Joomag Competitors ᐅ 12 Reasons You Should be Talking About Them

joomag competitors

So you’re interested in Joomag competitors? And using a proper digital publishing service? You haven’t found a company that offers a publishing software that converts your PDF into an exciting digital flipbook easily? You’re looking for a platform that offers loads of new features for free without major restrictions? Well, if this is the case you have arrived at the right place for some tips. In this new blog article, I’m going to tell you why YUMPU Publishing, which is a site similar to Joomag, is the right choice for you when it comes to Joomag competitors.

Table of contents:

  • I’m going to cover an in-depth analysis of 3 digital publishing tools, of which 2 are Joomag competitors….

    … the Joomag competitors YUMPU Publishing and Issuu.

    I guess that you have a general idea of a few of the leading applications and sites like Issuu, YUMPU Publishing and other Joomag competitors and Joomag alternatives with all their services.

    I’m going to give you a quick comparison of the Joomag Competitors; primarily I will compare Joomag vs Issuu vs. YUMPU Publishing.

    In the end, my expert opinion should facilitate your decision on which flipbook software to use and why. But first of all, I will give you a quick Joomag Review.

    Joomag Review

    To answer all your possible questions you might have for reviews like this one, I did some intense research.

    In this short review, you will get all the information needed.

    So let’s dive right in and follow along.

    What is Joomag?

    Joomag Inc. is a digital publishing company, launched back in 2009 by its founder Ruben Vardanyan.

    Since they seem to have offices all over the world, you might wonder:

    Where is Joomag located?

    As part of the tech-boom of the early naughtiest Joomag Inc, like so many other software companies began its life in California, based in San Jose.

    Now they have grown and have offices around the world, including Munich, Moscow, and Yerevan.

    Joomag offers the simple, yet effective, service of converting PDF files into digital interactive content.

    If some inspiration is needed, you can also find some magazine samples on their website.

    Joomag Website

    Joomag Website

    This service is not unique, and Joomag has many brilliant competitors, one of the Joomag competitors, YUMPU Publishing, for example, is equal to, if not better than them in some respects.

    With Joomag, like other online publishing platform and editing services, all you have to do is sign up or sign in, log in and begin the PDF upload process.

    Of course, like everyone else using a new software or product, I asked my self: Is Joomag safe? And is Joomag reliable?

    As someone relatively new to digital publishing, and wanting to improve my blog, I explored their services and products and found them to be safe, reliable and efficient.

    In the months I have been using Joomag I have been able to offer new readers subscriptions to my magazines, blogs, and publications creating a significant increase in my reader numbers.

    With the simple online editor and publishing tools, I went from a flat design in a PDF file, containing my brands’ logo and the article, to a fully interactive, shareable digital magazine.

    You have the option, like with Joomag Competitors YUMPU Publishing, to allow readers to access your digital publications both online and offline and if they subscribe to your magazines, they can download the publications to enjoy them at their convenience.

    But how to download Joomag?

    Simple, just click on the magazine, presentation or publication you like and select download!

    Joomag does not offer a wholly unique service, but they are making digital publishing accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience and expertise.

    What features does Joomag have?

    Joomag has a large goal, and that is to set the standard for digital publishing.

    They want the whole world to leave behind the dull and boring content and share with their readers, new and exciting digital HTML magazines.

    This may sound like a grand idea, but with the simplicity of digital publishing, it is possible.

    Have you ever wondered: How does Joomag work or How to use Joomag?

    The process of using Joomag, like with Joomag competitors YUMPU Publishing or Issuu, is very easy.

    You create an account, upload a PDF file and then you have a fully interactive, engaging digital magazine.

    Now again Step-by-Step:

    • Step 1: Sign up or Login to or simply click on “Get started for free.”
      Joomag sign up or login

      Joomag sign up or login

    • Step 2: Answer a couple of questions (such as Company size/ if you are an individual, what you will use Joomag for,…).
    • Step 3: After you are done answering those questions you will get to the following site which you see down below. Now you can finally start to create your flip magazine within minutes by uploading your PDFs.
      Upload PDF

      Upload PDF

    It really could not be easier.

    But not everyone wants to read online.

    So how to print Joomag? Can you print Joomag?

    It’s easy to allow your readers to print your digital publications.

    1. Select the magazine you wish and click the Edit Settings button of your issue.
    2. Check the Allow readers to print out pages of this issue using their printers box and click.


    Joomag and its competitors I mentioned earlier have many features, including nice templates, image editing, and video embedding.

    Once you have started creating digital magazines, you can then begin using them as part of your content strategy.

    The company also offers an embed feature.

    Are you curious on how to embed Joomag on WordPress?

    All you need to do is:

    1. select the magazine you wish to embed,
    2. click embed,
    3. you then use the corresponding code and
    4. the rest is magic!

    It works the same when you want to embed your magazine on a Joomla site by just using the Joomla shortcode.

    There of course also is the option to include analytics tracking in the magazines so that you can review their traffic and impact.

    You can also tailor the content of your magazine to include hyperlinks, images. And if you sign up for the full business package you can get priority support and help from their customer service team, which is always useful in time of digital-need! have also branched out and now have dedicated features for people working in education.

    This allows you to create e-learning materials, papers and even help to build course work ideas and solutions.

    You also have the possibility to complete one of the courses at the Joomag academy about digital publishing.

    Compared to other alternatives Joomag offers a few different features.

    What are the packages they offer and who are they for?

    Joomag is a firm favorite with some recognizable global brands as clients like Levis, Walmart, Marriott and Mercedes Benz.

    They have a reputation for being reliable and for offering the complete digital publishing service.

    There are other digital publishing companies out there, like YUMPU Publishing, who I think are agiler in their packages. But Joomag does have an undeniably great collection of products.

    Especially when it comes to the image editing functions, you can make incredible alterations in the PDF.

    But, How to crop?

    Easy, select the tools from the image editing sidebar, and then you can crop and rotate without any hassle or fuss.

    They offer a free trail on the Business Plan. Also you can have a free account with them, but it is limited in what you can achieve with it.

    With the Pro Plan, you can start using their services.

    So, who uses Joomag?

    The entry-level package is designed for single users (small-scale publishers, freelancers, and sales reps).

    It has a cap of 500 subscribers, and you can include your very basic level branding and its features some of the editing tools.

    Their next price tier goes up in price per month and is called the Business Plan.

    Designed for the SME’s out there, this package has your priority help services, full branding available, a customised domain that allows you to brand an online kiosk, and you can have the full Pro editing functions (video, images, hyperlinks, ad-free, mobile responsive design).

    After these two plans, the next level is a fully tailored service. It’s called the Enterprise Plan, which you can build to suit your requirements.

    Services Joomag offer includes subscriber analytics, a dedicated account manager, extended API, multiple branding options, and the option to create a customised App.

    As you can imagine, this level of digital publishing comes at a cost, but you can’t put a price on a superb digital experience.

    How is Joomag priced?

    Compared to Joomag Competitors, it’s a little complicated when you first visit the Joomag site to establish what the entry level is.

    So I was wondering: is Joomag free?

    After a little investigation, I discovered, that compared to Joomag Competitors, with this publishing platform there is no Free Plan.

    Unlike one of the Joomag Competitors YUMPU Publishing, which offers a Free Plan and who has complete transparency and who lays out their full price plan clearly so you can know what you are buying.

    Joomag’s only offers a 14-day free trial of the business plan.

    So basically when you first sing up it seems that you are having a free plan, but in fact, your only have a trial version for 14 days (which by the way they don’t mention when you first sign up).

    For $39 a month you get the Pro Plan.  Which is also named the ‘Silver Plan’.

    With this, you can begin to get going!

    They offer you one user account, and with this, you can create basically branded, embeddable, hyperlinked, interactive magazines.

    It is the perfect plan, if like me; you are a one-person operation.

    If you are a larger organization that requires a lot more functionality in your digital publications, then you can go for the ‘Gold Plan’, or the Business Plan.

    With the pricing of $99 a month you get the option of having five users, a full customer service support team online to help you and all the features of the Pro Plan.

    With the added benefit of an ad-free, tailored, website with a branded checkout and a vast range of editing tools.

    Joomag gives you a chance to at least try before you buy.  By offering a 14-day free trail of the Business Plan (as mentioned previously).

    The next price point, well, it’s up to you really as the plan is individually priced to match your needs.

    You get the chance to have a free demonstration of the services before you invest, so you know what is right for you.

    They offer the Enterprise Plan, also known as the Platinum Plan (I know, the multiple names do make it more complicated!).

    You can have a fully tailored plan created for you. That can include subscriber analytics, as many subscribers options as you wish to have, multi-branded publication pages, and extended API.

    The best and only way to know what is right for you is to explore Joomag, and its competitors like YUMPU Publishing or Issuu, and find the solution that is right for you.

    Joomag vs Issuu vs YUMPU Publishing: 6 Comparisons of the Joomag Competitors

    On the face of it, all of the three sites are similar in the sense that they provide you publishing platforms to upload your pdf files and convert them to flash digital magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc.and that they work on all devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.

    Nevertheless, you can also find some big differences between them, and that is not only the price.

    Sharing & Embedding Electronic Papers

    All of the three, Issuu, Joomag and YUMPU Publishing provide easy options to share or embed your flipping documents on all the leading social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goolge+, Linkedin, etc.

    How to share your Flip book on Social Media

    On Joomags Youtube channel you can find a video tutorial on how to place a Facebook share plugin in your stunning digital magazine.

    YUMPU Publishing also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website. With Joomag you can embed your magazine on WordPress too.

    Publication Size Limits

    On the one hand, one of the Joomag Competitors Issuu lets you create as many magazines as you want.

    However, there’s a limit on the size of each page (max 1 MB) and no. of pages (max 500) for each digital publication.

    On the other hand, YUMPU Publishing and Joomag allow you to create catalogs, brochures, etc.with absolutely no restriction on the number of pages per magazine.

    Plans & Pricing

    Regarding pricing, YUMPU Publishing offers five different plans.

    YUMPU Publishing pricing:

    $0/month $24.95/month (monthly billing) $19.95/month (annual billing)$95/month$219/month$339/month

    Although the free option is costless, you can use lots of features including multimedia content.

    Additionally, the free version of this Issuu alternative software lets you embed your magazines into your website or share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media channels.

    Contrary to other platforms, you are not restricted at all.

    The adFree plan costs only $24.95/month ($19.95 billed annually) and, as the name indicates, no advertisements or foreign magazines are displayed in your magazine.

    The most popular option is the AppKiosk plan for $219/month.

    With this plan, you have the possibility to present your magazines to your potential readers in your own app.

    Mobile devices are becoming more and more important, and hence, your clients or friends can read all your new publications anywhere and at any time.

    On the contrary, one of the Joomag Competitors Issuu only offers four options and Joomag itself only has 3 options. So how does Issuu work ?

    Issuu starts with the free plan. In this plan, you get to upload, embed and share your digital magazine.

    It also allows inserting images, sound, and video in your digital content.

    Issuu pricing:


    Joomag pricing:

    Silver (Pro)Gold (Business)Platinum (Enterprise)
    $39/ month$99/monthon request

    Comparing the Issuu and Joomag pricing, you can see that the Starter Plan from Issuu costs $19/month and includes reader customizations, an ad-free reader, and some analytics.

    A similar offering from Joomag is the Silver Plan, it costs $39/ month and includes things like no ads, branding and selling subscriptions.

    The Silver Plan is $20 more expansive than Issuu’s Starter Plan. But Issuu does not even provide branding in this package.

    The Premium Plan from Issuu costs $35/month and adds features to brand your reader, drive user engagement with advanced analytics.

    The Joomag Gold Plan costs $99/month. This offer includes native iOS and Android support, HTML5 for Mobile with which readers can access your magazines directly on their mobile without any app, and Multi-User Accounts.

    The Optimum Plan is Issuu’s top offering. It will set you back by $269/month for added features that include no limits on publishing and a collaborative tool for editorial teams called magma.

    Joomag’s top-end offering is the Platinum Plan; price is on request, and it adds CRM, Mass Mailing, and Multi-Branding features.

    Overall if you compare Issuu vs. Joomag, the latter offers better prices than the Joomag alternative.

    Interactive Content

    Arguably the best feature of one of Joomag Competitors YUMPU Publishing is, that it allows you to create interactive content for free.

    You can engage your readers when you add multimedia content such as audio or video files.

    Tutorial video of YUMPU Publishing on how to add a video to your flipbook

    Joomag too lets you add videos to your digital magazine.

    Editing Tools

    Joomag and YUMPU Publishing provide a rich and comprehensive editor for your digital content.

    Issuu provides a collaborative tool and editor called Magma.

    However, you can find Magma only in the Optimum Plan, and it’s quite difficult to handle.

    Selling your Publications on Joomag or with Joomag Competitors – Issuu and YUMPU Publishing

    As a YUMPU Publishing PROKiosk customer, you have the possibility to sell your digital papers in your individual App.

    Currently, Joomag Competitors Issuu does not support selling your publications directly or even through in-app purchases from their app on iOS or Android.

    One possibility is that your publication is a preview and the last page contains a link to your website where the reader can go and purchase the book/magazine.

    In Joomag your publications are available as an in-app purchase from inside the Joomag newsstand app available on the Apple app store.

    Rather than directly as an app on the store (more details can be found in the review).

    This is somewhat limiting. As magazines/books, available as apps for direct purchase from Apple store, get more exposure and are more easily purchased as compared to in-app purchase option provided by Joomag.

    However, this offering beats Joomag competitors Issuu’s offering by far.

    Are there any other options out there?

    There are other online magazine publishing articles besides the three I have been comparing.


    Bote is a web-based flipbook publisher which is primarily focused on business use. It’s many features are designed to help you grow your company and increase your marketing reach.

    Bote is easy to use with a simply drag and drop system to help you to design and upload your content.

    It automatically SEO optimizes your content to help you reach a higher ranking in a Google search and allows you to imbed your own company logo, themes and colors to your online flipbook.

    It also includes Google Analytics to help you to analyse your audience; who is reading what.

    Bote uses Amazone Web Services to host your publication as well as boasting a community of over 150 users.

    There is a free 14-day trail with Bote, and 3 payment packages designed to suit different budgets but you do not get all of the available features unless you pay for the top package at $69 per month.


    Another rival is iMag which is also a web-based publication platform aimed at businesses.

    iMag offer a range of features to help you boost your business growth including options to integrate lead generation forms within your flipbook.

    iMag not only SEO optimizes your written content, but your images too so that they appear in search engine image searches.

    iMag, like Bote, also allows you to use your own company branding, but it also gives you the option to sell advertising space in your publication as well as linking to your website or selling platform.

    iMag allows you to include audio files, videos and links to external media such as YouTube and social media.

    There is no free option with iMag, although the lowest subscription is $15 per month but you will not have access to all the features unless you pay for the Enterprise package at $99 per month.

    Joomag Competitors Conclusion

    In my opinion, the Issuu vs Joomag vs YUMPU Publishing debate brought out a clear winner, and that’s…

    drum roll, please…

    …one of the Joomag competitors….

    …. YUMPU Publishing.

    It is a flipbook software that is better than Joomag.

    Of course, all sites have their pros and cons.

    However, I for my part have found a way to create digital publications from pdf online that is effective, incredibly easy and best of all is that it’s free!

    Let me know if you have interest in any further reviews/comparisons like for example Calameo vs Joomag vs Magcloud or any other Joomag competitors! Just leave a comment below or let me know about other topics of interest (like Joomag, Issuu, YUMPU Publishing,..)!

  1. Do joomag and issuu also offer interactive content? Or is it only YUMPU Publishing?

  2. Wow – I just had a look at some YUMPU Publishing magazine examples. It looks so professional and easy to handle for the customer. My vote clearly goes to YUMPU Publishing!

  3. What does it mean „ YUMPU Publishing also provides an official WordPress plugin which enables you to embed your publications into your website“?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      Hi Marina. The plugin allows your magazine is directly readable on Facebook.
      Have a look how it goes:
      1) Go to the magazine you want to embed and click on “Embed”
      2) Choose the Facebook Embed
      3) Apply the settings you want to the Embed
      4) Click “Save”, copy the created link into Facebook and share the post

  4. I just saw that YUMPU Publishing is offering 5 different plans. Which plan is the best? What can you recommend?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      Jonathan, that depends on what you plan to publish. The free plan and the adfree plan actually offer you everything you need. If you have a company and you wanna take it to the next level then you should consider one of the following plans: webkiosk, appkiosk or the prokiosk. As already mentioned, the appkiosk plan is the most popular one among companies.

  5. What can I do with the WEBKiosk?

    • fineartdoc

      December 23, 2016 at

      The WEBKiosk is most suitable for business clients with many magazines to publish.
      Your online kiosk for the World Wide Web with a central location where your magazines are clearly arranged in shelves and categorized for your readers.
      The advantage is that the interested reader has a good overview, find what he is looking for and get invited to linger and browse through the supply. The WEBKiosk bundles all magazines, news and links to your social media channels in one single spot. Hope I could help you.

  6. Michelle Mendes
    Michelle Mendes

    December 29, 2016 at

    That’s a great comparison of platform choices. Thanks for the clear listing.

  7. I switched from joomag to YUMPU Publishing. Both great products but after using YUMPU Publishing for a couple of online brochures I decided to stay with my latest discovery – YUMPU Publishing!

  8. BreadBreakfast

    January 3, 2017 at

    Hello Fabien. How did you like Joomag? What was the reason for the switch?

  9. Is it possible to edit your uploaded pdf files on YUMPU Publishing with only the free version? I can’t figure it out

    • fineartdoc

      January 2, 2018 at

      Hey Em,

      yes, it is possible to make changes within your flipbook even with the free version. Maybe you want to have a look at my other article: /engaging-customers-with-digital-flipbooks-calameo-alternative/ where under the headline “How to create a magazine with YUMPU Publishing” at point 3 I explain how you can make changes to your already created flip book.
      Hope this was of help for you!

  10. The free (with ads) version is pretty cool but opting for the adfree YUMPU Publishing version is even better if you ask me. Now I know there’s no other service that can match this one. What they offer for just $10 others will charge $17 or much more.

  11. I tried the free YUMPU Publishing version for 2 months then went for the adfree one for another 2 months and then I decided to give the webkiosk a try. It was a well-worth investment and this is the option I will be sticking with.

    • fineartdoc

      January 12, 2018 at

      Yeah, Diane, most people do great on the webkiosk option. Some only need the adfree one.

  12. So far the Issuu Starter package has offered me what I needed. I only wonder if the YUMPU Publishing adFREE option would offer the same things for the $9 decrease in price?

    • fineartdoc

      January 20, 2018 at

      I think the YUMPU Publishing adFREE $24.95/month option ($19.95/month billed annually) is actually better than the Issuu $19 Starter plan, but don’t take my word for it -try it out and see for yourself.

  13. There are a lot of Joomag competitors out there but (surprisingly) none seem better except for Yumpu Publishing. YUMPU Publishing’s business model might end up drawing the bulk of the people looking for a publishing solution.

    • fineartdoc

      January 20, 2018 at

      YUMPU Publishing’s business model is special and they will probably attract a much bigger piece of the pie in the years to come.

  14. I like the simple way and ease of use that Joomag provides and I won’t be abandoning them anytime soon. YUMPU Publishing is nice but I’m very happy with my Joomag.

  15. I can hardly believe that there are so many such platforms out there. Most of them are very expensive compared to the good, free YUMPU Publishing which seems to be one of the best options overall. I feel that 7 out of 10 people who try YUMPU Publishing would never feel the need to try anything else.

    • fineartdoc

      January 29, 2018 at

      Luke, YUMPU Publishing does offer anything you would need. It just depends on your personal preferences, needs and budget of course. But their free plan is the best out there.

  16. Issuu is so much better than anything else. I gotten used to their platform and even though YUMPU Publishing looks interesting I still like Issuu better. But YUMPU Publishing would be my second choice.

  17. I’m only upset I didn’t find out about YUMPU Publishing earlier. I had to pay a lot of money to find out about the free option that is actually the best.

    • fineartdoc

      February 8, 2018 at

      Yeah, Brian, a lot of people say this. Don’t be upset, enjoy what YUMPU Publishing has to offer for free or get the other plans they have if you need them.

  18. Tried YUMPU Publishing a while back and I left it because the ads were not so pleaseant. Since then I tried Issuu, Joomag and Calameo and I think I may end up going back to YUMPU Publishing.

    • fineartdoc

      February 18, 2018 at

      If you don’t like the ad version of YUMPU Publishing it’s just $10 to switch to the adfree version which you’ll probably love.

  19. Right now I’m torn between Joomag, YUMPU Publishing and Issuu. I can’t decide between the three. They’ve all got some nice things that I like. Can you help me decide?

    • fineartdoc

      February 23, 2018 at

      I would test each one out for 1-2 months and see how it goes. I would personally start with YUMPU Publishing because it’s free.

  20. Sandra Philips

    February 23, 2018 at

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the ads that the free version of YUMPU Publishing is showing. I understand why they are doing this: it’s because they need to pay for different things since the service is free. And if you really want it, you can get rid of all the ads for just $10 a month, so I don’t see why this is a problem.

    • fineartdoc

      February 23, 2018 at

      Indeed. For just $10 you can run it without ads so it shouldn’t be a problem. Considering how much free features they are packing in, there really shouldn’t be any complains.

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