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The primary goal of a digital content creator is always to monetize content created. Online software websites like Issuu and its substitutes play a vital role in distributing and monetizing digital content. So, what is Issuu? Is Issuu free? Well, Issuu is a digital discovery and publishing platform where creators can publish, distribute and monetize their content. This platform comes with different Issuu magazine templates you can use to create flipbooks online. You can find out more on how does Issuu work, how to embed Issuu publications and how to download documents from Issuu on their website. However, the platform helps create HTML-optimized flipbooks that readers can consume from all over the world and generate income for creators. Today, we shall learn more about the alternatives to Issuu and how to download pdf from issuu and ways to make WordPress pdf flipbook. Let’s dig in, shall we? Some years back, I was precisely in the same position as you are today, looking for the best alternative for Issuu that was more user-friendly and efficient for converting my PDF to a flipbook. I used the Issuu software for a while, but I was looking for a better Flipbook WordPress. My breakthrough came when a friend recommended some online alternatives to Issuu. These online flipping software websites include issuu embed. Some of the other options I tried include:

  • Zeplin
  • Simplebooklet PDF flipbook
  • Relay
  • Lucidpress
  • Flipsnack
  • FlippingBook
  • YUMPU Publishing

After working with all these alternatives, I settled on YUMPU Publishing software. I found it more efficient than Issuu and all these alternatives since it gave me more features. I have been using it for three years now, and I can say that it is the best online software for creating online flipbooks. I can confidently say that this platform has given me the best experience thanks to its free and easy-to-use platform. In this article, I intend to provide you with information about the best Issuu alternative. If you want to create or convert PDF into an online flipbook, Yumpu Publishing should be your software of choice. Their online free version gives you access to all the features to help your flipbook rank higher in the search engine. Here’s a step-by-step guide on converting a PDF file into an online flipbook using the free version of the software.

Table of contents:

  • What is YUMPU Publishing?

    YUMPU Publishing, one of the best alternatives to Issuu is a publishing is a free online digital publishing platform. This platform transforms simple word-only documents into optimized digital content by integrating a beautiful and interactive digital format. This free publishing software helps content creators create engaging flipbooks and magazines with a higher ranking. Although all the features you need as a publisher are free, this platform also comes with paid packages that give you more useful features. With a paid plan, you can add your logo and an integrated data protection setting for your publications. The paid plan also guarantees that no adverts are placed on your content. Some of the paid plans include the: adFREE-plan, WEBKiosk-plan, APPKiosk-plan, and the PROKiosk-plan. You can visit the YUMPU Publishing website for more information on these paid subscriptions and learn more about the benefits associated with each subscription.

    How YUMPU Publishing Software Converts a PDF file into a Flipping Book

    As one of the alternatives to Issuu, creating an online flipbook using the YUMPU Publishing software is a straightforward process. Once you visit the official website of this platform, you get access to all the information you might need about converting PDF files into flipbooks. The site has a user-friendly interface that allows beginners with no prior skills to create a 3d flipbook. YUMPU Publishing will enable you to develop customer-ready and HTML-optimized flipbooks within seconds by following a few easy steps. These steps include:

    • Create an account. The first step as a digital creator on this platform is to sign up for Yumpu. You only need an email address for this step. Once you have an account, you have to log in to access your account whenever you want to publish content.
    • Upload your text-only PDF file. Assuming you already have a well-written and engaging PDF file that you want to share with your audience, all you need is to upload it on the software. Before uploading, ensure that your PDF is well written, and all grammar and spelling mistakes are corrected. Once uploaded, it takes only a couple of seconds to convert your document into a flipbook 3d magazine.
    • Make the flipbook visually attractive. Once it’s converted, the flipbook only contains plain text that is boring and monotonous to read through. In this next step, you need to make your content more engaging and visually attractive. To achieve this, add visual stimulants and adopt a nice layout. You may include audio and video files and photos related to your text. Doing so keeps your audience hooked to your magazine from start to end.
    • Publish the content. Once you are sure that the content is visually attractive, engaging, and interactive, you can now go ahead and publish it. Publishing on this software makes your flipbook search engine friendly.

    With this platform, your content is highly optimized. Thus, it’s guaranteed to rank higher on the search engine. The software breaks down your content into smaller useful pages that search engines prefer. These broken-down pages are individually indexed, allowing them to get more clicks and rank higher in Google and Bing search engines. This way, more readers get access to your digital content or parts of your content.

    Advantages of YUMPU Publishing

    As a digital content creator, you can enjoy many benefits of using any of the alternatives to Issue publishing platforms. However, the software is 100% free to use. The free version of this software has all the essential features you need to start digital publishing. This gives you a chance to create, distribute and market your content without investing heavily in the process. Digitally publishing using this platform also guarantees a higher ranking on your content in all search engines. Once you upload your PDF document or , it is compressed into Google-compatible content. In doing so, the content is broken down into smaller pages individually indexed. This allows the content to get more organic clicks and rank higher in the search engine. This platform is compatible with all kinds of devices, from smartphones to PCs. YUMPU Publishing also comes with a flipbook plugin WordPress that you can use to create internal link WordPress for pdf flipbook WordPress publications. You can use your branding with a paid plan and learn how to how to add links in WordPress, such as logos in your publications. This allows your content to stand out and create a more lasting impression among your readers. This makes your content stand out among the rest. The platform is also fully integrated into all major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This makes it relatively easy to share links to your content for your consumers to read. As one of the best alternatives to Issuu, this platform is very efficient. With a document downloader, you can also download your converted flipbooks. Another advantage you enjoy by using this platform is adding audio, videos, and photos to your content. This helps transform your content from a block of text into a more engaging piece that is easy to read through. The platform also allows you to integrate links from external sources to use your content for affiliate marketing. The highly optimized HTML theme also allows for faster speeds when loading your flipbook. HTML-optimized files are more stable and easy to lead through, making it easier for clients to access and leaf through your content, wasting no time.

    Best alternatives to Issuu publishing software

    Other alternatives to Issuu that can be honorable mentions include:

    • Flipsnack: This is one of the top alternatives to Issuu digital creators can opt for. This is a professional publishing tool that you can create online 3d flip books. This is an easy and fun tool to use when creating digital flipbooks. It is fairly easy to import PDF files, discover how to add a link in WordPress and convert them into digital flipbooks in the platform. The platform also comes with several templates and designs to Embed video in pdf that you can adopt for your flipbook. Flipsnack Online gives users a 1-month free subscription to create up to 3 catalogs with a maximum of 30 pages and 100MBs for each catalog. The platform also allows only one user per account on a free plan, and all the other plans are paid subscriptions that last a month. It is one of the alternatives to Issuu that you have to pay monthly.However, many users have complained that the platform is not beginner-friendly, and it is pretty complex to use and more expensive than other platforms, hence, the need to have an Alternatives to Issuu. You can also only download your converted flipbooks with the higher-cost plans.
    • FlippingBook: This is one of the professional publishing tools that don’t have a free plan. It can be quite expensive for a beginner; thus, not advisable to try if you are starting your digital content creation journey. Its lowest package starts at $59 per month. However, one can use flipbook for WordPress to simplify your work and go to documents downloader to get your final document.
    • Zeplin: This is another Alternatives to Issuu to consider as a digital content creator. This tool gives you the chance to do one project as a new user, after which you have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy their services. However, the cost of subscriptions is very affordable.

    Final thoughts about YUMPU Publishing

    There are several alternatives to Issuu but, YUMPU Publishing is the best. As a digital creator, you can take advantage of the free and straightforward tool to create engaging digital flipbooks online. This tool does all the work for you by automatically converting your block text into attractive flip book 3d magazine within seconds. In addition, the software will lessen your work of making WordPress internal link, simplify for you on how to add a hyperlink in WordPress, and add audios in pdf. The tool also lets you embed all the features you want in your content, including photos, videos, and links to external sites. The paid plan gives you more freedom to explore distinct features that optimize your work. You may also explore and try out the other alternatives to Issue software platforms. Visit the YUMPU Publishingwebsite today and start your digital creation journey in style.