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If you're looking to get publications, documents or even books published online in an easy-to-read, UX optimised and accessible format, you may have come across flip or flipping publishing before. A digital flipbook, typically running off HTML5, allows readers to visually "flip" between pages with a page turning effect, creating the digital illusion of real pages but with the added benefit of being able to insert videos and other files, and without the faff of getting anything printed or bound. I have been around the block with flipping publishing and have sampled many of the options on the market. This guide will go some way to (hopefully) shedding some light on the best flip publishers to choose from, their pros and their cons. Enjoy!

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What to Keep in Mind?

There are many Flipping Book Reviews available, and many of them show that some flipbook maker/s are better than others. Many offer pdf to flipbook converter with page turning software for free, but when you're looking for a flippingbook publisher, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

When choosing a flippingbook maker, you should make sure that the end result is a html5 flipbook which can be created simply and used in a wide variety of contexts without crashing or distorting. Many providers advertise different kinds of flipbook program - but sticking to a flipping book with html5 is the safest option.

Likewise, be sure to check Flipping Book Reviews for the main competitors on the market, including issuu.com, fliphtml5.com, anyflip.com, flipbuilder.de, flippdf.com, pageflippdf.com, flipbooker.com, flipcreator.net, instantflipbook.com, nextflipbook.com, flippagemaker.com, 3dpageflip.com, among others. Look for reviews where the person is creating a similar kind of document to you to know whether their feedback also applies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Big Names

Here I will talk a little more about my feedback regarding the biggest names in flip publishing software, to give you more time on your documents!

YUMPU Publishing

YUMPU Publishing is by far the leader in online flipbuilders. Their digicel flipbook reviews speak for themselves; what drew me to try YUMPU Publishing was their stacks of good reviews, easy-to-use online flipbook software and powerful and fast pdf to flipbook converter for free.

YUMPU Publishing allows users to optimise their PDF in such a way that the individual pages of the PDF are segmented and indexed individually indexed, resulting in a smaller file. This means that your flipbook is higher ranking in search engines than other flipping books online, so you are more likely to have a larger reach with your product.

This alone is a good enough reason to consider YUMPU Publishing, but when you factor in the time and money-saving elements, it really is a no-brainer.

Despite being one of the lesser-known flipbook publishers in the market, I am convinced that this one is truly a hidden gem that should be considered by anyone looking for pdf to Flipping Book with HTML5 software.


What is issuu? According to many Flipping Book Reviews, issuu magazine, book and document publisher is one of the most well-known in the market. Unlike YUMPU Publishing, it's a little harder to find the different pricing structures on the website, and it's actually quite hard to find any information about the servive's functionality as a whole.

Issu's Starter Pack is also more expensive than the same from YUMPU Publishing, and YUMPU Publishing's online free version offers a lot more than the issuu alternative, including being completely ad-free! This is a rare and precious beast these days. Overall, issu is quite expensive, however luckily there are many alternatives to Issuu.


Touted as amongst the best flipbook software for free, Anyflip is another popular Html5 flipping book option.

According to Anyflip's Flipping Book Reviews, anyflip book maker is a decent option for creating magazines, documents and books with fliphtml5 to pdf compatibility - you can even create a built-in, embedded bookshelf to your website. While the standard version is cheaper than with YUMPU Publishing, there is no free trial version, which makes buying a subscription a risk.

Also, the Joomag Competitor YUMPU Publishing offers Integration in websites and social sharing in their free verison, which according to anyflip reviews, is a potential plus.


Despite being a German site, flipbuilder.de is available in multiple different languages, although it seemed this option was down when I tried. Therefore, you may have to navigate the site in German, which is an obvious downside, despite its relatively good fliphtml5 review. There is no flipping book free online version for flipbuilder.de, so if you're looking at getting your flipbook online for free, you should search somewhere else. This site's Flipping Book Reviews are good, although users have to pay quite a lot to get their flipbook from pdf.

Their basic version, while expensive, is good, allowing users a possibility to convert normal PDF files into HTML5 publications that display well on all devices, including ipads, iphones, Android phones, etc. with scrollable animations and sound in batch mode.

However, for 99 USD and offering all of the same items and qualities as YUMPU Publishing, there is no need to fork out the big bucks just yet.

Decision: YUMPU Publishing all the way

While there are many positive Flipping Book Reviews for all candidates listed here, it's clear from my research and from recommendations that YUMPU Publishing comes trumps on ease, site UX, pricepoints and features.

If you're looking to create a flipbuilder to pdf or any kind of fliphtml5 online, look no further. You can check any flipbuilder review and get the jist of what they're saying, but I can confirm that since choosing YUMPU Publishing and selecting their 30-Day Reading Trial for the adFREE plan, I haven't looked back.

Simply create an account and log on and choose between the functions of the adFREE plan and the WEBKiosk plans, or start off slow and create your flipbuilder for free.

All you need to do is to upload your PDF file to allow the software to display the publication - completely online and flippable - in a beautiful digital format. Once the PDF has been uploaded, the publications are saved in the Cloud.

You can access these whenever and however you want, either with smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop - it's super convenient. Remember, because of the way that your document will be optimised and compressed in Google-compatible way, it will also be more likely to rank faster and higher on search engines such as Google and Bing, so you can expect more traffic to your document straightaway.

If you want more traffic (meaning more people are accessing or viewing your document - and who wouldn't want that), your book, magazine or file will be easily sharable to social media.

Last word

There are paid plans available if you need more features, but generally speaking, the free version with YUMPU Publishing has everything you could need to get started with digital publishing, and definitely seemed to have the most competitive free version around.

There are a lot of free online publishers and flipping services online, and you could theoretically try a bunch, but if they're not working for you and you're serious about your product doing well, you should consider upping your service to a premium model, such as:

Improtantly, with the the APPKiosk plan, you get a designated contact person from YUMPU Publishing to help you with creating or editing your products.

Of course, you will also have professional assistance from our support team when creating your app, as you would with any of the other versions as well.

Get in touch with YUMPU Publishing via phone or via email at any time if you have any questions, their support team are really helpful.

The PROKiosk-Plan is really the "all-in-one publishing solution" by YUMPU Publishing. This version combines all of the features you could possibly want from the WEB- and APPKiosk and you will receive your very own app both for iOS and Android. According to Flipping Book Reviews, you will have maximum support from their customer support and have complete independence. Pretty cool, huh?