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Flipsnack Online ⇒ publishing in a few minutes

Flipsnack Online ⇒ publishing in a few minutes

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to create digital publications online – various online platforms like FlipSnack, apps and also software. Unfortunately, no program could meet all my needs. Sometimes the user interface was very complex or using the program itself was simply too expensive for my purposes. However, everything changed when I stumbled over the free online flipbook maker tool of YUMPU Publishing.

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Digital Publishing Services –  Sites like Issuu, YUMPU Publishing, FlipSnack and Joomag

What is Publishing?

In general, publishing is an activity of producing and disseminating information, literature, audio or video to the general public.

When we use the term publishing, traditionally, we only think of production and distribution of printed work such as a books or newspaper etc.

But the Information Age, the era we now live in, has a very fast and quick rate to exchange information with each other.

Particularly with the advent of electronic communication in the past one decade or more, which has influenced almost every aspect of life, the paper publication is one of the most swayed among others.

Paper publishing has been transformed to digital publishing and now there are numerous online platforms to create digital magazines.

Amongst the platforms I have researched, there are sites like Joomag, the Joomag competitors FlipSnack vs Issuu, and my favourite Joomag alternative, YUMPU Publishing.

Digital publishing in form of  a flip book (also known as electronic publishing or e-publishing) can be referred to as a type of publishing that substitutes the paper printed content.

It’s a process to use computers and a specific type of flip book software tool to put together the text, visual or audio materials into an electronic flipbook form so that it can be accessed from any computer or hand-held device.

The world of digital publishing includes few following examples of emerging material list:

  • Electronic versions of traditional media:

    • CD/DVD-ROM

    • E-book

    • Electronic journal

    • Online magazine

    • Online newspaper

    • PDF file Documents

    • Flipbook Software 

  • New media:

    • Blog

    • E-Newsletters

    •  Publication app

    • File sharing

    • Mobile apps

    • Podcast

    • Enhanced publication

Recent research indicates that consumers have swiftly adopted the use of mobile/tablet apps for accessing interactive and uploaded pdf content, almost 5 times more than the traditional publication.

Publication is digital or traditional; there are certain guidelines to follow for it to be considered as published pdf content.

Generally, these include a unique title, identity cover image, copyright sign, overview, main content, graphics etc.

The process of  publishing is pretty much the same as the traditional publishing (i.e. acquisition, editing a page, production of a page, printing of a page (electronic equivalents), marketing and distribution).

There are only two differences:

1) Final pdf page product is not printed on the paper using the heavy printing press and

2) it prevents the headache of the circulation of the physical paper publication copies.

As the pdf content is in its flipbook e-form, it can easily be distributed over the Internet, for example through online bookstores. Flip books shared on blog or social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest  & Co are also be distributed easily.

The reader can get the flipbook to read through a website/blog, in an application or on a hand-held device.

The formats used by eBook readers and tablets for publications, magazines, journals and educational resources are largely based on W3C Technologies, such as HTML, CSS, SVG, SMIL or numerous Web APIs.

Hence, the roles of traditional typesetters and book designers, who create content, have changed.

They must know more about mark-up languages, the variety of reading devices available, and the ways in which consumers read.

However, fortunately, there are a lot of online platforms like Issuu or an Issuu alternative available now, to transform your content to digital publications in a much more easy and quick way.

Sites like Issuu and Flipsnack alternatives like Joomag, YUMPU Publishing, or Adobe DPS are just few examples of those platforms to make your magazines.

However, the problem with many sites is that they are often not free to use and have high pricing or offer limited features in the free version.

Contrary to Flipsnack vs Issuu vs Adobe DPS and many more, the free flipbook maker YUMPU Publishing offers loads of features to play with – for free!

Advantages of Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing has many advantages over traditional publishing, and YUMPU Publishing vs Flipsnack vs Issuu vs Joomag show these advantages:

  • Cost saving: One of the major benefits of publishing is the huge savings on production cost, over paper publishing.

  • Correction and amendments: Very quick and inexpensive to correct the published material if some errors are found in the content you did create.

  • World-wide distribution: Massive and easy accessibility on a global scale, through the internet, social circle, online stores etc.

  • Rise in Sales: Interactive and appealing interface of catalogs, increases the sale, as consumers can instantly get detailed information and proceed with online purchases.

  • Increased Collaboration: Users can provide reviews, feedbacks and ratings about your content in your magazines. Based on these suggestions, one can improve and enhance the products.

  • More revenue through ads: Put ads and ad-spaces- with your content and get more revenue. Such features are provided by most of the online publishing sites like FlipSnack vs Issuu, YUMPU Publishing etc.

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