ll need to find your own marketplace which makes this an option only for the well-established.

12. Uniflip

Uniflip Website

Uniflip Website

I know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but I work in publishing!

Issuu alternative Unflip seems to have been stuck in 2009 and therefore does not look like a great alternative issuu. They do create page flip flipbooks from PDF’s, you can also create responsive designs.

You just feel, when using them, that you might not be with the most advanced and productive Issuu alternative. Take a look and find out for yourself.

As you can see, there are a lot of services like Issuu.


Of course, there are also a ton of other magazine sites like Issuu free and paid, desktop and cloud-based…

On the Internet, you can find some more information like this about Issuu vs Flipboard, vs Yudu, Uberflip, Magcloud, Zinio, Zmag, Flipboad, Slideshare, 3d Issue, Behance, Youblisher, Publitas, Next Issue or iPaper.

There’s so many you will be wondering “How does Issuu make money?” which they do by charging for their services whether you are reading or writing.

Unlike my favorite best Issuu alternative the free plan is only a taster of the power of their paid plans.

If you think you are a little late to join in the ‘Flip book publishing party’ then think again, because it is only just getting started!

I can absolutely recommend my personal winner:  the free Issuu alternative Yumpu to anyone who is looking for a free and easy-to-handle digital publishing platform.

Joomag Review – What is it all about?

joomag review

It took us several weeks to struggle through the multitudinous digital publishing sites out there in order to get an idea of which one to use best. So here is a Joomag Review about our experience. Now that we tested most of them, we are going to tell you about two of our best finds – Joomag and our odds-on favorite publishing platform Yumpu.

What is Joomag?

Joomag, one of the sites like Issuu, is an online service that allows you to create and publish digital content such as e-books, online magazines, catalogs, brochures, help/support guides, corporate material and other digital content.

Joomag is similar to other online publishing solutions such as the Joomag competitors Yumpu, Issuu, Flipsnack or MagCloud in the sense that it also allows you to upload a PDF file or more and convert them into digital magazines.

Joomag ReviewDuring writing our Joomag review we noticed a  difference between Joomag and most Joomag competitors.

This difference is that online publishing service Joomag adds interactivity to the digital magazines, like its competitor Yumpu does.

Both provide a rich set of new, free online features for designing, editing and publishing.

You can add links to share your magazine, include audio, and even video to your publications to enhance the user reading experience. This benefits your business and your customer.

Joomag Pricing

cost-calculatorJoomag offers several price plans including Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all their plans.  

You can start off with the free to use version, to get familiar with the software and the services it provides, and evaluate it yourself without having to pay anything.


Free VersionSilver PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
$0/month$15.95/month$39.95 /month$95.95/month
  • In the free version, you can upload PDF files, create links, and insert images, sound, and even video inside your digital magazine.
  • The Silver Plan costs  $15.95/month and includes No Ads, Branding, and selling subscriptions.
  • The Gold Plan costs $39.95 /month and offers additional features including Native iOS and Android Support, Native iPad support, Multi-User Accounts, and HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on mobiles without any app.
  • The Platinum Plan is the most expensive and comprehensive plan, it costs $95.95/month and adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features.


After using and having experienced Joomag and conducting a Joomag review ourselves, we believe that Joomag offers the following benefits to you and your business:

  • set of templates & layouts
  • allows to create interactive content for your website
  • interactive features (video, audio,…)
  • create as many catalogues/books/magazines as you want
  • no restriction on number of pages

First and foremost, Joomag provides a comprehensive set of templates and layout for your digital magazine.

Arguably the best feature of Joomag is that it allows you to create interactive content for your website.

You can engage your reader with interactive features such as video, audio, chats, picture galleries, and even subscription and feedback forms to share.

Joomag allows you to create as many catalogues, books, and magazines as you possibly want.

Also, there is no restriction on the number of pages you can add to each book or magazine to share with your readers.


  • monthly fees if want to make content available on Ipad only
  • publications only available as in-app purchase
  • searching for publications within the app = challenging

A major drawback is that in order to make your content available on iPad only, you will need to pay additional monthly fees and get the Gold or Platinum plan.

Another disadvantage is that your publications are only available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store, rather than directly as an app in the store.

This is somewhat limiting, as magazines/books available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to the in-app purchase option provided by Joomag.

You will notice that searching for publications within the iPad app is quite challenging.

Joomag review – Conclusion

Considering the many online publishing platforms available out there, Joomag is a contender worth trying.

“However, in comparison with the Joomag alternative Yumpu, Joomag performs slightly worse.”

yumpu logoWith Yumpu you have the possibility to embed your online publication anywhere (website, blog, web shop, social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Co., etc.).

Additionally, the content is optimized for all the mobile devices and submitted to search engines automatically.

As already mentioned, audio and video files as well as links can be integrated into your magazine to ensure interactivity.

So try this user-friendly publishing service directly online – for FREE!

Thanks for reading this new Joomag review. Be sure to check out some of our other articles: Joomag vs Issuu, Flipsnack review, Flipsnack alternatives, WordPress Issuu plugin and how does Issuu work.

FlipSnack Alternatives – The Insiders Guide!

flipsnack alternatives

There are various FlipSnack alternatives, one of them is the free Flipsnack alternative Yumpu. A great and also FREE digital publishing platform to convert your PDF files into multimedia magazines. Flipsnack,, as well as Flipsnack alternatives,, help publishers to create digital, professional magazines in less than 2 minutes. Visit the free flipbook creator here!


Did you know that there was a time when I was getting really fed up with my blog?

I felt like it was going nowhere. It had no Unique Selling Point.

No zip or zing.

I needed something that made my blog stand out from the crowd.

And it’s a pretty big crowd – writing about vacations and family activities is a popular topic.

Now, as a graphic artist, I know how important first impressions are.

If someone comes to my blog, I need to hook them straightaway with something different.

Something that catches their attention.

And what caught my attention one day was a brochure on a hotel website.

It was beautiful.

With dreamy rooms, fantastic location, amazing menu.

But what really held my attention was the way the brochure was presented – as a flipbook.

I remember wasting a good five minutes just turning the pages, enthralled by the novelty (it even had a video showing a complete 360 of a room).

That was when I decided I needed a flipping magazine.

I needed those cute rustling sounds and fancy animations.

I wanted to show off locations without sending my readers off to YouTube.

That’s when it all got very messy indeed.

At least until I found Yumpu, but lets not digress.

Flipbooks hook more readers than standard webpages.

When I started looking, I was overwhelmed by the choice.

Do you know exactly how many different FlipSnack competitors there are?

No me neither, but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea that it’s lots.

And, at that all important first glance, they look the same.

So which did I choose?

Well at first I didn’t.

I actually spent far too long searching for the “perfect” solution.

My blog posts dried up, and I was in serious danger of actually losing followers.

Luckily for me, I found my perfect solution in time to save the day so-to-speak.

It offered the professional magazine simulation I was craving.

I could share easily and embed a video. And it came at a price that was easy on my purse.

FlipSnack Review

So eventually the first one I found was FlipSnack and later on other Flipsnack alternatives.

Flipsnack Website

Flipsnack Website

Let’s start at the beginning: What is FlipSnack?

It sounds like some sort of toaster oven pancake, doesn’t it?

FlipSnack is SmartKeter’s flipping magazine subsidiary.

I’d heard of SmartKeter’s marketing services, and FlipSnack seemed to have been around since at least 2009, so it all looked pretty good.

I wanted to know “Is FlipSnack safe?” before I started using it properly and all that looked reassuring, with password protection and it promised that I could protect my work through limiting downloads and printouts.

Which functions do exist?

This was the important bit of my research.

What could I do with FlipSnack?

How could it help me create those beautiful magazines I was imagining?

Would I encounter problems beyond my technical ability?

And how would their customer service stand up?

Professional Online Editor

FlipSnack empowers its users with their version of Issuu’s Magazine Maker – a feature-rich free online editor for digital publishing.

You can add interactive elements such as images, video, audio files, etc.

If you are stuck for ideas you can browse the library of examples to see what other users of FlipSnack have been publishing similar to your magazine.

It also offers the option to add buttons such as Share, Rate, Contact, Subscribe, Feedback, Chat/Discussion to encourage your readers to interact with your publication.

Unlimited publication

FlipSnack provides the option to upload PDF documents and in a matter of minutes you get your free flip book / digital magazine up and running.

It’s stored in the cloud and you aren’t restricted in how much storage you use – only in how big each publication is.

How to Use FlipSnack?

It might seem pretty unreal, but it’s no more challenging to use FlipSnack than any other word processor or desktop publishing app.

You can use what you’re familiar with and upload a PDF, or you can start with their editor that has all the usual features and a library of magazine and brochure templates.

The FlipSnack sign up is pretty straightforward.

Flipsnack Sign-up

Flipsnack Sign-up

Fill in the form, confirm your email address, give it some billing information if you’re signing up for a paid for service and you’re ready to roll.

You can even authenticate using your Facebook or Google account if you prefer.

Once you’ve created your publication you can then get an embed code to put on your own blog so your readers don’t have to load another site – wow!

Although you have to pay to get rid of the branded reader.

How does FlipSnack work?

Well I’d need to be some sort of computer expert to know the specifics but what I do know is that it takes a PDF file, performs some sort of amazing formatting and design magic on it and provides you with a link to a reader that you can share or embed into your blog or website.

Creating a flip magazine is as easy as that!

All the difficult presentation is taken care of by whatever wizardry it subjects your file to on its servers.

Once you’re happy with your magazine (or brochure, look book, catalog etc.) you can take advantage of the fact that FlipSnack hosted publications will rise up the search rankings on the basis of the quality of FlipSnack’s ranking (which is consistently very good).

Instant SEO results!

If you do have a problem then there is an online help knowledge base and community forum or you can email and live chat their customer support team.

Is FlipSnack Free?

Aha! The million dollar question.

Or rather the $14/month question.

FlipSnack does offer a free version, and it’s perfectly usable for starters.

But it limits you to a measly 15 pages per publication which is really quite small.

You also have their branding as a watermark on your PDF.

Although they don’t include ads on the readers like some of the FlipSnack Alternatives do.

To get more features, you need to pay.

There are four levels of fee alternatives providing different feature sets.

Free but limited$14 per month$24 per monthcustom price

Are there more websites like Flipsnack?

There are hundreds of companies like FlipSnack / Flipsnack alternatives– or at least it feels like there are as I haven’t actually counted up.

Websites like FlipSnack vs Issuu, Calameo vs Joomag or Joomag are easy enough to find – once you know what you’re looking for.

I wanted to look for a free Flipsnack alternative (because let’s face it who wants to pay if you can get something for free?) and found something that was better than FlipSnack.

I will get to that alternative a little bit later but you might figure it out by yourself… it starts with Y**** and has in total 5 characters.

Flipsnack free alternative: It does exist!

Joomag, one of the free FlipSnack alternatives, is a powerful and professional digital publishing site. It is approved by over 384,000+ publishers around the globe.

A service to convert PDF documents into digital flip book publications and host them.

This can help you to sell your flipbooks and quickly receive the payments.

To get an even deeper insight, read our Joomag review and the article about Joomag competitors.

“The good thing about this site is that it is not only targeted at professionals but also at freelancers or individuals who simply want to distribute their content online, thanks to the very simple user interface.”

So now this is what you have been waiting for.

The software I have been referring to that starts with Y is….

drum roll, please…

The Flipsnack alternative Yumpu!

It is a website where readers can find a vast number of flipbooks on any topic to read through online (like fashion, cars, food, sports,…).

Readers do not longer need to go to traditional newsstands but can read flipping magazines with interactive content online with Flipsnack alternatives.

The flip book software Yumpu, a Flipsnack and Joomag alternative, also helps publishers to make flip books directly from PDF documents or images, or create them from scratch.

It helps you to increase traffic to your page flip book.

All the three rivals provide some useful features to their users (whether publishers or readers).

So let’s do a comparison between the three sites of flipsnack alternatives and their features/tools and conclude with a winner.

Common Features of Services like Flipsnack

Unlimited publications

FlipSnack, Yumpu, and Joomag – all provide the option to upload PDF documents, and in a matter of minutes, you get your free flip book / digital magazine up and running.

Yumpu, one of the Flipsnack alternatives lets you create unlimited magazines with an unlimited number of pages for free.

On the contrary, for doing unlimited publications on FlipSnack and Joomag you need to have a paid membership.

Professional Online Editor

All three, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives empower their users with a feature-rich online editor for digital publishing.

With the Flipsnack alternatives Joomag and Yumpu, you can add interactive elements such as images, video, audio files, etc.

With Flipsnack you can even create interactive digital publications from scratch, without using any other third party software.

Joomag, one of the Flipsnack alternatives additionally provides plugins (Rating, Call me back, Subscribe, Feedback, Chat/Discussion) to add further elegance to the digital publication.


  • Links and Embedding

Simple and easy distribution of digital magazines is the primary goal of Yumpu.

How to embed Links

You have the possibility to add links, and you can embed your publication anywhere ( blogs, online shopping sites, or your company websites) with an embed code.

In addition to that, this publishing platform supports sharing your content on all the important social media channels without being technically proficient.

The other two platforms have options to distribute content electronically as well using the unique URL to embed the publications into your web site or share them on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter & Co.

One of the Flipsnack alternatives, Joomag gives the choice to assign links to both the whole and partial objects. Whereas both sites provide the option to directly integrate with social sites.

  • HTML5 for Mobile Devices

Yumpu and Joomag both provide the feature to make your content accessible from mobile devices.

Yumpu, for example, automatically optimizes your digital content for any device. In addition are app installations to view these magazines not required at all!

The online brochures perfectly adjust to the screen sizes on mobile web browsers.

Secure and reliable hosting

Once published, you can host your digital content on the domains.

The number of hosted publications varies from free to paid membership plans.

Password protection for publications

Joomag and FlipSnack have 4 levels of privacy and security.

  1. Public – Shared to everyone
  2. Accessible by Link only
  3. Password Protected (Accessible by link and password only)
  4. Private – Only you (publisher) can see yourself

Compared to the other Flipsnack alternatives, Yumpu offers 9 levels of privacy and security settings:

    1. Public
    2. Accessible by Link only
    3. Password Protected (accessible only by users who know the link + password)
    4. Secret Link Protection (only creator knows the real link & readers are reffered to the magazine through a secret link)
    5. Magazine can be only viewed + embedded on one website
    6. Magazine can only be viewed in the creators WEBKiosk
    7. Magazine can only be viewed in the creators APPKiosk
    8. Magazine can only be views in the creators WEBKiosk + APPKiosk
    9. Only the creator can read the magazine


The three platforms support customization for the publications. You can find some of them below:

  • Change the background, colors, language
  • Customize every page
  • Choose the template and widget type etc for your page flip effect document
  • Control social and share features
  • Show thumbnail navigation
  • Enable flip sounds
  • Add:
      • internal and external links & buttons
      •  texts, outlines and captions to the uploaded PDF

    • images, audio or video

Analytics of each page – Real-time statistics

If you want to learn about your audience, all the three platforms, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives offer some sort of help.

They help you to identify the geographic areas of your readers, learn about the devices your audience uses, the platforms, traffic resources, analytics of the content, etc.

Yumpu, however, has more detailed information to help you to broaden your audience and increase your sales.


API allows developers to write applications that interact with Yumpu/FlipSnack/Joomag from a 3rd party system.

The API exposes different methods to manage a single user’s collections, based on an API key provided for that particular user.


Customer Satisfaction is important for all kinds of companies.

That’s why all three, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives have support teams that are available for problems.

You can contact them by writing an email or by direct call.

I tried all the three services and came to the conclusion that Yumpu’s (one of the Flipsnack alternatives) support service is by far the best, if there is ever any help needed for creating your ebooks.

They really take the time to help you with the creation of your first brochure and to overcome any issues you may encounter.

Joomag – one of the FlipSnack Alternatives

Joomag Website

Joomag Website

Pricing and plans

Free and Paid.

$9 per month$39 per month$79 per monthcustom price

Print on demand

Despite the fact that interactive publications are stylish and the print market is drastically shrinking year over year, people still need paper copies.

For the very reason, Joomag, as one of the Flipsnack alternatives, provides on-demand printing feature.

There is no need to prepay for printing, no hassle with worldwide shipping, no need to work directly with printing facilities.


Instantly manage all your contacts from a single interface.

Through awesome CRM of Joomag you can learn more about the people who subscribe to your brochure.  You can also add new subscribers if necessary.

Campaigns/Mass Mailing

No more hassle with delivery software or mass mailing services.

You may inform your leads and subscribers about your recent publications and promotions right from Joomag. This can be done by using your own custom or Joomag’s pre-designed templates for emails.


Flipsnack Alternative: Yumpu

Flipsnack Alternative

Pricing and plans

As the other flip book maker,- this Flipsnack alternative Yumpu has:

 one free plan and  some premium plans


However, the free version is entirely sufficient as you can make use of numerous great features (where other platforms charge money for).

Search engine optimized

Compared to other Flipsnack alternatives, all the content that you publish is optimized for search engines (SEO).

This means that (potential) readers can better find your magazines and you can further expand your reader base.

Many more features

    • Easy sharing and distributing of interactive HTML5 flipbooks
    • Usability
    • Support of all mobile devices
    • Explanatory how-to videos

FlipSnack details

Pricing and plans

Free and Paid

Free but limited$14 per month$24 per monthcustom price

Online shopping (PayPal widgets in magazines)

Helps you to increase your sale, by providing the feature for you audience to shop online as well and pay through PayPal accounts.

Tooltips in 27 languages

Your free flipbook publications are for worldwide consumers.

Therefore, this flipbook program supports 27 languages and provides tooltips for your customers.

Other FlipSnack alternatives like Fliphtml5 or Anyflip also provide similar language support.

Search option in flipbooks

Your reader wants to find out about some specific words or keywords?

FlipSnack as well as the best free FlipSnack alternative Yumpu gives him the liberty to search through your digital flipping book as well and instantly take him to the page.

Using such flipbooks will most certainly enhance the reader experience.

Considering all of what we mentioned above, this flipbook maker is our personal winner.

Just go to the Flipsnack alternatives site, create your first publication and see for yourself !