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flipsnack alternatives

There are various FlipSnack alternatives, one of them is the free Flipsnack alternative YUMPU Publishing. A great and also FREE digital publishing platform to convert your PDF files into multimedia magazines. Flipsnack, as well as Flipsnack alternatives, help publishers to create digital, professional magazines in less than 2 minutes. Visit the free flipbook creator YUMPU Publishing here!


Did you know that there was a time when I was getting really fed up with my blog?

I felt like it was going nowhere. It had no Unique Selling Point.

No zip or zing.

I needed something that made my blog stand out from the crowd.

And it’s a pretty big crowd – writing about vacations and family activities is a popular topic.

Now, as a graphic artist, I know how important first impressions are.

If someone comes to my blog, I need to hook them straightaway with something different.

Something that catches their attention.

And what caught my attention one day was a brochure on a hotel website.

It was beautiful.

With dreamy rooms, fantastic location, amazing menu.

But what really held my attention was the way the brochure was presented – as a flipbook.

I remember wasting a good five minutes just turning the pages, enthralled by the novelty (it even had a video showing a complete 360 of a room).

That was when I decided I needed a flipping magazine.

I needed those cute rustling sounds and fancy animations.

I wanted to show off locations without sending my readers off to YouTube.

That’s when it all got very messy indeed.

At least until I found YUMPU Publishing, but lets not digress.

Flipbooks hook more readers than standard webpages.

When I started looking, I was overwhelmed by the choice.

Do you know exactly how many different FlipSnack competitors there are?

No me neither, but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea that it’s lots.

And, at that all important first glance, they look the same.

So which did I choose?

Well at first I didn’t.

I actually spent far too long searching for the “perfect” solution.

My blog posts dried up, and I was in serious danger of actually losing followers.

Luckily for me, I found my perfect solution in time to save the day so-to-speak.

It offered the professional magazine simulation I was craving.

I could share easily and embed a video. And it came at a price that was easy on my purse.

FlipSnack Review

So eventually the first one I found was FlipSnack and later on other Flipsnack alternatives.

Flipsnack Website

Flipsnack Website

Let’s start at the beginning: What is FlipSnack?

It sounds like some sort of toaster oven pancake, doesn’t it?

FlipSnack is SmartKeter’s flipping magazine subsidiary.

I’d heard of SmartKeter’s marketing services, and FlipSnack seemed to have been around since at least 2009, so it all looked pretty good.

I wanted to know “Is FlipSnack safe?” before I started using it properly and all that looked reassuring, with password protection and it promised that I could protect my work through limiting downloads and printouts.

Which functions do exist?

This was the important bit of my research.

What could I do with FlipSnack?

How could it help me create those beautiful magazines I was imagining?

Would I encounter problems beyond my technical ability?

And how would their customer service stand up?

Professional Online Editor

FlipSnack empowers its users with their version of Issuu’s Magazine Maker – a feature-rich free online editor for digital publishing.

You can add interactive elements such as images, video, audio files, etc.

If you are stuck for ideas you can browse the library of examples to see what other users of FlipSnack have been publishing similar to your magazine.

It also offers the option to add buttons such as Share, Rate, Contact, Subscribe, Feedback, Chat/Discussion to encourage your readers to interact with your publication.

Unlimited publication

FlipSnack provides the option to upload PDF documents and in a matter of minutes you get your free flip book / digital magazine up and running.

It’s stored in the cloud and you aren’t restricted in how much storage you use – only in how big each publication is.

How to Use FlipSnack?

It might seem pretty unreal, but it’s no more challenging to use FlipSnack than any other word processor or desktop publishing app.

You can use what you’re familiar with and upload a PDF, or you can start with their editor that has all the usual features and a library of magazine and brochure templates.

The FlipSnack sign up is pretty straightforward.

Flipsnack Sign-up

Flipsnack Sign-up

Fill in the form, confirm your email address, give it some billing information if you’re signing up for a paid for service and you’re ready to roll.

You can even authenticate using your Facebook or Google account if you prefer.

Once you’ve created your publication you can then get an embed code to put on your own blog so your readers don’t have to load another site – wow!

Although you have to pay to get rid of the branded reader.

How does FlipSnack work?

Well I’d need to be some sort of computer expert to know the specifics but what I do know is that it takes a PDF file, performs some sort of amazing formatting and design magic on it and provides you with a link to a reader that you can share or embed into your blog or website.

Creating a flip magazine is as easy as that!

All the difficult presentation is taken care of by whatever wizardry it subjects your file to on its servers.

Once you’re happy with your magazine (or brochure, look book, catalog etc.) you can take advantage of the fact that FlipSnack hosted publications will rise up the search rankings on the basis of the quality of FlipSnack’s ranking (which is consistently very good).

Instant SEO results!

If you do have a problem then there is an online help knowledge base and community forum or you can email and live chat their customer support team.

Is FlipSnack Free?

Aha! The million dollar question.

Or rather the $14/month question.

FlipSnack does offer a free version, and it’s perfectly usable for starters.

But it limits you to a measly 15 pages per publication which is really quite small.

You also have their branding as a watermark on your PDF.

Although they don’t include ads on the readers like some of the FlipSnack Alternatives do.

To get more features, you need to pay.

There are four levels of fee alternatives providing different feature sets.

Free but limited$14 per month$24 per monthcustom price

Are there more websites like Flipsnack?

There are hundreds of companies like FlipSnack / Flipsnack alternatives– or at least it feels like there are as I haven’t actually counted up.


iMag for example is another web-based flipbook maker and publisher.

It is aimed at businesses who want to increase their reach and who want to maximize their growth. Rather than having many flashy visual features, it focuses mainly on getting your brand recognized.

iMag allows you to sell advertising space in your publication and link directly to your website or selling page.

You can include video, audio and interactive links and the software boasts the ability to integrate forms into your publication to allow you to capture data and leads from your readers.

There is no free option from iMag however. There are 3 payment options to suit different budgets but you don’t get all of the available features with the cheaper monthly options.


Another alternative to Flipsnack is Bote.

This is another web-based publication option designed for businesses but this one hasn’t completely ignored to visual importance of a flipbook.

All content is rendered in HD, including videos, and it also includes a pre-definable zoom feature so that your publication is accessible for all readers.

Bote is easy to use, with simple drag and drop system you don’t need a load of tech know how to create a flipbook.

Bote automatically optimizes your content to the highest SEO levels to help you rank higher in an internet search engine search.

There is a free version of Bote, but you can only access it for 14 days and in order to access the free trial, you must subscribe.

So if you don’t decide to continue to use Bote, and you forget about the subscription, you will find yourself charged regardless.

Although, there are 3 different subscription rates depending on your budget.

Websites like FlipSnack vs Issuu, Calameo vs Joomag or Joomag are easy enough to find – once you know what you’re looking for.

I wanted to look for a free Flipsnack alternative (because let’s face it who wants to pay if you can get something for free?) and found something that was better than FlipSnack.

I will get to that alternative a little bit later but you might figure it out by yourself… it starts with Y**** and has in total 5 characters.

Flipsnack free alternative: It does exist!

Joomag, one of the free FlipSnack alternatives, is a powerful and professional digital publishing site. It is approved by over 384,000+ publishers around the globe.

A service to convert PDF documents into digital flip book publications and host them.

This can help you to sell your flipbooks and quickly receive the payments.

To get an even deeper insight, read our Joomag review and the article about Joomag competitors.

“The good thing about this site is that it is not only targeted at professionals but also at freelancers or individuals who simply want to distribute their content online, thanks to the very simple user interface.”

So now this is what you have been waiting for.

The software I have been referring to that starts with Y is….

drum roll, please…

The Flipsnack alternative YUMPU Publishing!

It is a website where readers can find a vast number of flipbooks on any topic to read through online (like fashion, cars, food, sports,…).

Readers do not longer need to go to traditional newsstands but can read flipping magazines with interactive content online with Flipsnack alternatives.

The flip book software YUMPU Publishing, a Flipsnack and Joomag alternative, also helps publishers to make flip books directly from PDF documents or images, or create them from scratch.

It helps you to increase traffic to your page flip book.

All the three rivals provide some useful features to their users (whether publishers or readers).

So let’s do a comparison between the three sites of Flipsnack alternatives and their features/tools and conclude with a winner.

Common Features of Services like Flipsnack
Unlimited publications

FlipSnack, YUMPU Publishing, and Joomag – all provide the option to upload PDF documents, and in a matter of minutes, you get your free flip book / digital magazine up and running.

YUMPU Publishing, one of the Flipsnack alternatives lets you create magazines, flipbooks and catalogues with an unlimited number of pages for free.

For doing unlimited publications on FlipSnack and Joomag you need to have a paid membership.

Professional Online Editor

All three, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives empower their users with a feature-rich online editor for digital publishing.

With the Flipsnack alternatives Joomag and YUMPU Publishing, you can add interactive elements such as images, video, audio files, etc.

With Flipsnack you can even create interactive digital publications from scratch, without using any other third party software.

Joomag, one of the Flipsnack alternatives additionally provides plugins (Rating, Call me back, Subscribe, Feedback, Chat/Discussion) to add further elegance to the digital publication.

  • Links and Embedding

Simple and easy distribution of digital magazines is the primary goal of YUMPU Publishing.

How to embed Links

You have the possibility to add links, and you can embed your publication anywhere ( blogs, online shopping sites, or your company websites) with an embed code.

In addition to that, this publishing platform supports sharing your content on all the important social media channels without being technically proficient.

The other two platforms have options to distribute content electronically as well using the unique URL to embed the publications into your web site or share them on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter & Co.

One of the Flipsnack alternatives, Joomag gives the choice to assign links to both the whole and partial objects. Whereas both sites provide the option to directly integrate with social sites.

  • HTML5 for Mobile Devices

YUMPU Publishing and Joomag both provide the feature to make your content accessible from mobile devices.

YUMPU Publishing, for example, automatically optimizes your digital content for any device. In addition are app installations to view these magazines not required at all!

The online brochures perfectly adjust to the screen sizes on mobile web browsers.

Secure and reliable hosting

Once published, you can host your digital content on the domains.

The number of hosted publications varies from free to paid membership plans.

Password protection for publications

Joomag and FlipSnack have 4 levels of privacy and security.

  1. Public – Shared to everyone
  2. Accessible by Link only
  3. Password Protected (Accessible by link and password only)
  4. Private – Only you (publisher) can see yourself

Compared to the other Flipsnack alternatives, YUMPU Publishing offers 9 levels of privacy and security settings:

    1. Public
    2. Accessible by Link only
    3. Password Protected (accessible only by users who know the link + password)
    4. Secret Link Protection (only creator knows the real link & readers are reffered to the magazine through a secret link)
    5. Magazine can be only viewed + embedded on one website
    6. Magazine can only be viewed in the creators WEBKiosk
    7. Magazine can only be viewed in the creators APPKiosk
    8. Magazine can only be views in the creators WEBKiosk + APPKiosk
    9. Only the creator can read the magazine


The three platforms support customization for the publications. You can find some of them below:

  • Change the background, colors, language
  • Customize every page
  • Choose the template and widget type etc for your page flip effect document
  • Control social and share features
  • Show thumbnail navigation
  • Enable flip sounds
  • Add:
      • internal and external links & buttons
      •  texts, outlines and captions to the uploaded PDF

    • images, audio or video
Analytics of each page – Real-time statistics

If you want to learn about your audience, all the three platforms, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives offer some sort of help.

They help you to identify the geographic areas of your readers, learn about the devices your audience uses, the platforms, traffic resources, analytics of the content, etc.

YUMPU Publishing, however, has more detailed information to help you to broaden your audience and increase your sales.


API allows developers to write applications that interact with YUMPU Publishing/FlipSnack/Joomag from a 3rd party system.

The API exposes different methods to manage a single user’s collections, based on an API key provided for that particular user.


Customer Satisfaction is important for all kinds of companies.

That’s why all three, Flipsnack and Flipsnack alternatives have support teams that are available for problems.

You can contact them by writing an email or by direct call.

I tried all the three services and came to the conclusion that YUMPU Publishing’s (one of the Flipsnack alternatives) support service is by far the best, if there is ever any help needed for creating your ebooks.

They really take the time to help you with the creation of your first brochure and to overcome any issues you may encounter.

Joomag – one of the FlipSnack Alternatives
Joomag Website

Joomag Website

Pricing and plans

Free and Paid.

$9 per month$39 per month$79 per monthcustom price
Print on demand

Despite the fact that interactive publications are stylish and the print market is drastically shrinking year over year, people still need paper copies.

For the very reason, Joomag, as one of the Flipsnack alternatives, provides on-demand printing feature.

There is no need to prepay for printing, no hassle with worldwide shipping, no need to work directly with printing facilities.


Instantly manage all your contacts from a single interface.

Through awesome CRM of Joomag you can learn more about the people who subscribe to your brochure.  You can also add new subscribers if necessary.

Campaigns/Mass Mailing

No more hassle with delivery software or mass mailing services.

You may inform your leads and subscribers about your recent publications and promotions right from Joomag. This can be done by using your own custom or Joomag’s pre-designed templates for emails.

YUMPU Publishing
Flipsnack Alternative: Yumpu

Flipsnack Alternative

Pricing and plans

As the other flip book maker,- this Flipsnack alternative YUMPU Publishing has:

 one free plan and  some premium plans

$0/month$24,95/month ($19,95 if billed annually)$95/month$219/month$339/month

However, the free version is entirely sufficient as you can make use of numerous great features (where other platforms charge money for).

Search engine optimized

Compared to other Flipsnack alternatives, all the content that you publish is optimized for search engines (SEO).

This means that (potential) readers can better find your magazines and you can further expand your reader base.

Many more features
    • Easy sharing and distributing of interactive HTML5 flipbooks
    • Usability
    • Support of all mobile devices
    • Explanatory how-to videos

FlipSnack details
Pricing and plans

Free and Paid

Free but limited$14 per month$24 per monthcustom price
Online shopping (PayPal widgets in magazines)

Helps you to increase your sale, by providing the feature for you audience to shop online as well and pay through PayPal accounts.

Tooltips in 27 languages

Your free flipbook publications are for worldwide consumers.

Therefore, this flipbook program supports 27 languages and provides tooltips for your customers.

Other FlipSnack alternatives like Fliphtml5 or Anyflip also provide similar language support.

Search option in flipbooks

Your reader wants to find out about some specific words or keywords?

FlipSnack as well as the best free FlipSnack alternative YUMPU Publishing gives him the liberty to search through your digital flipping book as well and instantly take him to the page.

Using such flipbooks will most certainly enhance the reader experience.

Considering all of what we mentioned above, this flipbook maker is our personal winner.

Just go to the Flipsnack alternatives site, create your first publication and see for yourself!

  1. Whoever did the research on that post: Thumbs up!

  2. What a waste of time! What an aweful publishing tool! – no, just joking! I wanted to bring in some diversity to all those good comments! 😉 YUMPU Publishing is TOP! It’s simple, looks really professional, has a lot of features and enables a lot of interactivity – on top of all – it’s free! Double thumbs up from my side!

  3. Just out of curiosity: does YUMPU Publishing delete old and inactive magazines?

    • fineartdoc

      December 22, 2016 at

      Hey Coffelover!
      No, there is no limitation for the duration of your magazine, brochure etc. It stays online as long as you wish.

  4. Did one of you guys try one of the mentioned plattforms already? I’m actually tending to use YUMPU Publishing…sounds the best option to me.

  5. I tried YUMPU Publishing and I am super happy with it. I am not a computer genius and by good it always takes me hours to follow the easiest instructions. But YUMPU Publishing made it so easy and understandable that I could finish my very first online brochure in noch longer than 40 minutes. I am so proud of myself haha!!

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      I am happy to hear that. Great to share the stoke! I was hoping that my post is of help to someone ☺

  6. Hey guys. Just wanted to share my experiences with YUMPU Publishing:
    I have the free version and I am really happy with the features.
    I actually don’t wish for more.
    Every information on the webpage is clear and offers a great overview (normally I get lost easily and lose my patience).
    As I needed some extra information about a feature I wrote a short email to the support team of YUMPU Publishing and got an answer back in within 12 hours → really great customer service!
    In the end I have to say: great product, fast to produce and FREE!
    I can only recommend it to everyone out there!
    Cheers, a happy customer.

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      Hey Alice!
      I just read your comment. Wow it seems you are really happy with your decision using YUMPU Publishing. I am glad to hear such good news! Keep the positive vibes. Happy working!

  7. Looks everyone is quiet happy with the test winner. Or is anyone hiding negative comments here? JK 😉 I’ll give it a try with YUMPU Publishing and let you guys now what I experienced.

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      Hey Leonard – nope – no bad experiences here yet! Let me know how it works for you. I’m always happy to help.

  8. Karissa Cerdt
    Karissa Cerdt

    January 4, 2017 at

    I agree! I was so close to start a daylong search for the perfect online publishing tool until I stumbeled over this blog. Thank guys for saving me a lot of time.

  9. jasa poles marmer

    January 6, 2018 at

    Great info. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have book marked it for later!

  10. Now that I know that YUMPU Publishing keeps your older magazines for ever I’m even more inclined to test them. This is something I was wondering as well. Thanks, Coffeelover for asking :)!

  11. There are a lot of Flipsnack alternatives out there but none is better than YUMPU Publishing. Believe me, I’ve gone through them all because I want to work with the best service out there. Flipbooks are an important part of my business and YUMPU Publishing (even the free version) is very good.

    • fineartdoc

      January 26, 2018 at

      You tested all of them?! WOW! That must have taken a lot of time! Glad you like YUMPU Publishing as much as I do.

  12. Yes, it took almost 6-7 months to try them all but it was worth it. I learned a lot from the experience and I now know exactly what I need and know more about flipbooks overall.

  13. I thought that YUMPU Publishing being free meant it wasn’t that good but boy was I wrong! I was overwhelmed – in a positive way – by the multitude of features they provide for FREE! Insane!

    • fineartdoc

      February 3, 2018 at

      Yeah, it is very surprising to see them offer so much for nothing but I’m glad there are companies that do this.

  14. Someone already mentioned the great support staff that YUMPU Publishing has but I needed to say something as well. They support is very good, helpful, friendly and quite fast. I usually got clear answers within 15-20 minutes tops.

  15. It’s always a nice surprise to see a free product offer a better experience than a lot of other paid ones. The more the merrier if you ask me! YUMPU Publishing has proven that their business model is very smart and I just wonder why everyone is not using it?

    • fineartdoc

      February 11, 2018 at

      Some people haven’t even heard about it. Others don’t like change that much and won’t change from their current service.

  16. Am I the only one who likes Issuu better than Flipsnack or YUMPU Publishing? Maybe I’m just stuck in my ways but I enjoy my Issuu.

    • fineartdoc

      February 11, 2018 at

      It all boils down to testing as many of these services as you can and choosing the one you feel more at home with. There’s no good or bad answer. I just happen to like YUMPU Publishing better and so do other people.

  17. So many positive comments about this Flipsnack alternative. I have to try this. I hope it’s as good as people say it is. I would love a service that is great and free above all.

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