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YUMPU vs Issuu » The comparison of two publishing platforms

YUMPU vs Issuu » The comparison of two publishing platforms

Have you been wondering how to make a Flipbook online without losing the PDF quality? It's not easy if you don't have a suitable PDF booklet viewer. An Online PDF flipper helps you create a Flipbook from PDF and publish it. To create a PDF Flipbook, you need a publisher with all the functionalities you need. Yet very few Flipping book apps can beat YUMPU Publishing. The only other digital Flipbook that can rival YUMPU Publishing is Issuu Online Flipbook creator. An Alternative to Issuu is Joomag. But it's either expensive or lacks the capabilities offered by YUMPU Publishing. I wanted to establish the superior software between YUMPU vs Issuu. You bet YUMPU Publishing is the best HTML Flipbook software, thanks to its 3D Flipbook functionality.

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What Is YUMPU Publishing?

YUMPU Publishing is a digital publishing platform most digital creators use when creating a Flipbook. You can use it Make a Flipbook or a PDF flip.

Using PDF Word Press Flipbook is easy if your website is from word press. You can make Flip book PDF without losing quality. Or you can use it to read a form, a book, or a magazine for free.

If you want to know how to make Flipbooks online, there are Flipbook tutorials online. Flipbook HTML is responsive and accessible from all devices. The Digital publishing platform offers Support to Customers on the paid plans. It's also easy to share your content on social media platforms.

What Is Issuu?

You can't compare YUMPU vs Issuu without information about Issuu. It's a 3d flip book maker for converting PDF to Flipbook.
If you want to know how to create a Flipbook, use the Tutorial Flipbook available online.

With the internet, it's easy to convert PDF to Flipbook free. Some of the best Flipbook software lacks the functionalities of software like YUMPU Publishing. Issuu also makes HTML5 flipping books like YUMPU Publishing.

The software also offers you a similar experience to other website publications. But, the content plan is different compared to YUMPU Publishing.

The pricing of the publishing platform is way expensive compared to YUMPU Publishing. You can read PDF and create online marketing brochures and books. Subscription for this digital publishing for flip publications is also easy.

Comparing YUMPU vs Issuu

When comparing YUMPU vs Issuu, you have to explore pricing, features, ease of use, and alternatives.

After searching online, the only alternatives to issuu worth its name is YUMPU Publishing online PDF viewer. On both software, you can upload PDF with links to create a Flipbook online.

Issuu Flipbook creator helps digital creators make flip PDF online as HTML5 Flipbook.

Below Is a Collective Review of YUMPU vs Issuu

Both Flipbooks from PDF software has a free plan. When you compare YUMPU vs Issuu, YUMPU Publishings free plan has more features compared to Issuu.

You can upload a Flipbook PDF in minutes to create a Flipping book. You can also publish up to 3 magazines per day instead of the single user feature on Issuu. In this area, I would go with the YUMPU Publishing free plan as it has better features.

You can use the adFREE-plan to upload Flipbook to Word Press. Both offer optimized page search to rank your content on search engines such as Google and Bing.

You can compare this plan to the starter plan on Issuu. But, YUMPU Publishing is the superior Flipbook html5 software as it has more features. Both software charges $19, but you can upload customized content on Issuu.

Yet, on YUMPU Publishing, you can upload branded content to increase your online visibility. The Ad-free plan excludes third-party ads to your website on YUMPU Publishing, which is not the case with Issuu. In this plan, the WordPress PDF Flipbook software helps you upload multimedia elements. It also offers you sites analytics as well as the option to share on social media.

Next is the WEBKiosk, where you compare YUMPU vs Issuu the number of uploads you can make in a day. You can compare the option to the premium plan on Issuu. The premium plan costs $40 monthly compared to the WEBKiosk, which pays $85.5 per month. The premium plan has more capabilities than the starter plan, as you can add three users. But, functionality, I would still go with the YUMPU Publishing plan. As an organization, you can upload hundreds of digital publications monthly.

YUMPU vs Issuu battle won't be complete without mentioning a website subdomain offered in the WEBKiosk plan. Issuu can't host a website.

Both software has the Flipbook WordPress plugin. The plugin helps when it comes to uploading content to a Flipbook WordPress.
The APPKiosk-Plan helps you create a customizable app on both IOS and Android. The feature is unavailable from Issuu.

You can upload branded content on the customized app. Branded content attracts more customers online. You can also upload an unlimited number of magazines. This makes it easy and effective for you to reach your clients online.

The platform offers complete support for APPKiosk-Plan users. As a result, your clients' user rate gets boosted, promoting your clients' loyalty. On this comparison, YUMPU Publishing goes uncontested on the YUMPU vs Issuu battle.
The PROKiosk-Plan is an all-in-one solution for the Flipbook PDF web versions. If you want to create real reader magazines and upload created videos, this plan is ideal. It is the Issuu alternative when it comes to Flipbooks platforms.

The optimum plan on Issuu comes at $269, while on the YUMPU Publishing platform, you must contact the team for its pricing. Of the two, I would still go with the YUMPU software product. It embed site feature allows you to embed the publication to your website. It also allows you to add Links in PDF, which is unavailable on the free plan of Issuu software.

Verdict / Conclusion

YUMPU Publishing is the winner in the battle of YUMPU vs Issuu. Its features are superior to those of Issuu by far. The platform is ideal for both individuals and companies.

The free version of the alternatives to Issuu can serve an individual better than the starter version of Issuu. As a digital creator, it's crucial to pick a platform to customize your brand colors.

Branding helps in online visibility. A responsive platform like YUMPU Publishing will help your content reach users using mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. It is also easy to upload PDF and other content like videos, audio, and images on YUMPU Publishing to serve your clients better.

The APPKiosk plan is ideal for users who want to upload their PDF WordPress Flipbook on mobile with IOS and Android.

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